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Chapter Two

Damon's Pov:

"I want the stripper" I said with a hoarse voice.

"You mean Meria?" Miss O asked anxiously.

"Is that her name?? Well yes.... I want her" I said with all seriousness.

"Well am sorry sir but she doesn't accept special invitation" She replied.

I arched my eyebrows.

"What do you mean Miss O?" I asked furiously.

"What I am saying Sir, is that she doesn't accept special invitation from men.... All she does is dance and entertain." She replied.

Anger burnt through me as I hear her say those words.

No-one dares turn down my invitation.

As it stands now,,, I want her.... I want that stripper.

I need to fvck her holes so badly.

And I get whatever I want..... I use what I have to get what I need.

"A million dollar." I said as she turned around in surprise.

"A million dollar? What for?" She asked shocked.

I smirked, "I am willing to pay her a million dollar for just two hours of her time." I said bluntly, she gasped

"What? Are you being serious right now?" She asked still very much confused

"You heard me.... In fact two million dollar" I said as I smoked deeply and balls of smoke rushed out of my mouth and my nose as well.

Miss O stared at me in astonishment.

I bet she's so surprised....

Actually I am willing to triple the amount just to get the stripper laid on my bed.

"I'll talk to her" Miss O snapped and I smirked.

I can't wait to pour my juice into her hole.

She's so hippy...

How can someone be so perfect...???

She's my perfect spec.

I kept grinning waiting for my big a*s bi+ch .

Meria's Pov:

I sat in front of the dressing mirror with a napkin as I wiped my face thoroughly.

I need to wipe off the makeup before leaving.

I can't let Mia my younger sister notice my absence.

"Meria! Are you not done yet?" Suzy my best friend beckoned on me.

"I'll be done soon Suzy" I replied as I hurriedly wash my face in the sink.

"You wouldn't want us to trek or would you? Cos if you waste more time... then we won't be able to get a cab" She yelled stomping her foot on the ground.

I picked up my handbag and clutched it to my arms.

"That's enough girlfriend... Let's go" I said coming out of the washroom.

As we both turn to leave, I heard someone calling me from behind.

"Isn't that Miss O's voice?" Suzy said as I turned around.

It's Miss O.

"Uhmm... Hi Miss O! Are we forgetting something?" Suzy asked anxiously

"Oh no! I just want to talk to Meria in private" She said panting heavily.

She must have been running to meet us.

I exchanged glances with Suzy in confusion.

"Hope all is well Miss O?" I asked anxiously, biting my lower lip.

She only smiled....

"Of course all is well my dear... " She said softly as Suzy shook her head and walked away giving her space to talk to me.

I gulped nervously.

"What is it Miss O? Did I do something wrong?' I asked

She looked around before smiling and shaking my hands.

"You have been such a good worker to me and I don't wish to loose you but I know that's not possible anymore" She said as I became confused the more.

"What are you talking about Miss O? But I'm not leaving the club anytime soon" I answered sharply

"Well you still don't understand me dear Meria" She said.

I scratched my head in confusion

"What's there to understand Miss O? Please talk to me already and stop keeping me in the dark" I said getting scared already.

"Is she planning to fire me? Oh good Lord I hope not so.... What will be my fate? How will I be able to provide for my younger sister if she fires me?" I thought as tears pricked my eyes.

I blinked hard to stop myself from crying.

I really don't know what I will do if she fires me....

I managed to get a hold of myself.

"Good fortune has finally smiled on you Meria" She announced.

I gulped nervously...

"Good fortune? Are you increasing my pay Miss O?" I asked anxiously

"No Meria... But this is more than payment increase..." She said as she tapped me.

"Then what is it?' I asked impatiently.

"The thing is you are going to get two million dollars in just two hours" She said as I gasped.

"What? Really?" I screamed in delight.

"Yes! Really...." She said as I laughed heartily.

"How? Is there anyone I'll be dancing for?' I asked anxiously

"Actually a billionaire watched you strip and dance tonight and he just wants two hours with you for two million dollars" She announced.

My countenance changed immediately I heard her say that.

I sighed loudly as I rolled my eyes.

"What do you mean Miss O? Two hours dancing for him?" I asked

Miss O scoffed as she nudged me.

"Eish... Stop being such a big baby Meria" She rolled her eyes.

"I don't understand you Miss O"

"Don't you know what a man and a woman does when they are alone or do you want me to tell you everything" She said with a corky voice.

I breathed heavily before speaking.

"And did you tell the so called billionaire my working rules?' I snapped angrily.

"Tch... It's a lot of money we are talking about here Meria" Miss O blew her bubble gum noisily.

"I don't care how much it is, tell him I am not interested Miss O.... He can go to hell and burn to ashes with his money" I said with a tone of finality.

Miss O stared at me in astonishment.

She could never bring herself to believe any girl would turn down money offer.

Well I am a goddamn exception...

Just because i am a club stripper or dancer doesn't make me a whore.

Besides I'm only doing this to earn some money for the upkeep of my sibling and I.

"Are you really serious girl? Or do you want to think about it?" Miss O asked trying to make sure.

I scoffed

"Miss O... There is nothing to think about here.... Go tell him I am not interested" I said boldly again

"It's a very huge some of money and..." Miss O said but I quickly cut her off.

"I don't need it" I said as Miss O nodded her head.

"OK! I'll let him know" She said as she walked away still stealing glances at me.

I tut loudly as I signalled Suzy to come over.

"What's up? What did she say?' Suzy asked as we strolled down

I scratched my head.

"She said a guy offered to pay two million dollars for a one night stand with me" I said simply.

"Oh my gosh..." Suzy squeaked in shock as she covered her mouth with her palms.

I gave her a dangerous glare and looked away.

"Two million dollars? Just for a one night stand? He must be super rich" She said

"I don't give a fvck girlfriend" I said less concerned.

"Don't tell me you turned down the offer?" She asked as I nodded my head in agreement.

"Of course I did... I Am not a call girl for crying out loud" I threw my hands up in the air.

"But the money is so big girl" Suzy half yelled.

"I don't even care... He can go to hell with his money" I replied sharply.

Suzy pouted her mouth.

She exhaled slowly

"How could I forget so early that not everyone are wayward like me" She chuckled softly.

I hit her playfully.

"Whatever!" I said not knowing what else to say.

"And my friend is still a virgin as well.... Not yet opened " She teased me

"Oh shut up already" I said shyly

"But seriously girlfriend when are you going to get a boyfriend at least?" She asked

I sneered as I scratched my butt.

"You're such a pig" She said as we shared a laugh.

"I'll get a boyfriend when the time comes" I replied, although I don't plan on having one now.

"When will the time ever come for you?" Suzy stared at me pointedly.

"Anytime soon..". "Hopefully'" I added.

"You've been saying that for ages now" She said as I laughed hard.

"Oh cab? Cab??" She called flagging down a cab but unfortunately it was full already.

"You know what I think?" She said

"What?" I yawned hungrily

"I think we should run after that bus and hang at the back holding the metal" She said as I smiled nodding in agreement.

We quickly ran fast and held the bus from behind as the bus speeded off not even noticing us.

We laughed happily.

That has always been our life.

Since Suzy and I are best friends and least I forget,,, we share the same house.

Suzy's story is also as pathetic as ours.

She actually came from the orphanage.

She ran off from the orphanage because they were going to sell her for prostitution.

We met each other when we were homeless.

She became a sister too apart from Mia.

Damon's Pov:

I paced around waiting impatiently for the God damn Miss O as she's called.

I was so ready to bang her silly.

"Where could the freaking lady be?" I thought out loud.

I don't like being kept waiting.

"Sir am here" She said as I turned to her.

"Do what? Where is she?" I asked anxiously

"She refused to see you" Miss O said as my eyes widened in shock.

"WHAT?" my eyes popped out of it's socket in shock....


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