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C2 Two


(Warning this chapter contains erotic words and scenes, read at your own risk.)

Xavier drove out to one of his few hotels and met with his friends at the VIP Club downstairs.

"Hey man." Lucky spoke while observing his friend. He knew better than to ask.

"Hey." Xavier responded with a sad smile as he ran his fingers through his perfectly styled hair.

Marvin who had been silent for awhile couldn't help but sigh. His brother needed help yet he wasn't willing to let anyone in.

" two bottles of Tequila." Xavier passed his instructions to a waiter and immediately his orders were placed before him.

" Don't punish yourself Nick...its not your fault."Marvin felt sorry for him.

Xavier got even angrier at the mention of his Middle name.

"Don't you dare call me that!" He growled and ran his fingers in his already disheveled hair.

"I'm sorry Bro I just can't help it. You look terrible man." Marvin stood up and left the place angrily.

He didn't wanna speak anymore so he focused on getting high. He had high alcohol tolerance but doesn't understand how he's already getting drunk.

"Jeez slow down X do you wanna wake up in a fucking hospital bed in the morning?" Lucky was also unhappy with Xavier for trying to punish himself.

"Don't fucking lecture me!!" He hissed and stood on his feet shaking off the fact that he was slightly drunk before walking towards the elevator..

Kendall had been assigned to the top floor which was actually a penthouse owned by the CEO, as punishment for arriving late she was asked to clean alone.

"Argh! I hate you Tina!" She grumbled as she took her working tools on a trolley and got into the elevator.

Inside the elevator stood someone, apparently he was leaning against the elevator wall with his eyes closed.

She tried so hard not to stare at his well defined face as she kept cursing inwardly.

His lips were like the sexiest thing she has ever seen, his nose were well crafted and his long lashes only made things worse.

He's a fucking god. I wonder what he looks like down there. She chuckled at her own nasty thoughts.

Unknown to her his eyes had flutter open and staring back at her.

"Like what you see beautiful?" His flirteous tune made her wanna wet her pants as shades of red creeped on her neck and cheeks.

"I don't know what you're talking about." She denied it without battling a lid and tore her gaze away.

He was slightly drunk and still had a little control of his body but however just staring at the beauty queen before him he couldn't hold back a groan.

"Let me show what I'm talking about." Before his stop himself he'd reached out and pinned her to the wall, holding her two hands above her head while staring at her lustful.

"What do you think you're doing! Someone is gonna see us.." Kendall also felt her body burn up with desires as her skin experience his touch.

"Let them see.." His voice was hoarse as he crashed his lips on hers.

For a moment she was dumb struck by his sudden movement but also return his kiss. It was a rough and fierce one as their tongues seeks dominance.

Kendall of course haven't had sex before but still she had experience in this kinda shit.

A moan escaped her lips as his free hand raised her dress up and found her thigh.

He lifted her off the ground and wrapped her long straight legs around his waist and just in time the elevator opened up at the penthouse.

He took her in hurried steps without breaking the kiss. Her fingers tugged on his smooth dark hair also keeping her pace.

Xavier dropped her on the bed before getting on top of her.. He looked at her for a brief seconds before trailing kisses on her face down to her neck line.

She turl her toes in pleasure for she was dripping wet down there. Xavier ripped off her dress with one swift movement she was half naked in front of him and he let out a loud growl.

Her mind doesn't want this but apparently her body has a mind of it's own as its responding to his touch every now and then.

She moan out loud when he un clapped her bra and took one of her breast into the warmth of his mouth, flicking his tongue around her areola.

"Oh shit!" She moan as she urge him to continue.

He didn't fail to give her tits equal treatment. Xavier moved back to her lips this time claiming it in a steady passionate French kiss. He didn't understand what she'd done make him only want her body more.

The slight taste of alcohol mixed with fresh mint only got her intoxicated.

If he doesn't do it right now she's gonna f*cking explode.

His fingers found the waist band of her panties and ripped them off aggressively making her completely naked before his greedy eyes.

He wanted this now or never. Stepping away from her, he took off his clothes in hurried steps and soon he was also naked. Kendall almost let out a scream at the size of his little brother.

Xavier grinned mischievously as he got in between her legs and took her by surprise with his tongue. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head as her body burned with intense pleasure.

There was no going back anymore, he needed to fuck her right now.

"Ah! I can't take it anymore...f*ck me already!" She hissed in pleasure.

Xavier smiled and stopped teasing her. He positioned himself in between her legs and slammed into her without warning. Kendall screamed out loud but his free hand found her neck and held it firmly, not firm enough to choke her.

"F*ck you're so tight!" He moan with his eyes staring at her lustfully.

He knew she was a virgin but wasn't planning to slow it down.

Kendall moan out sweet words that sounded like music to his ears almost driving him to the edge.

He took his hand away from her neck and held her shaky thighs in place while thrusting deeper.

"Look at me B*tch! And beg me to f*ck you harder!"his husky voice drove her insane. At that moment she couldn't think of anything but to be laid.

"Please.....f...f*ck me daddy!" Her moans were like pleads as he slammed into her faster driving her to the edge.

"Cum for me princess!" He gripped her thighs roughly making her dizzy.

Her walls tightened up around his c*ck and she couldn't count how times she'd her orgasm, she passed out immediately.

"F*ck!" He cursed as his blasted his loads in her cunt and rolled to the other side of the bed.

That night Xavier slept with a smile on his face.

Jeez that was one hell of a night for Kendall and Xavier. I wonder what will happen when he's in his right senses.

are you thinking what I'm thinking?

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