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Chapter Five

Meria's Pov:

The makeup artist applied makeups on my face as I sat in front of the dressing mirror.

"You look so amazing and adorable today Meria" The makeup artist Mary said as I chuckled.

"You always tell me that almost everyday Mary, and you know I'm really beginning to disbelieve you" I giggled

"Well that's the truth" Mary said

Just then,,,,,,,,,, Nadia walked into the dressing room with her own makeup artist.

She shot me a deadly glare and sighed.

She have always hated me for being the best among all the entertainers.

Though she's beautiful in the face,,,,,,, yet she's never recommended for special dance.

I guess I am not the only one that knows.... she's only beautiful in the face and not in the heart.

I only smiled within me.

"Can't you just stop admiring my amazing beauty already Meria" She said as she eyed me angrily.

I smiled at her but she snorted.

"Oh I just can't dear Nadia..... Though am not supposed to be the one admiring your beauty...... It should be the customers" I teased her as she gulped.

She looked around feeling so embarrassed.

"You animal" She muttered on seeing her crush coming closer.

Actually there is this guy,,,,,,,, she actually likes him a lot.

She smiled warmly at him as he approached us.

"Oh hi Sam" She said waving at him.

"Hi Nadia..." Sam said coldly as she started showing off so that he could notice her.

But I guess it was all a waste.

"You look very beautiful Meria!" Sam said as he touched my jaw.

I smiled heartily at him secretly making faces at Nadia.

Who was dying in anger.

How could her crush say am beautiful instead of her?

"Thank you so much Sam" I said as he pecked me before walking away.

The two makeup artist laughed within themselves.

"He just confirmed how beautiful you are" I teased her as she eyes me, clicking her tongue loudly.

"Oh dear! Is your pride hurt?" I mocked her as she groaned angrily.

"You are soon gonna be kicked out" She said as I rolled my eyes.

"Let's see" I laughed

Just then,,,,, one of the workers came in.

"Meria....!! Miss O sent for you" She said as I nodded.

I stood up to leave.

"I just hope you get fired from there" Nadia said as I smiled.

"You too" I replied as I walked away.


I walked into Miss I'd office already dressed in my dancing attire.

I was told she wanted to see me.

I walked in and saw her with a gloomy look.

"What could be wrong?? I hope there is no problem" I thought within myself.

She was absent minded and lost in thought.

"Miss O? You sent for me??" I said as she quickly sprang up.

She sighed loudly.

"What's wrong? Are you OK?" I asked still very much worried.

My heart skipped a beat as I bit my lower lip in anxiety.

What could possibly be eating Miss O up like this????

She has been so gloomy and dull since I got here.....

Did I do something wrong???

Is the bar having some issues?

Thoughts kept running through my mind as she kept mute too.

Like she was reading my mind.

I gulped nervously as sweats rushed down my face.

The anxiety was becoming unbearable so I spoke up.

"What happened Miss O?" I broke the silence

She breathed heavily and deeply before shaking her head.

"You know you're my best dancer here in the bar right?" She asked as I nodded my head in agreement.

Still lost in thought........

"Whatever happens Meria... I want you to know that I will never want to hurt you" She said as she forced a smile.

My anxiety grew the more as she spoke.

"Miss O you're scaring me! What's happening???" I asked anxiously

My palms was already sweaty.

"Here...." She handed two envelopes to me.

One of them was heavy while the other light.

"What's this ma'am?" I asked rather too anxious.

"Open it Meria" She said as I nodded.

I quickly opened the heavy one......

It was filled with a lot of money.

I gasped in shock.

As I quickly directed my gaze to Miss O.

"It's not yet end of the month ma'am" I said as she only breathed heavily.

"Open the other package " She said as I nodded and opened the other envelope.

I mean the light envelope.

It was a note.

I unwrapped it and read it out loudly.

Miss O bowed her head and I could see tears welled down her cheeks.

"Fired? I'm fired??" I asked as hot tears pricked my eyes.

I tried to say a word but hot tears rolled down my cheeks.

"I Am so sorry Meria" She said as she mopped her face with her white napkin.

I burst into tears as I fell on my knees.

"What did I ever do wrong Miss O? Why should I be fired?" I asked in the midst of tears.

"You've done absolutely nothing wrong my dear Meria....." She said in a calm but teary voice.

"Why then are you firing me Miss O?" I cried on top of my voice.

"This is actually because of the guy you turned his proposal down" She said as my eyes widened in shock.

"You mean Damon?" I asked anxiously as I sniffed.

I quickly wiped my tears off immediately. "Yes Meria... He said if I didn't fire you,,,, he will make sure my bar is closed down in less than two hours" Miss O said.

I gulped hard.

That son of a bas+ard......

Anger burnt through me as I stormed out of the office not even minding the fact that Miss O was calling me.

Why can't that guy let me be?

I was on my way out when I met Nadia laughing at me in mockery.

I bowed my head in shame.

"I overheard it all.... You're fired!" She mocked

"Move aside Nadia" I said trying to control myself.

She clapped her hands in a gossip manner as she walked around me laughing.

"That's what you get for crossing my path..... So finally you're gone" She rejoiced

"Don't be too sure Nadia.... I might be back more earlier than you think" I said as I glared at her.

"Oh no way my dear..... Not after what I heard,,,,, why will Miss O risk her bar for your sake" Nadia said as I smirked.

"We will see to that" I said not knowing exactly what else to say.

She rolled her eyes and walked away still laughing aloud.

I bit my fingers as I rushed off.

I quickly flagged down a cab and hopped in.

Are you surprised?

Well I am going to meet that fool..........


He's so popular that everyone knows him.

I walked into the office premises still fuming with anger.

I got to the receptionist table.

"I want to see Damon" I said sharply.

She shot me a stare and snorted.

"You must be insane to talk about the boss like that" She said as I landed a dirty slap on her face.

She gasped in shock with her hand still on her face.

"I said where the fvck is your God damn boss???" I screamed crazily causing a scene already.

"Do you have any appointments with him?" She asked me as I grinned wickedly at her.

"Does it matter? Take me to that demon that calls himself Damon like right now" I yelled banging my hand on the table.

My hair was already messed up and I looked really insane.

That's not one of my problems for the meantime,,,,, I fvcking need to get back my job.

How would I cope without it????

What will be my fate and how will I be able to get drugs for my sick Mia?

She's always on medications and am the one paying for the medications.

With the help of Suzy too.....

I Am scared that we will starve to death cos with Suzy there,,,,,,,, she could pay our bills and feeding too.

But how about Mia??

Why can't this God forsaken womanizer take his stupid eyes off me.

"It matters Miss.... You must have an appointment with him before meeting him" She said trying to be calm.

"Oh please... Spare me those garbage you're talking right now!! Didn't he think about appointment before making me loose my job" I screamed.

The security tried stopping me but I was ready for anything.

"Tell your flirtatious boss to appear here" I screamed crazily.

"Ma'am please this is a business arena besides its already late.... It's almost 6pm" The security guard said trying to get a hold of me.

I screamed into his face..... "Arrrggghhhh....... Can't you get it? I want to see your boss??" I yelledangrily

Suddenly,,, the inner door opens and the God forsaken idiot he stepped out.

I snatched my hand from the security guard,,,, running straight to him, I landed a dirty slap on his cheek In public.....


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