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C3 Three



Kendall woke up earlier than expected due to the sore in between her legs.

She glanced at the sleeping beauty beside her and realization dawned on her.

"F*ck! F*ck! I'm the stupidest b*tch have ever seen." She cursed lowly as her hand reached out to his face but stopped herself halfway.

Its gonna be utterly bad when he wakes up and find her naked in bed with him.

As quickly as she could, she got dressed in what remains of her clothes and dashed outta the penthouse into the elevator where she had abandoned her stuff.

Madam Tina had insisted they wear something cute when working so she had to hide a leather pant and a hoodie in her trolley.

Her legs were still shaky from her one night stand as she hastily change into them.

She ran outta the hotel building to find her bike still parked outside.

"Oh my goodness Xina is gonna murder me." She suddenly remembered her friend as she got on her bike and rode off.

Unlike other girls Kendall had never been broke. She waslj born rich but still managed to build her own fashion company from scratch.

Kendall was 16 when she'd lost her mom who made her promise not to reveal her real identity to the anyone until she had been matured enough.

Of course she never got to know why her mom had made her promise that so she went with the flow and got a job at a maintenance agency to keep a low profile.

However that didn't stop her from living with luxury and Style.

Kendall owned a luxurious apartment in one of the prestigious neighborhood for the elites.

She drove into the garage and got off the bike as quickly as could.

"Oh my God Star! Where the hell have you been? You got me worried sick!" Xina jumped off the couch unable to contain her anger as she approach Kendall who tried to sneak into her own apartment.

"I'm so sorry Babe I went bike riding and lost track of time." She lied without battling a lid.

Xina scoffed and walked towards the kitchen.

"You should know better than to lie to me Star." She rolled her eyes and focused on making pancakes.

Kendall followed her all the way to the kitchen and sat on the counter.

"Look am sorry okay? I just can't tell you the shit hole I got myself into." Kendall couldn't help but blush as she thought of how she became a slutty girl for a stranger.

"Hmm... I see...I guess that explains why there's so many love bites on your neck." Xina teased and dropped a plate of pancakes beside her.

Kendall wish the earth could open and swallow her.

Avoiding Xina's hawk eyes she decided to lie.

"Stop interrogating me okay? I was bit by a mosquito so i dont know what you're talking about."

'A cute mosquito Right? ' her inner mind teased her making her blush heavily.

"Really Kendall? And you expect me to believe that? Quit acting like a child and tell me who the lucky guy is.." She licked her lips as she waited for her friend to tell her everything that happened.

"Look there's no lucky guy and I don't know..." She was interrupted by the ringing sound from her house phone.

She looked at Xina but it was obvious she already knew who the caller was.

Kendall walked out of the kitchen to the living room and answered the phone.

"You called." She wanted to sound neutral as always.

"You arrogant little cunt! Are you avoiding me?" Her aunt cursed.

Kendall had already been used to this ill treatment so it doesn't bother her anymore.

Of course her aunt thinks she lives in the slump and also depends on her salary to survive.

"What do you want aunt?" Kendall heaved a sigh and sat on the arm chair.

"Its the end of the month and I'm sure you've been paid....I want $10,000 transfered to my account right away or you're gonna hate what I'm gonna do to you." She snapped thinking Kendall was gonna argue about it.

"Is that all?" All this years Kendall had been putting up with her aunt and her stupid family. Its bad enough that they have always tried to break her soul or the fact that they kept requesting for money even though they were rich themselves.

"Hey you bitch don't forget your place! Giselle is throwing a party and she wants you to be there."

Giselle was Kendall's cousin who had been spoiled rotten by her parents.

If Giselle wants her to attend her party it only means they're tryna set a trap for her.

"Okay then I'll make a transfer to you." Kendall pressed the end button and dumped the phone on the glass table beside her.

Xina who had listened in on their conversation walked towards her friend and pulled her into a hug.

"For How long are you gonna keep hiding your identity? I mean you don't have to put up with your aunt and her crazy family? For goddamn sake you're the ceo of Run Way fashion house, one of top richest fashion designer huh?." Xina stroke her hair tenderly.

"Time will tell dear but right now let's find you a dress we have a party to attend." Kendall grinned mischievously as she got an idea.

Xina's eyes lit up immediately.

"Really? You're gonna design a dress for me?" She couldn't contain her happiness as she hugged her precious Star even tighter.

"Anything for you love." Kendall picked up her sketch book as she thought of the kinda dress she was gonna design.

Xina had been the only one who knew about her wealth basically she was like the sister she never had.

On the other hand Xavier was raging like a mad man.. Obviously pissed he couldn't find the mystery lady who had dared to ride his cock when he was drunk.

"I don't care how you do it! I want her found else I'm gonna have your d*ck hanging on an electric fence." He half yelled making everyone tremble with fear.

They haven't seen him this angry which only made them wonder what had happened in the penthouse last night.

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