The Wealthy Son-in-law Is Back/C10 10 - You Are Not Qualified
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The Wealthy Son-in-law Is Back/C10 10 - You Are Not Qualified
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C10 10 - You Are Not Qualified

He said it, but he kept cursing in his heart.

After signing the contract, he must kill them!

"Where's your dad?"

Chen Mengyao still did not know if she should agree or not. Xiao Tian helped her and asked, "He did not come?"

"My father had an urgent matter, so he asked me to apologize to Yao. He also hoped that brother-in-law would forgive me. After all, we are family, and there is no enmity between us."

Chen Wenchao felt aggrieved in his heart. He even apologized to his son-in-law.

For the sake of the position of the Chen family's successor, he endured it.

"You can go back now."

Xiao Tian shook his head and said, "You can't make the decision on this matter. Call your father over and personally invite Yao back."

Chen Wenchao instantly became angry. This was too much.

He had already apologized. What else did he want?

"You... don't worry, I can make the decision on this matter." Chen Wenchao suppressed the urge to curse and said softly.

Chen Mengyao looked at Xiao Tian and a trace of worry appeared on her face.

Chen Wenchao had already come to apologize. Why not go back with him?

If they offended the father and son, what would they do if they cut off their family's subsidy?

"I said, let your father come. Didn't you hear me?"

Xiao Tian put down the chopsticks and said coldly, "You want to invite Yao out, but you are not qualified. Your father has to come."

His voice was not loud. When it entered Chen Wenchao's ears, it was like a clap of thunder.

It made him have goosebumps all over his body.

"Xiao Tian, you have gone too far." Chen Wenchao couldn't help but glare at Xiao Tian.

Too far?

Xiao Tian sneered and stood up. A strong killing intent flashed across his eyes.

That ruthless and cold eyes had scared him out of his wits.

"Don't let me say it a third time!"


Chen Wenchao wanted to scold him back, but he was afraid that Xiao Tian would attack him again. He swallowed his words, glared at him fiercely, and left with his tail between his legs.

Qin Yulian and Chen Mengyao looked at each other and were both somewhat worried.

"Isn't this too much?"

With Chen Wenchao's vengeful personality, this matter was definitely not over.

They knew very well what kind of person Chen Yong and his son were.

If they really pissed them off and got revenge, Old Madam Chen would not help them.

"Don't worry."

Xiao Tian said lightly, "Now they have a request for us. It is not that we need their help, so we cannot cause trouble."

You are right. What if he wants to take revenge on us? What should we do then?

Qin Yulian was very perturbed. This son-in-law who came to her house was really a troublemaker. He did not have any ability and only did things that offended others.

"Mom, don't worry. If they take revenge, I will take responsibility for it."

Xiao Tian smiled. It would be fine if they came to apologize honestly, but if they dared to use any tricks, he would make them regret coming to this world.

Chen Qiang listened to the conversation outside and was very scared.

In order to strengthen his courage, he turned the TV up. Only in this way could he feel a sense of security.

"Uncle, you don't understand them."

Chen Mengyao sighed.

Eldest Uncle had always looked down on their family.

Lowering his head to apologize to them?

How is this possible!

"I don't want to understand them, I... just want to understand you!"

Xiao Tian's clear eyes stared straight at her. That gaze made Chen Mengyao panic.

"Big, uncle... you..."

"Girl, believe me, I will protect you and not let you get hurt!"

It was night time. Chen Mengyao tossed and turned and could not sleep.

The bright moonlight shone in. She subconsciously looked down and met a pair of bright eyes.

"Uncle, why aren't you asleep yet?" Chen Mengyao asked shyly.

"Didn't you also not sleep?"

As soon as she finished speaking, the room fell into silence.

"Don't take my mother's words to heart. She is a person with a sharp tongue and a soft heart."

"I know." Xiao Tian smiled and said, "Mom, you are right. I can't eat and drink for free. When you return to the company, I will find a job."

"Return to the company?"

Chen Mengyao smiled bitterly. "I'm afraid I can't go back. You don't understand the temper of my uncle and his son."

"Knock, knock, knock!"

As soon as she finished speaking, someone knocked on the door outside again.

The sound of knocking on the door was especially clear in the quiet night.

Chen Qiang, who was in the next room, instantly got into bed in fear.

Qin Yulian's body stiffened, and her eyes were filled with panic.

It's here!

Chen Yong and his son came to settle accounts!

This time, it was over!

Chen Mengyao, who was on the bed, also became nervous. She walked to the living room and turned on the light, not daring to open the door for a long time.


Qin Yulian opened the door and shouted worriedly, "It's late at night. Who is it?"

"Mom, you will know when you open the door."

Qin Yulian wanted to stop him, but Xiao Tian opened the door.

If it was not Chen Yong and his son, who else could it be?

Seeing that the person who opened the door was Xiao Tian, the smile on Chen Yong's face froze.

However, he still maintained his smile. "It's Xiao Tian. Where's Yao? Is she asleep? I specially came to invite Yao back to work."

Chen Mengyao was stunned.

Qin Yulian was also stunned.

Chen Yong really came?

Xiao Tian looked at him with a smile that was not a smile and immediately moved his body away.

"Thank you!"

Chen Yong quickly thanked him and walked in with Chen Wenchao. As soon as they entered, they saw Chen Mengyao who was slightly stunned.

"Yao, Uncle originally wanted to come in the evening, but he had something to do and did not come. Don't be angry." Chen Yong pointed at Chen Wenchao and said, "This matter is all Wenchao's fault. On the way here, I have already fiercely scolded him. As a big brother, not only did he not love his sister, he even asked his grandmother to fire you. This is really embarrassing. "

As he spoke, he pushed all the responsibility onto Old Madam Chen.

"I'm sorry, Yao. It's all my fault as the big brother."

Chen Wenchao said, "But the company is not wrong. You must not implicate the other people in the company because of my own mistakes."

"Come back. I will welcome you at the entrance of the company tomorrow. I will explain clearly in front of everyone. Please give uncle another chance."

Chen Yong bent down and Chen Wenchao, who was behind him, also bowed.

The father and son were as sincere and sincere as they could be.

Chen Mengyao didn't know where to put her hands when she saw this scene.

What should she do?

She subconsciously looked at Xiao Tian. Seeing him nod, she knew what to do.

"Uncle, I promise to go back."


Chen Yong's face lit up and said, "Tomorrow morning at nine o'clock, I will wait for you at the entrance of Fuhua Corporation."

After saying that, Chen Yong and his son left.

At this time, Chen Mengyao was like a dream.

Her uncle actually personally came to beg her to go back to work.

This... was simply inconceivable.

"Big brother really came to beg Yao?"

At this time, Chen Qiang pushed open the door and asked in disbelief.

"It's here!"

"He really came to beg Yao!"

Qin Yulian was very excited. After so many years, she finally held her head high.

When she heard Chen Yong begging Yao in a low voice just now, she could not help but want to shout out loud.

"This bastard also has a time to beg us."

Seeing her parents' excited expressions, Chen Mengyao felt very unpleasant in her heart.

She always knew that her parents were bullied by her big uncle and suffered from oppression and grievance.

Today, they finally let out a sigh of relief. Even if it was only once, it was still fine!

At the same time, Chen Wenchao followed behind Chen Yong, not daring to say a single word.

He could feel the fury in his father's heart. He was afraid that he would be implicated if he said something wrong.

He, Chen Yong, had lost all his face today. The most infuriating thing was that the one who forced him was his son-in-law.

This had completely infuriated him.

"Inform all employees to welcome Chen Mengyao at the company's entrance two hours earlier!"

Chen Yong's eyes were dark, like a poisonous snake lurking in the dark. "Also, spread the news secretly, say that Chen Mengyao has an illegal relationship with Zhang Qiubai..."

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