The Underworld Clerk/C1 Unlucky little journalist (1)
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The Underworld Clerk/C1 Unlucky little journalist (1)
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C1 Unlucky little journalist (1)

Geng Yun sat on a bench by the river alone, clumsily holding onto a cigarette in his hand.

In the distance, a couple was leaning against a fence by the river, hugging each other tightly. From time to time, they would perform actions that were inappropriate for children.

Geng Yun glared at them in annoyance: Aren't you afraid of losing your teeth after eating almost one hours in your arms?

He raised his hand and took a long drag on his cigarette, yet he choked and coughed due to the thick smoke. A little Boys passing by, who was carrying a skateboard, saw Geng Yun's distress and made a weird face at him.

Geng Yun raised his hand and was about to fight when the little Boys ran off on its skateboard with a grin.

Of course, Geng Yun would not lower himself to the same level as him, and dejectedly threw the remaining half of the cigarette in his hand onto the ground, then used his toes to grind the cigarette. Then, he suddenly stood up, walked up to the fence, opened his arms and shouted into the surging river: "Oh god, oh earth! From today onwards, I, Geng Yun, will become a jobless nomad again! "

Geng Yun's loud shout shocked the couple who were whispering to each other. The woman, who had always been in the man's embrace, raised her head and glared at Geng Yun, causing her lips, which had lost most of the bright red color, to open and close. From the looks of her mouth, the word "nerves" should be the word!

Geng Yun curled his lips in disdain, he then raised his middle finger, then turned and walked away.

Geng Yun, 24 years old, had just graduated from a university in the city. Compared to the other Student s, his experience of finding a job in the remote mountains was much more bumpy.

Of the twenty-one students in the class, the majority of them had received their contracts before graduation. Basically, they all went to the daily newspapers or television stations in the city. Some of the ones with strong backgrounds even went to the provincial newspapers or provincial television stations.

Although Geng Yun's academic performance wasn't bad, it wasn't outstanding either. He had neither the connections nor the money, and didn't even have a school report that he could use. When it came time to look for a job, he could only stare blankly at it.

Until the week before graduation, Geng Yun finally passed the interview for a small newspaper that mainly sold flowery news, and became a trainee reporter for this newspaper.

With a salary of less than two thousand yuan a month, living a month in a city famous for its high consumption of food was barely worth it.

Fortunately, the management system of the small newspaper was very loose. Although it did not provide the Employee dormitory, it did not mind the Employee sleeping in the office. In order to save over a thousand yuan a month in rent, Geng Yun had been sleeping in his office for the past few months.

Everyone from the editors to the cleaning aunties knew about it, but Owner, who rarely came to the newspaper, did not.

The night before yesterday, when Geng Yun was sleeping soundly in his office, he heard some movement in the middle of the night. When he woke up, he found that the light in the manager's office was still on.

Then, Geng Yun saw the naked Owner and his female secretary who were hugging each other …

Although Geng Yun had bumped into his own scandal, the Owner did not say anything at the time.

Yesterday, the editor suddenly called Geng Yun to his office and told him to go to an unknown place in the city to shower and catch up on the news.

This type of mission, in the small newspapers, was something that everyone agreed to. They couldn't compare to large newspapers like the daily and evening newspapers. If they wanted to sell properly, they had to win by surprise!

Write what you want to attract the reader's attention. To write an image, to write it very vividly, many times, it was inevitable that the reporters would "compromise" for a while.

Geng Yun had vaguely heard a lot of reports about places of entertainment, and some of them were written by Owner s that had come to the newspaper to "inspect" the entire place.

The editor was afraid that Geng Yun would not know the rules when he made the news for the first time, so the words that he did not know the rules hinted to him that he would "practice to gain true knowledge".

Without question, this kind of job would be extremely alluring to any normal man. Geng Yun was a very normal man, so he happily accepted the job and rushed to the bathing center.

Perhaps because he had spoken with the editor beforehand, Owner at the bathing center became enthusiastic when he saw Geng Yun and took the initiative to ask him for a "One Dragon" service. He even asked the most beautiful "masseur" to serve him.

Although the old and weak boy's shyness made Geng Yun a little uncomfortable at first, he quickly adjusted his mental state and entered into his mental state.

However, Geng Yun's grand "dedication" came to an end due to the sudden visit of the Police. What happened next was not new at all.

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