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C1 The Beginning





What else do we say when our family hurts us? But when they have no choice to do this, how do we react?!

We expect a lot from the family who loved us, but in the end, they give us nothing but pain.

What do you feel when you experience that?

Now our Adira Elisaveta was in this situation.

A heart-wrenching pain. It's the only thing that she could feel.

What happened to her? Where exactly did it start?

Yeah… it started from her ancestor’s time and now… as the descendant of those greedy ancestors… she has to atone for their sins.

When she remembered the words of her brother Wilfred Elisaveta, her chest throbbed with pain. Didn’t her brother love her? How could he do this to her? But on second thought, he has been left with no choice again. She could not blame him nor others. But her ancestors, if they were good, this wouldn’t have arisen.

But they were dead, she couldn’t do anything to dead people. But amidst all these things, she didn’t understand one thing. That’s… why her? There were a lot of women in the kingdom, and there were a lot of packs under their kingdom… but why her? At the thought of her burning future, she felt like her soul was being crushed into pieces. So this was how it feels to be sold out by her own family.

Tears streamed out of her eyes as she stared at her reflection in the mirror. The person in the mirror looked oddly unfamiliar in her twenty years of life. The person looked too beautiful but why was she so unfamiliar. She lived with this body for many years… everyone envied her beauty even when she wore no makeup… but today she wore it. She looked unfamiliar and beautiful. But now… she was not in the position to admire her beauty. The thought of the night party made her stomach churn.

Adira Elisaveta, the Princess of the Werewolf empire, sat in front of her mirror with her tear-stricken face.

With hazel eyes, her fleshy cute, chubby cheeks, small chin, plump lips, round face, button nose, and fair skin. She looked like an angel.

But oddly today, her hazel eyes looked lifeless, her lips never stopped trembling from last night, her hands clasped together, there are no creases on her face. She felt quiet, it was too quiet.

“You are crying again. Your make-up will be ruined, Adira,” Her mother Serene Elisaveta said.

"Mom… I don't want this," she said to her, in her nasal voice.

"Adira, I know. But we have no choice," her mother said as she cast her eyes downwards, feeling sorry and helpless at her daughter's situation.

Serene missed her daughter’s cheery self, she’s a good talker, and always makes jokes and always runs around her, calling ‘Mom... Mom… Mom…” And she was such a big glutton that… Whenever she calls Serene, it only means she found a good recipe from her friends, or from one of the many cookbooks that their family owned. Or she wanted to experiment with something. And when her cooking failed… she slowly sneakily add that spoiled food into her brother’s meals and made him eat it. Even though Adira’s brother feels disgusted, he would still eat them all because those were made by his little sister. How could he say no to his little sister? He is ten times older than her… so he dotes on her a lot. Adira is twenty years now. She was yet to find her mate. She was waiting from the moment she turned eighteen to find her mate but he was yet to appear.

As for her brother… he found his mate but… she died unexpectedly and no one knows the cause of her death. Wilfred tried to find another but he got nowhere… he turned weak due to the loss of his mate, as his mate bond weakened, people took that as their chance to get the throne but they failed. During that process, unknown secrets about him spilled out around the kingdom. Well… this story is for another time.

“I know you hate this but… neither you have a choice nor your brother," Serene added.

"But Mom… he is not my MATE!!" Adira said as she pressed the word mate, thinking that this would give a reason with her mother.

"Mom…go out. I will talk to her," a strong masculine voice resounded in the room. The voice has the power to make people flinch in fear. But that voice doesn't affect Adira. She was used to it.

"Talk to her, Will," she said, for which the man just nodded his head.

"Adira…." He called out in his extremely masculine voice.

"Brother…" Adira called out in reply.

"Little one… I know this is hard. But for the sake of the two races and the lives of our citizens depended on this," he said.

"Brother… Can't they make other demands? They are putting four people's lives in this game of chess. We have to suffer for a lifetime," she said.

"I know… Lil Adi… I am sorry… I disappointed you. As a King… I have to put the kingdom first, before my family." He said.

"Why me? There are a lot of females in this kingdom!? And why you!? You are a three hundred years Lycan!! And I am to awaken my Lycan powers in a year! And I haven't found my mate! I don't want to marry some blood-sucking inhuman creature!" She yelled.

"Adira… do u think I want this!? You are my one and fucking God Damm sister!!! And for God Sake, you are my cherished pearl! Do you think I want to lose you! Huh!? Do you think I haven't made any other demands!? All failed! And I have to do this no matter what! We made this decision after three long months! In these three long months… I tried to make no end of deals with them! But all to no avail.

“Lil Twerp… Brother is helpless. Even I have to marry his sister. I am no less. Just please, do it for us and our Werewolf Kingdom and the packs under our Kingdom,” he begged as tears began to roll down his face.

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