The War of Wars/C2 Chapter Two: A Boy in Space
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The War of Wars/C2 Chapter Two: A Boy in Space
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C2 Chapter Two: A Boy in Space

The crew got to their destination and docked the shuttle on the space station. After a routine check and debriefing, most of them retired to their small cabins.

As James walked to his cabin, he sighted earth from a window, he stopped to have a good look.

“I can see that the sight of the big blue lady takes your breath away!” Caleb said as he tapped James on the back, “Look at her; so sexy from up here. But down there?” He giggled, “Nothing but war, hatred, prejudice and sheer ignorance!”

“True, you’re right!” James said.

“Hmm! What a beauty!” Caleb added, “These sexy eyes of mine need some sleep. You need to see us at the club the other night; these chicks just couldn’t take their hands off of me when my friend told them I was an astronaut. Maybe when we hit home, you and I could hang out with my homies! What do you say, eh quiet one?”

“Alright, man!” James said, “It’ll be fun!” He sighed, “Earth looks peaceful from up here!”

“Sure, she does!” Caleb added.

“It’s our greed that’s destroying her from down there!” James said, “Who would’ve thought a beautiful thing like this would have thousands, even millions of hungry kids, and a thousand more caught up in some unjust war! If I’d told you I don’t feel sad every time I switch on the news channel, I lied!”

“You’re right!” Caleb said, “For me, it is guilt that overwhelms me. I feel bad for not being able to do anything to stop these wars but hey, life goes on, right?”

The men stayed mute staring down at the giant globe.

“It’s all recorded in the book of Revelation.” James added, “All these tragedies!”

“Oh boy!” Caleb said, “Here we go!”

“No, I’ve got to tell you the truth!” He said, “I know you don’t believe in God and all that but as a scientist maybe you should flip a couple of pages. Look at the world and tell me what you think about all the things that’s unfolding around us!”

“James, really?” Caleb said, “What’s this like…You had to ride your evangelic-horse up into space? Come on, man!”

“Well, if that’s how you see it. So be it.” James said.

“How did you get trapped in this whole religious applesauce?” Caleb asked.

“I came from a Christian home,” James answered, “but trust me; I frowned upon the idea of religion from the start and the whole concept of…”

“Wait! Wait! Wait! I think I know where we’re headed,” Caleb interjected, “You’re going to go all cliché on me; telling me about how much of an unbeliever you were and how some saviour came and saved you from some enemy or perils then you saw this white light bla-bla-bla now you believe in God, and believe in the crappy old 2,000 year old tale about some guy being born of a virgin, who died and rose on the third day. Who’d soon come and save mankind and the world at large from…evil, right?”

“Yeah! You’ve got that right!” James said, “It’s almost like that but I had to seek for Him even after what happened to me, and I…”

“Found Him?” Caleb interjected.

“Yes, you’re right about that too!” James said, “I found Him!”

“And I thought I’d introduce you to my beautiful sister when we get home!” Caleb said, “You just crushed my nuts, man! In space? Not good! This is not good, man! And your profile says you went to Harvard?”

“Well, yes!” He answered, “You see…”

“Gotta go, son!” Caleb tabbed him twice on the back again, “However, I’ll still buy you a drink when we get home but you ain’t gon’see my cute sister! Sleep tight, buddy!”

“Sure, that’d be cool!” James replied.

The Pilot left him. James turned to the window and sighed.

“Amazing, right?” Johnson said, she stopped and gazed through the same window.

“What?” James said as he turned to Johnson.

“The big blue lady?” She added, “Earth?” she smiled.

“Oh, yeah!” He responded, “A giant big blue marble she is!”

“First time I came up here, I couldn’t take my eyes off of her!” Johnson said, “She’s so beautiful, ain’t she?”

Johnson moved closer to the window and the light from the sun rested on her face.

“Wow!” James said, “You’re…beautiful!” He had a feeling of euphoria as he gazed at Johnson’s face.

“What?” She said, she turned and caught his eyes set in a fixed stare.

“Oh, I mean um…I can’t take my eyes off of um…her…you, you know, earth?” He said, haltingly. “It’s um…she’s more beautiful from up here, right?”

“Yeah!” She replied as she smiled at him.

“I’m James Shinoman!” He said, “We were never properly introduced.”

“Are you sure?” She teased, stretching for a handshake.

“I mean um…well, you know,” he added. “I didn’t want to bug you when I first saw you during my training. You know, I didn’t want to be disqualified or jettisoned for not being serious and all!”

“Yeah,” she remarked. “I noticed that. But if they had wanted you off the mission they would’ve done that the very day you puked in the simulator, James!”

“Oh my God, you heard about it?” He grinned.

“I’ve been working for the agency for six years.” She said, “Let’s just say I know things!” She laughed, “Anyways, I’m going to uh…go to my cabin. Maybe we’ll talk some other time?”

“Alright, Johnson!” He said.

“Uh…please call me, Maurine.” She emphasised, “Don’t make me miss my name like the rest of the boys do! Catch you later, James!”

Her smile left him frozen by the window.

“Okay,” he added, “Catch you later!”

James stood there for a while before moving to his cabin. He tucked himself into his sleeping bag and doze off.

They all rested for some hours.

The crew later got up to begin their mission. At the galley area, James added some water to his beverages through a special tube.

Alright, guys! Listen up,” said the Commander’s voice over the speaker. “As you all know we’ll be here for just a short period, so we only have 16 days to update the damn computer, check the support systems and clean the damn filters. Our duty is to ensure the smooth operation of the investor’s interests up here and fly back home once done, guys!” He cleared his throat, “As much as it is a big deal to find myself up here, I just can’t wait to go back to my family back home. So, safety first. Do your duties and know that we can only survive here as a team! Flight Engineer Johnson, you and your team will go out at exactly twenty-three hundred hours UTC!”

“Aye aye, captain,” Johnson said. “Twenty-three hundred hours UTC! Copy that, Sir!”

The entire crew burst into laughter.

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