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C3 Mate?



Adira reached the main table without stumbling and embarrassing herself. She heaved a sigh of relief. She held on to her brother’s arm for support to stand till she got seated.

“I am tired, brother,” Adira pouted at him, like a cute bun. Forgetting the eyes on her.

“Let’s end this early and retire. Then you can get rest, okay?” Maximus said to her.

“But I am hungry too,” she pouted again.

“Let’s feed that little black hole in your stomach to its heart content. So that it won’t be trouble in the middle of that night to the point you have to sneak into the kitchen, okay?” Maximus said.

“Okay… but…” Adira trailed.

“I need extra desserts sent into my room, please,” she pleaded like a child with her big lotus petal-shaped eyes, which gives an impression that she was being bullied by him.

“Sure,” he replied.

“Bro is best,” she said giving him a cheeky smile.

“Always for you,” he replied to her with a smile.

There were werewolf growls and whistles in the background. Few people fainted in shock too. Indeed, the Lycan King would never smile at anyone apart from his sister. He loves her dearly and to the point, he doesn’t even hesitate to kill anyone or himself. And as the first time, the werewolves watched him smile they couldn’t help but growl. All it took was his silent stare at them to quiet them down.

Maximus swept a deathly glare at his werewolf people, which quietened them.

Taking a step forward, he stood in front of a man, who had pale skin and black eyes. He was wearing black clothes just like her brother. She could see the power clash between each other. But they were quietened maybe due to the pact between their kingdoms. She curiously peeked at him with her big lotus petal-shaped eyes.

Adira held her brother’s tightly and was about to ask who the person was. But as if her brother could hear her words, he opened his mouth and said, “He is your soon-to-be husband, the Vampire King,” Maximus said, Making Adira’s eyes widen in surprise and shock!


[How in the hell?!] Adira screamed in her mind. He has sculpted features and a handsome face. And indeed compared to them he looked pale but when compared with the vampires he wasn’t sickly pale. If he merges with humans or werewolves no one would say he was a vampire.

She could see him looking at her directly. Before when she was having a precious talk with her brother about her desserts, She almost thought he was a creep when he looked at her constantly without turning his gaze. Adira wanted to slap him with her sharp-pointed heel, but remembering that these heels were gifted to her by her precious brother, she didn’t hold that thought anymore. But now hearing the words of her brother, she was surprised.

That man walked towards her, locking his gaze that held…. What was that look for? Was it amusement or was he looking down on her? If it’s later then she would make sure he wouldn’t use his balls in this lifetime. Adira narrowed her eyes at him as she gazed at him.

Her soon-to-be husband walked toward her and stood in front of her. “Zaros Orpheus Velorine,” he said to her in a husky voice.

[Fuck! God! Why does he have such a husky voice!? I already like his voice!?] Adira screamed in her mind.

She was too engrossed in seeing his face and was feeling like she was listening to music in his voice.

[Girl! Just shut up! Don’t fall for him!] Her wolf said.

[Remember! He is not your mate. He is here to break us from our mate.] Her wolf said to her, reminding the bitter truth of her.

But Adira liked the way he smelled. What scent was that? The smell of Citrus mixed with Woodsy. Why does she like his scent?

Aww…. She could see the muscle shape under his shirt. How badly she wanted to rip his clothes and have her way with him?

Wait… wait… wait… Why was she having these thoughts? She should have these thoughts with her mate. Not with anybody else and especially about this man. Shaking herself from her thoughts she looked at him. He took a step closer to her and took her right hand into his. She felt thousands of tingles occurring in her body. He was too close to her. And her heart was thumping too loudly inside her ribcage. The next second he took her hand and kissed the back of her hand.

The natural scent from his body which smelled like Citrus with woodsy hit her nostrils. As the seconds passed, the smell grew stronger and stronger. She felt red alarm bells ringing in her head. But she said nothing. When his cold hand, held hers she knew something was going to happen. But it only became true when his cold lips touched her palm.

[MATE!!!!!] Her wolf shouted in her head.

[WHAT!?] Adira yelled in her mind.

This cold-blooded vampire was her mate?!

Her mate was a Vampire King!?

Her eyes widened in shock. Unknown to her, her Hazel eyes were turning darker as seconds. Her Wolf was jumping in joy. She tried hard to control her wolf but all went to waste. His lips stayed in contact with her palm for more than the time they needed.

What she should do?

She can’t have a Vampire as her mate?

This was the first time she was heard or let’s say she was experiencing someone having a mate other than werewolves.

Can Werewolves have mates other than werewolves?

The rare cases she heard were werewolves having human mates.

A Vampire mate!


This was too much for her to handle!

She needs some air and space to think!

What she should do?

She saw him peeling his lips from her hand and looking into her straight.


That’s the only word that came into her mind. That’s when she took a step to run!

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