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Cloud City City International Airport.

A man in his thirties had just gotten off the plane from his seat in Linyin Road. His face was a little pale as he lit a cigarette.

"Cough cough!"

He took a puff of the cigarette after being blown by the wind. He coughed twice and covered his mouth with his handkerchief. A moment later, the handkerchief was stained with blood.

"Mr Tian!"

Not far away stood a tall and sturdy young man in a black suit who was full of iron and steel.

Seeing this, he hurriedly asked worriedly, "How are you?"

Xiao Tian waved his hand to indicate that he was fine. Only then did he ask, "Qin Ming, is the matter that I asked you to arrange settled?"

As he spoke, a gentle light flashed in Xiao Tian's eyes.

That day, under the rain, he was expelled from his family at the age of eighteen and ended up in the Cloud City, a third-tier city.

The weather was bone-chilling. He was stranded on the streets, starving and cold. He was curled up by a pile of garbage, in extreme despair.

At this moment, a little girl with a ponytail and a loli face quietly walked to his side and stuffed the only hot mantou in her hand to him.

"Little brother, eat quickly, don't starve..."

The little loli's smile was so beautiful and natural.

After eating half of the steamed bun, Xiao Tian was taken away by a mysterious person.

When he appeared again, it was already three years later, he became the foster son of the king of Northgard, Long Aotian!

In another nine years, he defended against foreign enemies, and built numerous outstanding martial arts, and was conferred the title of Northgard's number one War God! No one could compare to his merit points!

The entire world trembled!

However, at his peak, he chose to go into seclusion.

Firstly, it was to heal the internal injuries he had suffered during his years of war in the desert. Secondly, it was for the little loli who had given him hope when he was in despair.

He couldn't forget that pure and flawless smile, that kind and innocent face.

"Twelve years have passed, and now you should have grown up. You should be a tall and graceful lady now, right?"

"I, Xiao Tian, swear that I will protect you for the rest of my life!"

Qin Ming nodded and said, "Everything is arranged according to Mr Tian's instructions! The wedding of the granddaughter of Chen family will be held on the third floor of the Jun Yi Grand Hotel today. Mr Tian only needs to go there."

Xiao Tian nodded slightly.

"Mr Tian, there is one thing I don't understand. Why did you marry into a second-rate family in Cloud City to be your son-in-law? Why did you pretend to be a deserter on the battlefield?" Qin Ming asked in confusion.

"I don't want to cause a bloody storm in Cloud City. I just want to be quiet for a period of time." Xiao Tian said.

Keep a low profile!

Qin Ming understood his intention. The man in front of him was the number one War God in Northgard. He had gone through countless bloody battles and had made countless enemies. If he revealed his identity in Cloud City, countless enemies would come for revenge!

Of course, there was also the little loli who kept him company.

"Little girl, I'm back."

The car sped past.

Jun Yi Hotel.

Outside, luxury cars were everywhere, and cars were everywhere.

The Chen family, a second-rate family in Cloud City, was preparing a grand and special wedding for their youngest granddaughter, Chen Mengyao!

The bride, Chen Mengyao, was the outstanding talent of the Chen family's younger generation. She graduated from the Huaxia Higher Education Institution, Qingbei University. She had a beautiful appearance and an explosive figure. After graduating from university, she entered the family business. Her ability was very outstanding. She was famous in the business world of Cloud City and was known as the number one goddess of Cloud City.

And his groom was actually a soldier who ran away in a sorry state on the battlefield!

In the hotel's dressing room.

Chen Mengyao had just finished putting on her delicate makeup, but she was secretly hurt.

She clenched her fist and tears of grievance appeared at the corners of her eyes.

"Chen Qiang, say something! My daughter's happiness cannot be ruined like this! "

"Our family has always been ostracized by the Chen family. If we let this useless man marry into our family, will our family still have a chance to raise our head?"

"I firmly object to today's daughter's wedding. You must speak clearly to the Matriarch!"

Mother Chen's face turned red with anger as she complained.

The second son of Chen family, Chen Qiang, was a useless loser in Chen family. In the face of his wife's complaints, he could only calmly explain, "Mengyao's marriage was decided by the Matriarch. Who would dare to disobey? If we go and stop this marriage now, the Matriarch will definitely chase us out of the Chen family. At that time, we won't even get the year-end bonus."

"Why would I marry a useless husband like you? Could you really watch your daughter's happiness be ruined?" Qin Yulian was so angry that she cried.

"Dad, Mom, stop quarreling. It's not easy for Dad. It's all because of our family." Chen Mengyao endured the grievance, "Maybe the husband that grandma chose for me is different from what you think."

"Different? How outstanding can he be? How capable can a deserter on the battlefield be? " Qin Yulian said as she cried.

Chen Mengyao bit her pink lips and slowly lowered her head.

She knew in her heart that this marriage was merely a conspiracy that her grandmother and big uncle had plotted together.

She had performed exceptionally well in the family business these two years. Her big uncle Chen Yong and his son Chen Wenchao were afraid that she would fight over the Chen family's property, so they encouraged her grandmother to hire a deserter to be her husband.

If Chen Mengyao were to marry such a useless person, she would definitely not even have the qualifications to inherit the family property in the future!

His father had no ability in the Chen family to begin with and had no right to speak. Now that he married into a useless husband, his life in the Chen family would be even more difficult in the future.

It was just that this was a marriage arranged by his grandmother and no one dared to disobey!

She, Chen Mengyao, was even more unqualified as a descendant!

The wedding bell was approaching.

"Dad, Mom, let's go. Our daughter has decided to marry. Otherwise, if we go late, Grandma will definitely be angry again."

Qin Yulian looked at her cute and sensible daughter, Chen Qiang. She felt very uncomfortable in the bottom of her heart.

They all understood that although they were aggrieved by staying in Chen family like this, at least they did not have to worry about food and drink. If they were chased out of Chen family, they would really have to sleep on the streets.

The third floor of the hotel.

The meeting room was decorated in a magnificent manner, and the lights were shining brightly.

The invited guests crowded the hall, rubbing their shoulders!

The old lady from the Chen family, who had landed in the main seat, wore a gorgeous qipao and was leaning on a walking stick. Her face was flushed red.


"Congratulations to Old Madam Chen for getting an outstanding grandson-in-law today!"

"Congratulations to Chen family for being prosperous for generations, with many descendants."

The guests who came complimented one by one.

Old Madam Chen was especially happy when she heard this. The eldest grandson, Chen Wenchao, who was standing beside her, had been staring at the time, wanting to see Chen Qiang and his family make a fool of themselves.

"Grandma, it's time for the wedding. Hurry up and announce the start."

When he thought of a deserter who had joined Chen Qiang's family and married Chen Mengyao, who had threatened his family's interests, he could not stop smiling.


Chen Mengyao, let's see what you can use to fight me!

Your father is a trash, and now your husband is also a trash!

Haha, a family of good-for-nothings!

Old Madam Chen nodded and got up from the dragon throne. When she opened her mouth, there was silence below.

Everyone's attention was on the Matriarch.

"Guests, family and friends, today is my granddaughter Chen Mengyao's and son-in-law Xiao Tian's wedding. Thank you for coming all the way here in such a busy time. Next, I announce the official start of the wedding!"

As soon as he finished speaking.

A wedding song was played in the hall. After a song, the emcee stood in the middle of the stage with a microphone in his hand. He was excited and excited. He raised his head and said: "Next, we invite the groom, Xiao Tian, to come in!"

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