The Vampire King's Werewolf Bride/C4 Showing his stance
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The Vampire King's Werewolf Bride/C4 Showing his stance
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C4 Showing his stance


Adira was about to run away from that place. She thought she could just hide from everyone, using her brother as her shield. But everything is messed up! Can’t she even have a breather from all this?

When she took her first step to run, she mistakenly stepped on the tail of her behaviors her eyes, she was sure that she would kiss the ground. She expected that she would fall to the ground from the moment she saw these high heels. She has a habit of wearing eight-inch or ten-inch heels but these were twelve-inch heels. She felt like she was walking on ice, rather than on the red carpet. She already had expected that she would fall to the ground at the start but falling in this situation was too embarrassing. People would say that Werewolf Princess Adira fell for the Vampire King.

Not good!

Sighing… she anticipated the most awaited. worst fall of her life. But no matter how long she waited, she didn’t fall. Two pairs of strong hands were held in her place.

She opened her eyes and met with her brother’s eyes. “Thanks, brother,” she mouthed to him with a smile that reached her eyes.

He motioned her to look at another side. “Thanks,” she said lowering her head not daring to into his eyes.

Maximus retracted his hand from her when he felt she realized it. “I didn’t expect that Elisaveta family couldn’t even arrange a maid for the princess to hold her skirt,” a middle-aged woman said.

“I didn’t expect that a maid can insult a royal in the kingdom of Velorine. I guess we have to rethink the pact we made. Here we treat the princess like a queen. If a maid can raise her voice in the presence of the royals of Elisaveta then I can imagine her life in Velorine. We will have another discussion about this. Let’s put this pact on hold till then,” Maximus said and picked his sister in the bridal style to carry her away.

The werewolves who were there in the crowd started growling at the words of Maximus as if they were showing their respect. Even the elders of the Werewolf kingdom said nothing against Maximus’ words. They didn’t like this woman bossing them around, saying that she was the mother of the future queen of the Lycan king. They just endured it for the sake of their both kingdoms but now looks like their king was not even ready to make the peace at the expense of their female.

Zaros Orpheus Velorine and Lenora Serafina Velorine were half-siblings. Lenora was born from the affair. King Velorine lusted over a maid once and as a result, Lenora came into the picture. The maid was none other than the woman who insulted Adira.

Lenora was already feeling nervous. From the time she was born, she saw her mother trying to use her as a tool to become the empress of the Velorine empire. But the mother of Zaros was kind, smart, and beautiful. She was lenient towards Lenora but not to her mother, She never let her mother win with tricks. Ophelia tried hard to get the throne but she was just a maid with a few tricks, while the noble Queen, Vampiress Eudora clementine Dee was sophisticated, well educated, and smart. She knew how to subdue people with a flick of her hands. Ophelia was made into a concubine first, but with her plotting against Queen Eudora, she lost her rankings one by one. If not for Lenora begging’s she would have been beheaded or killed.

Now… Ophelia was so happy with this pact. She didn’t care whether the pact was beneficial to the two races or not. She only cared that it was useful to her. Because if Lenora marries the Werewolf Kingdom, she wants to lose her job as a maid and wants to be treated like Queen Eudora.

So… she decided to get her to leading hold from the start. Even though she never ruled a country of people, she knew that these people won’t dare to say anything due to the pact and her daughter would be the queen of the Lycan king, they all wanted to get on the good side of her. So… in an attempt to rein her footing she decided to nail her hopes on Adira. Because she heard Adira was a half-sister of Maximus. So… she thought that she would be treated like how Lenora was treated by Zaros. Even though Eudora, the Vampire Queen never showed any partiality to Lenora, Zaros never had a good relationship with her due to unknown reasons.

They were good in the start but as years passed something happened between them that led to the displeasure of Queen Eudora and Zaros. From then on she was fallen from the title of princess. No one knew why her title as Princess was taken down but no one mentioned it.

Ophelia beat Lenora to the point that she couldn’t get up from the bed for a week. But no one came, even the number of maids under her was reduced. Lenora was known as the fallen Princess of the Vampire Kingdom.

Her days weren’t good in the palace, she was plotted against many times by others, but she said nothing after her title was taken away. Despite Queen Eudora being angry with her, she always stood by the truth and righteousness side. So, her name was cleared. But that doesn’t mean she never suffered. Even the suitors she had, had gone away, she was called the leftover princess.

At that time, this pact was for her salvation. Even though she didn’t want to marry the Lycan king, she has no choice. The walls of the Vampire Kingdom were suffocating, but she couldn’t escape it. Now… maybe she has to transfer into this kingdom and suffocate more.

Lenora sighed at her real mother’s brainless action. The present Royal mother of the Vampire kingdom, Eudora, shook her head in disappointment.

“My Lycan king, I don’t think it’s appropriate for you to dissolve the pact just because of one snarky comment,” Eudora said.

“Her Highness, Please forgive me for my rudeness. Nothing matters to me more than my sister,” he said.

“A good king would never say that,” an elder from the Vampire royal family said.

“If a person can’t even protect their family member, then one has to question his ability to protect their kingdom,” he said which shut the mouth of Vampires.

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