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C6 Six

CHAPTER SIX; The party 11.

SUBTITLE; A Night to remember.

(Warning this chapter contains matured contents read at your own risks.)

Kendall froze from shock when she heard that voice again.

Was she hallucinating or what? How come he's here now?

"Ehm....who are you?" She preyed open his hands and turned around but was blown away by his well scruptured face that looked like a Greek god.

'you f*cking slept with a Greek god Kendall,way to go girllllllll.' her subconscious mind praised her.

"Oh enough with the act already and don't even think about running away. " He glared at her and Kendall felt like a bucket of cold had been poured on her.

"Why are you here?" There was no point feigning ignorance anyway.

'not that I can actually ignore him though.'she mentally rolled my eyes.

"Why did you run away." He asked with a raspy voice and Kendall instinctively take a step back while he also moved closer till she'd nowhere to run and he caged her in-between his hands.

"I didn't run away okay? I was only busy."she defended herself and tried not to look into those deep blue eyes.

They were both so close she could practically feel his hot breath against her face.

She won't be surprise if he actually came here for her.

"You took advantage of my body now you'll have to take responsibility." He whispered into her ear while nibbling on her earlobe.

"Tsk! Don't act like you didn't enjoy every bit of it." She defended herself amidst blushing as his lips were performing wonders on her earlobe down to her neck.

"Yeah I do and I'm here to collect some interest." He whispered against her skin making Kendall shiver slightly.

Kendall couldn't understand how her body was so sensitive to his touch.

He ran his fingers through the split on her dress and pulled her closer to him.

"How did you find me?" She gasp when he pulled open her dress roughly.

His lips found its way to her collar bone as he planted feathery kisses on em.

"I'm not the most powerful billionaire for nothing."his husky voice sounded right behind her ear that was when she realized that she'd skipped that detail.

He picked her off the floor and dropped her on the queen sized bed and claimed her lips in a fierce and domineering kiss she could hardly keep up with him.

Slowly he took off her dress revealing her naked body.

Kendall only had b**bs tape on for her dress won't work with a bra.

Lord Xavier's eyes grew darker as he stared at her naked body for moment before attacking her b**bs making sure to give equal judgement.

Kendall twirl her feet as ripples of pleasure threaten to explode anymoment.

Xavier trail his tongue around her areola and Kendall tried to suppress a moan but a knock at the door didn't even stop him from getting what he wanted.

"Star are you in there is everything alright?" She heard her best friend's voice at the door that was when she realized he'd bolted the door when he got in.

"Y...yeah I'm great I'll be down in five minutes go have fun without me." She managed to voice out as Xavier didn't even stop for a moment as he kept teasing and sucking her tits.

"Okay be safe girllll." Xina giggled and ran away.

Kendall knew what Xina was thinking already and would probably tease her about it later.

She was thrown outta her thoughts when she felt his fingers around her buds which was dripping wet already.

She moan in surprise when he ripped off her thongs with his eye glued on her and for some reason she couldn't seem to look away no matter how badly she wanted to, it was more like a bottomless abyss pulling her in.

He held up her leg and began worshipping her leg with kisses.

She moan in delight as his lips found its way to her honeypot as he blew hot air on her aching buds begging for his attention.

He sucked and licked her honey pot skillfully with his tongue.

Soon he replaced his tongue with a finger and Kendall knew she needed him in her now or never.

"Ah! Yes!" She moan in gibberish as he inserted two fingers and increased his thrust and Kendall exploded on his fingers.

He brought his fingers to her lips and made her taste herself while taking off his clothes slowly and stood naked in his full glory Infront of her.

Kendall widened her eyes in surprise while staring down at his hard on.

She couldn't believe this was what she be riding. A for a second she was worried it won't fit.

Xavier encircled her legs around his waist and slowly thrust into her earning a low groan from her.

He moan as her insides stretched around his little brother making him almost lose control.

His thrust started off slow making her adjust to him before increasing his thempo.

Their moans filled the room as he banged her pretty good.

"F**k how are you so tight." He cursed silently and captured her lips in a rough kiss as his release threaten to blast through.

"I'm going to cum!" Kendall cried out in pleasure as Xavier began going pretty fast making her feel dizzy.

"Let's cum together." He gritted his teeth while trying to maintain his pace and together they reached climax.

They stayed together trying to catch their breaths and after some time Xavier got off her and sat down by the edge.

He took out a cigarette and lit it deeply lost in his thoughts.

Kendall stood up and decided to shower first but gasps in surprise when she was lifted off the floor.

"Let's shower together." He grinned at her and Kendall wondered how he got here so fast.

"Nope there's absolutely no way I'm taking a bath with you." She glared and tried to get away from him but he was also not ready to listen as he walked into the bathroom with her in his arms and dropped her besides the shower.

"Let me help you get clean up." He smiled mischievously but Kendall didn't seem to understand the meaning behind his words until he turned on the he shower and lifted her off the ground and slammed against the cold bathroom wall tiles , capturing her lips in a passionate kiss and she deepens the kiss as she wrapped her hands around his neck pulling him even closer.

She could feel his hardness poking her ass as he kept sucking and nibbling on her bottom lip hungrily.

She arched back giving him access to her tits which he gladly accepted.

A moan escaped her lips as he tugged on her nipples.

Kendall couldn't deny the fact that she wanted more of this handsome creature.

Call her a horny freak but she's not gonna die a Nun with sexual hormones.

"Oh shit!" She hissed when he slides into her without warning.

"Yeah that's it baby girl." He said in a husky voice while slamming into her like a hungry beast but Kendall liked every single bit of what he was doing to her.

"Harder." She found herself asking for more but he seems to not give in immediately.

"Beg for it love, I wanna hear you moan out don't hold back ." He commanded and she instinctively moan crazily.

Blame it on the lust and desires building up in her .

"Please f***k me harder!" She stiffled a moan but let out a cry when he slammed into her roughly.

"What's my name love?" He groaned softly and he kept slamming into her roughly.

"Daddy!" She moan out loud and sank her nails into his shoulders.

"Yeah! That's my girl." He squeezed her butt cheeks and kept slamming into her until they reached the moon together.

He steadied his breath before letting her down and they both took a proper shower.

Back at the party Giselle couldn't find Lord Xavier anywhere and began to feel anxious.

What if he'd left because he was unsatisfied with the party arrangements.

Giselle's thoughts had began to run wide but what happened next almost gave her a heart attack.

The man she'd been looking all over for was actually with Kendall?

Everyone turned their heads to the two beautiful people descending from the stairs together. They couldn't help but marvel at their beauty and also how they seem like a perfect couple outta an oil painting.

Giselle was beyond mad as she stared daggers at Kendall who acted like she was invincible.

Giselle couldn't understand how they both ended upstairs but after connecting the dots her jealousy seem to intensify at the thought of Kendall spending time with Lord Xavier.

"That snake." She cursed inwardly.

Ofcourse she knew Kendall must have seduced her way into his bed. So she made her assumptions that she wasn't all that important to Lord Xavier after all he has never been in a serious relationship.

At this thought Giselle calmed her raging heart and fixed her appearance before walking towards them with a menacing smile plastered on her face.

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