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C4 Four



Xavier walked into X Enterprises wearing a gloomy look as usual, his employees knew not to get in his way.

"Good morning president these are the building plan for X's Shopping mall!" Xavier's Secretary was oblivious of his boss's cold face since he'd arrived at the company.

"You can leave it on my desk.." Xavier walked into his office showing off his proud back to his female employees who couldn't help but ogle at him.

"Your schedule....." Felix wasn't given a chance to speak further.

"Clear my schedule for the week..I would like to be alone." The glass door was slammed on his face.

Felix stared at the door in silent as he thought about his boss who was obviously acting strange. He wondered who had gotten on the black book of his Boss.

"Strange.." He mumbled to himself and left for his desk which was just beside the chairman's office and began working on a few documents and so making adjustments to the boss's schedule for the week.

Xavier undid his tie and dump it on the glass table before slumping on the couch.

He couldn't find any piece of info on the stranger he'd spent a passionate night with.

"Should i call that passionate?"

Xavier mocked himself and closed his eyes again while massaging his temple.

Maybe just maybe if he'd focused his mind elsewhere he would be able to get her outta his thoughts.

his eyes fluttered open when he remembered a familiar face And tried to link the two.

"Mad max?" He called out but shook his head.

They definitely can't be the same person.

Well its been two days, two f*cking days! That he'd been trying to find her but still got no lead on this beauty.

Xavier had a negative feeling of her being a spy sent to mess with his head but still choose not believe anything without proper investigation.

He took out his phone and dialed a number.

"Any news?" Xavier was impatient and could barely hide it anymore.

" it seems like she did a good job at hiding in plain sight but not well enough. After going through every surveillance camera and crossed checked our data base to which one matches a description, I finally found a positive ID but you won't believe who I just found."

Xavier looked displeased but didn't say a word.

"I hate being kept on the waiting." Xavier sounded displeased as he massaged his temple gently.

"Don't worry boss the answer to your questions is on your desk. Delivered it myself earlier today."

Xavier didn't wait to listen to the last part before he hung up and quietly picked up the blue folder file and went through its content.

" Kendall Maxwell"age 27, Fake Identity as Megrease maintenance agency. CEO Run Way Fashion company, orphan and a champion Racer Code name Mad Max." D

Xavier's lips pulled up as he kept going through her files.

"Let's see how you're gonna escape me this time." He ran his thumb on her photo and smiled.

No one dared to take advantage of Xavier and gets away with it yet this lady had done worse than challenge him.

"Em...Kendall? Don't you think this dress is too beautiful? I mean what if we steal the spotlight?"

Xina couldn't help but admire her dress at the moment, she became even more restless when Kendall didn't come outta the dressing room for awhile now.

"Its perfectly fine if we become the center of attention you know.."

At that very moment Kendall walked outta the walking in closet looking like a fairytale princess.

"Oh my....gosh! Oh my motherf*cking Gosh! Star?" Xina was like a two year old ready to burst in excitement.

This hasn't been the first time she had seen her best friend looking so breathtaking in a black sparkling dress but she couldn't help but be wowed all over again and again.

Yeah yeah Kendall was a great designer whose clothing had drown so much attention worldwide.

Her designs always carried her signature name at the hem.

"Stop acting like a Child Xina we both look stunning and I bet Giselle is gonna die of envy when she sees these."

Kendall wore a cheeky smile before pulling her best friend alone.

"Its just like stealing candy from a baby." Xina covered her mouth and followed Kendall downstairs to the parking lot.

"Are we going with any of these?" She pointed at The flashy cars parked at the garage.

Kendall shook her head and pointed at the designated cab she had called earlier.

Xina sigh sadly and walked towards the cab.

"What a killjoy." She humbled and Kendall stifle a laugh.

At the Roland's house a birthday party had been hosted for Giselle, Rolland's youngest daughter.

The hall was filled with guest, socialites and so much more.

Giselle had been going around trying to show off her latest dress and ofcourse trying to create connection between other influential kids in her party.

Even though she was mostly disgusted by a few wannabes she just had to hang in there for the connections she's gonna build.

"Oh my goodness Elle you look so stunning in purple." The youngest daughter of the Fernando's house complimented her with a large smile but Giselle knew they were all fake smiles.

"Aww thanks darling I know purple always looked dazzling on my skin." Giselle also complimented herself and also showed her big ass in the revealing dress.

She made sure her father had invited alot of influential families and hopefully Lord Xavier.

She really wished he would attend her birthday party.

Giselle was busy gossiping with a few of her friends when the sound of broken glass caught the attention of everyone as they stare at the direction.

They stare at the direction with a shocking expression in their eyes.

"Okay what the fuc...." Giselle's words stuck in her throat as saw what caused the distraction.

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