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Chapter Three

Damon's Pov:

"What the...." I screamed as I kicked the glass table roughly and it broke into pieces.

Miss O gasped in shock.

"Sir please calm down" She managed to say.

"What do you mean by calm down? Do you know who I am??? I don't take no for an answer" I yelled angrily.

"I told you before now, that she strictly kicked against special invitation by customers" Miss O tries to reason with me.

I was beyond reasoning with..... "I don't care! I want her and I don't want to hear whatever you have or she has to say" I said as I fumed in anger.

"Please Mr you are not allowed to spoil stuffs in the bar" Miss O said sharply looking at her shattered table.

I quickly brought out a bundle of cash from my pocket.

She gasped in shock as she saw such huge amount of money.

I threw the money on her face roughly.

"Just get a freaking new table for your fvcked up bar" I said as I pushed her aside and walked away.

Anger burnt through me as thoughts of having the stripper filled my mind.

I hopped into my Range Rover and speed out of the bar.

I was so furious.....

How can a human being in her right state of mind refuse such a big amount of money?

I can't believe this....

Many girls are dying to get fvcked by me for free

I grinned ruthlessly!

"Meria?? You're gonna scream my name on my bed" I said in so much confidence.

No one can ever resist my charm... I'm very sure of that!

She's just proving hard to get but in no distant time,,,, I will have her on my bed.

I drove straight to the mansion and parked in the garage.


The door swing open as I came in with a lady kissing and snogging each other.

We slammed the door as I removed her brassier.

I pushed her to the bed and tore her panties.

"Yeah... Use me for what pleases you" She moaned as I svcked her boob's.

We continued kissing but then I quickly disengaged the kiss.

She looked straight into my eyes with a smile.

And it was obvious... She was yearning for more.

I quickly got down from her and sat heavily on the bed.

"Damon what happened?" She asked as she got up.

"Get out of here" I said sharply as she looked at me puzzled.

"What are you saying....?" She tried to say

"I said get lost right now" I yelled at her as she flinched.

"Are you sure you're OK? What did I do wrong?" She asked looking so confused.

"I said leave now or do you want me to have the security throw you out?" I asked with a stern voice as she shook her head.

She quickly sprang up from the bed picked up her dress.

She still continued looking at me as she walked out of the room.

I exhaled deeply as I fell on the bed.

I rubbed my eyes.....

What's really happening to me???

Why can't I get her off my mind?

I scratched my head in confusion.

I need to find her... I need to find Meria.

Cos I'm loosing it already.

Meria's Pov:

I was busy doing the laundry when Mia rushed out of the house with my cell phone in her hand.

"Sister... Your cell phone is ringing!" She said as I took it from her.

"Thank you baby... You can go back now and continue with your assignment" I said, she nodded in reply and walked back into the house.

I picked up the call....

"Hello... Is this Meria?" A cold manly voice echoed from the phone.

I gulped nervously.

Who could that be???

I thought out loud...

"Yes!! How may I help you?" I asked with a shaky voice.

The voice laughed mischievously and I wondered why.

"I offered you such a huge amount of money and you declined" He said as I blinked my eyes.

"What is he talking about?" I thought.

"Please who are you?" I asked anxiously

"Two million dollars Miss Meria!! Two million dollars... " The voice said again.

And that was when I recalled Miss O's conversation with me.

I gave out a scoff....

"I am not interested Mr two million dollars" I said almost immediately.

He grinned and I rolled my eyes.

"Are you sure you don't?" The voice came again after few minutes of silence.

"With all due respect I don't need your money or don't you understand English" I said as I quickly hung up on him.

I kept the phone still in thought.

Who the heck is this?

I shrugged it off and continued what I was doing.

Damon's Pov:

I gulped down the content of the bottle of whiskey and belched.

"Don't tell me you're serious Damon?" Kelly scoffed

"I don't care what you think of it as" I said as I rolled my eyes.

"Why can't you just let her be? She's not the only well shaped woman in the world" Kelly said simply

"Yes she might not be, but she's the only well shaped woman that I want" I replied really seriously.

"You know you really have to stop this right? Let the lady be... I told you how impossible this is" Kelly said with confidence

"Well I don't believe in failure dude and you know it" I said as I bit my lips.

"She just doesn't want you or any other person... Who knows she might be married" Kelly suggested as I laughed out loud.

"That's impossible man! She doesn't look married" I replied with a grin.

"Since when did becoming married gets written on the face...." Kelly scoffed

"Then I will have to get rid of her husband, cos I want her" I said determined.

"You're just lost in lust" Kelly shakes his head, as we shared a laugh

"Say whatever your like but that doesn't bother me" I replied grinning.

"You're simply such a flirt!" He groaned as I chuckled.

"You mean we? Cos it's obvious we OK" I said as he hit my arm playfully.

"You're such an idiot" He joked as we shared another laugh.

Suzy's Pov:

"Get your little cute self here Mia.... You're running late for school" I said as Mia ran round the table playing.

"Catch me if you can aunt Suzy" She chuckled as I scratched my head

This little girl is real pain in the a*s.

"Meria I think I will leave Mia for you to take her to school" I said finally giving up.

"Mia! Stop that and get prepared for school" Meria's loud voice yelled from the bedroom.

I quickly caught Mia's arm and she smiled at me.

"Here that's your book" I said handing some books to her.

"Thank you aunt!" she said

I turned to leave but her voice halted me.

"Aunt Suzy when are you guys ever going to work?" She asked as my heart skipped a beat.

I quickly turned around.

"What?" I asked in the mildest voice.

"You and sister Meria said you always go to work but how come I don't know when you guys do" She asked .

I gulped nervously as my legs became jelly.

"Uhm.... We do go to work" I said not knowing what else to say.

"But when? I've never seen you guys go to work" She said with a puzzled look.

I forced a smile at her.

"You see... ah.... We.... We..." I stuttered out

"Huh???" She asked

"We leave immediately you go to school but we always come back before you" I said as I breathed heavily.

"Oh OK......" She said as I breathe out heavily in relieve.

Thank goodness I thought of something to tell her....

I heard noises from the staircase and turned around.

It was Meria...

She was dressed and in a hurry too.

"Meria! Where are you going?" I asked anxiously.

"Well you see Miss O called me to come over to the bar quickly" Meria said as she forced the sandals to her leg.

"But why?" I asked as she inhaled sharply.

"I have no idea..." She said packing her stuff into her old worn-out handbag.

"Oh OK then... I'll take Mia to school" I said as she rushed off.

"Thanks Suzy!" She said almost inaudibly since she was meters away.

Thoughts kept running through my mind.

Why does Miss O want to see my friend?

I hope nothing bad happened.....

My eyes caught with Mia's school bag on the table that was when I recalled she's still at home with me.

I glanced at the wall clock and gasped....

"Oh my gosh!! 7:26am? And Mia is still here????" I said as I quickly rushed to get her ready.

Meria's Pov:

My heart kept racing as I got down from the cab.

I was very nervous...

Why does Miss O need my presence so urgently huh?

Did I do something wrong???

Could it be she wants to fire me for turning down the offer?

I scratched my head and shrugged it off.

I knocked on the door in anxiety.

But I got no response....

"Miss O? Miss O??' I called out but no response.

I turned to leave then the door swing open.

Instead of Miss O,,, it was a very handsome and rich looking young man.

"I guess I am in the wrong place" I said as I turned to leave, but then he touched my butt smiling mischievously.

I quickly turned around and landed a dirty slap on his face.... What the fuck?


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