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C11 11】 Gossip

The next day, Chen Mengyao woke up early in the morning and even specially put on light makeup.

She was originally beautiful, and after putting on makeup, she became as beautiful as a fairy.

At the dining table, Xiao Tian only felt that it was pleasing to the eye.

Chen Mengyao was somewhat embarrassed by him looking at her. With a red face, she said, "Uncle, is there anything dirty on my face?"

"Girl, you are so beautiful!" Xiao Tian praised her sincerely.

Chen Mengyao was very shy when she heard him.

What was going on?

She had heard countless praises since she was young. In high school and university, her admirers were like carps in a river. No one had ever made her blush and her heart beat fast.

Why did her heart beat so fast when the uncle said that?

"Rice can't stuff your mouth?" Qin Yulian glared at Xiao Tian and said, "Let me tell you, quickly dispel the crooked thoughts in your heart. After a period of time, go and divorce Yao."

"Mom, what are you talking about?"

"If he doesn't divorce, will he be allowed to live until the new year?"

Qin Yulian said, "Look at how old he is. When he stands with you, those who do not know will think that you have brought a father out."

Xiao Tian smiled bitterly and did not speak. In the nine years he had lived in Northgard, he had experienced hardships and had escaped death several times.

Along with the title of the number one War God in Northgard, there were also internal injuries and internal injuries all over his body.

If he was given a few more months to recover, he would be able to completely change his appearance.

"Mom, I'm going to work."

Chen Mengyao put down her chopsticks.

"Let's go. I'll take you to work."

Xiao Tian put down his chopsticks and wanted to send Chen Mengyao to work. His mother-in-law at home would definitely roll her eyes at him.

"No need. I'll go by myself."

"It's fine. I'll send you to the company. I'll go and find a job today."

Chen Mengyao heard this and did not refuse again. Instead, she pushed the electric scooter that was placed beside the fridge out.

The granddaughter of the Chen family rode an electric scooter every day when she went to work?

It seemed that Chen Qiang's family was indeed not welcomed by the Chen family.

"The brakes are not working, slow down later."

Chen Mengyao reminded him with a red face. This was the first time she was sent to work by a man.

This kind of feeling was hard to describe.

At the same time, at the entrance of the Fuhua Real Estate company.

Over a hundred employees were all standing at the entrance, waiting for Chen Mengyao.

Almost everyone was sleepy.

Last night, they received a notification that they had to go to the company two hours earlier to welcome Chen Mengyao.

This meant that they had to wake up at least three hours earlier the next day.

How could they not be tired?

What made them the most angry was that Chen Mengyao was only a deputy director. What right did she have to make everyone wait here?

On what basis?

Furthermore, she had missed two days of work!

According to reliable sources, Chen Mengyao had an illegal relationship with Director Zhang from the Purple Gold Group. She had stayed with Director Zhang for two days without work, and there were even witnesses who saw her come out of the Purple Gold Group in messy clothes.

It was one thing for her private life to be messy, but the most infuriating thing was that she used the Purple Gold Group's project to pressure the CEO, asking for better treatment and promotion!

If she did not agree, she would not come to work!

Who didn't know about her relationship with Director Zhang? Wasn't this forcing the CEO to lower her head to him?

This was too much!

How could there be such a person?

A group of employees were filled with resentment.

Chen Yong stood at the front. He didn't even need to look to feel the anger of the crowd.

This was all planned by him in advance. Chen Mengyao, Chen Mengyao, do you want to play with him? She was still too young!

He had plenty of ways to deal with her.

When the contract was signed, Chen Mengyao's reputation would also be rotten.

He wanted to see if she still had the face to stay in the company!

"Did you call Director Zhang?" Chen Yong asked.

"Yes." Chen Wenchao said with jealousy, "And he also said that he would personally come and sign it."

He went to sign the contract, but Director Zhang did not even look at him. Chen Mengyao came to sign, but he actually came personally.

And his tone was full of surprise!

This cheap woman actually captivated Director Zhang to the point that he was entranced. What a good method.

"President, is Chen Mengyao here yet?"

"Yes, it's too hot. Her clothes are all wet. Why don't we go in and wait?"

The weather in August was extremely hot. The sun at 8: 30 in the morning shone on everyone as if it was being roasted.

Each and every one of them was covered in oil and sweat.

Some of the weaker female employees even managed to land on the ground.

"Everyone, wait a little longer. She should be here soon"

Chen Yong let the sweat drip down his cheeks and said, "It's all for the company. Everyone, bear with it."

When everyone saw the CEO like this, other than admiration, their hatred towards Chen Mengyao was even deeper.

At this moment,

Xiao Tian rode the electric scooter and brought Chen Mengyao to the entrance of Fuhua Real Estate.

From afar, Xiao Tian saw Chen Yong standing at the entrance with a group of employees.

This Chen Yong was actually playing such a trick. He really did not know what death was.

Chen Mengyao got out of the car and was instantly shocked by the scene in front of her.

Why were there so many people?

"Welcome back, Director Chen!"

Chen Wenchao hurriedly shouted. Immediately, over a hundred employees shouted in unison.

Chen Mengyao's body stiffened. She could hear anger, resentment, dissatisfaction, and a trace of ridicule from their tone.

It was such a hot day and she was about to have a heatstroke. It would be strange if there was no resentment.

She did not expect Chen Yong to put on such a big show.

"Yao, welcome back."

Chen Yong said with a smile, "How is it? Are you satisfied with what big uncle did?"

Why did this sound so strange?

It was as if everything he had done was forced by Chen Mengyao.

Chen Mengyao shook her head and nodded again. She was at a loss as to what to do.

What did he say?

Wasn't she being roasted on the fire?

Yet, she couldn't say anything about Chen Yong.

"En, I'm quite satisfied."

Xiao Tian, who was standing at the side, nodded his head and said faintly, "You did well, you deserve praise!"

Hearing this, Chen Yong instantly became angry.

This useless son-in-law would one day kill him!

However, now that he finally managed to invite Chen Mengyao back, he had to endure it and sign the contract first.

Xiao Tian glanced at him lightly and directly brought Chen Mengyao into the company.

"This is too much, too arrogant!"

"This man is Chen Mengyao's deserter husband, right? A coward is actually so arrogant!"

"Didn't Chen Mengyao ask him to do so? If he had the guts, would he still be a deserter?"

"I'm afraid he doesn't know that his wife has been..."

"Don't say that. We will be finished if Director Zhang hears us later!"

A group of employees pointed and pointed behind the two of them.

This Chen Mengyao really knew how to pretend. Why didn't she see it usually?

Now that she found a backer, she revealed her true colors.

She was really too hypocritical!

Their voices were not loud, but every word fell into Chen Mengyao's ears.

She clearly did not do anything, why did she slander her like this?

Hearing the ridicule of the crowd, her eyes could not help but turn red.

"Girl, think they're farting."

Xiao Tian said softly, "You are mediocre if you are not envied by others. Only the weak will gossip behind your back."


Chen Mengyao looked at Xiao Tian and felt a surge of energy enter her heart, making her pull herself together again.

Chen Yong not only arranged a new office for her, but it was also very luxurious. The most important thing was that the door plate was directly hung in the director's office.

Why should she be promoted before the contract was signed? This made the other employees even more dissatisfied when they saw it.

Chen Mengyao wanted to refuse, but Xiao Tian directly pushed open the door and walked in.

This office was just average in his eyes. His wife sitting in such a simple office made him feel wronged.

Furthermore, what was a director?

The Fuhua Real Estate was such a small company. Even if she was the president, it would be his wife who had to lower her status.

"Dad, everyone in the company is talking about Chen Mengyao. Everyone is against her from the bottom of their hearts."

Chen Wenchao looked at his father with admiration and said, "As expected, the older the spicier."

Chen Yong also looked proud. Chen Mengyao wanted to fight with him, but she was still far from it.

"Call Director Zhang and ask him where he is!"

Chen Wenchao nodded and walked to the side to make a call.

Then he said, "Director Zhang said he has passed the traffic light and will be at the company soon."

Chen Yong nodded. "Let's go and welcome Director Zhang."

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