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C5 Five

CHAPTER FIVE. The party.

SUBTITLE; A Night to remember.

Being the only daughter of the Rollands, Giselle managed to get a whole lot of influential personnel to attend her party .

However she never imagined that lord Xavier a powerful billionaire would honor her invitation.

It was a century dream come true.

"Oh my gush! I can't believe my eyes! Lord Xavier is truly here!" A nobleman's daughter whispered unable to hide the lust in her eyes.

'He's even hotter than in the posters.. Any woman would kill for his attention.'

'Just let me die! He's so beautiful.. God spent a century creating this fine piece.'

Even the males couldn't help appreciate this beautiful Man.

Giselle was not left out, in other to gain more face in her party she hurrily fix her looks and headed towards the demi god standing in the middle of a few elites of the city.

"Ehm...excuse me Gentlemen, is everyone having a great time?" Giselle's playful voice got their attention..

She received warm smiles from them but she obviously got eyes for bigger fishes.

"Nice party you got there Giselle, I must say Chairman Gu's daughter is quite impressive." A business man named Casper complimented and she blushed while stealing glances at the demi god who obviously didn't pay any attention to her.

"Its an honor to have such a formidable businessman like Lord Xavier to attend my party." Giselle decided to draw the cards first.

"Indeed...." He spoke but His eyes never left the entrance,Probably waiting for someone.

Giselle wasn't the type to give up easily so she tried again.

"Would Lord Xavier like to dine with me tonight?" She shamelessly ogle at him.

"Would love to but I'm quite busy with important stuff now if you don't mind I would like to be excused." His calm expression made it impossible to know what he was thinking.

Lord Xavier's attention was on the entrance door and that only made Giselle boil with anger.

Embarrassed she followed his gaze and found herself staring at Kendall.

Wait! Kendall? What is she doing here dressed like that?

Lord Xavier's lips curled into a smile as he stared at the beauty in a black dress.

Giselle was green with envy as she walked towards Kendall. Compared to Kendall, Giselle had a provocative beauty and a body of a temptress making any man with rationality wanna smash her cunt right there on the spot.

While Kendall was the delicate and had the angelic beauty. Unlike Giselle her shape was indeed a forbidden fruit for the men.

Right now Kendall had crashed the party in a black sparkling dress made by the mysterious fashion designer and the founder of Run Way Fashion industry " KM."

Giselle grabbed hold of Kendall's wrist and glared at her.

"What are you doing here and dressed like that?" She scoffed.

Xina seem irritated and decided to say something.

"Miss Gu is indeed red with Anger..do you need a glass of water?" Xina was clearly trying to infuriate the arrogant miss more.

"Peasants like you don't have the right to serve me water.. " she sneered and turned to her dear cuz.

"You haven't answered my question Kendall! Don't tell me you're now into sugar daddies.." Giselle's voice was intentionally high and surprisingly the guests had began to look at Kendall with questionable gaze.

Kendall of course only stood there smiling like the sun flower, she looked extremely beautiful.

"Why are you so bothered with my affairs? I really don't wanna believe you seriously care about me.." Kendall paused for a moment and shook off Giselle's grip.

"You invited me to your party and I'm sure you don't want me looking like a pauper at your party.."

Giselle was boiling with anger while staring solely at the dress.

She had once tried to get the mysterious designer to design a piece for her but he/She bluntly declined.

Based on what she knew of the designer, He only make dresses for people he likes.

Seeing Kendall in one KM's master piece only makes her wanna die with hatred.

"Don't sell your body for petty material things Cuz..." Giselle sounded unaffected before walking towards a group of elites.

Things wasn't going according to her plan..

"What are you standing there for? Come on let's go parrrreee!!" Kendall pulled Xina towards the bar for some shots.

This was one of her uncle's mansion, he'd given to Little Giselle to party all night just so he could gain face in front of the influential businessmen and women.

Kendall clicked her tongue and gulp down a glass of Tequila.

"Hey Star how about we try some sex on the beach?" Xina pointed at a drink on the shelf.

The bartender smiled politely waiting to take the orders of the two pretty ladies.

"Yes! Yes! I want too." Kendall pouts like a child over a drink oblivious of the fact that a pair of jade green eyes had been staring at her with amusement.

"I don't really understand why Giselle is always acting like a b*tch all the f*cking time." Xinah couldn't start to imagine what her best friend must have gone through in the hands of the witch.

"I know right?" Xinah giggled and requested for more glasses.

However Kendall needed to use the restroom so she got off the stool ready to go find the washroom.

"I'll be right back Xinah try not to get knocked out." She winked at her only best friend and steadily climb the stairs.

There was a bathroom downstairs but due to the ongoing party down stairs all guests are allowed access to the rooms and bathrooms upstairs.

She found the guest room and walked in. Kendall took off her heels and dumped them on the king sized bed alongside her clutch before heading towards the bathroom,

However she stopped on her tracks when two pair of hands snuck around her waist and pulled her into a familiar warmth.

"We meet again Kitten.." His hoarse voice sent shivers down her spine.

What the heck!

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