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C12 12 Suspicion

The two of them took a few company executives to the door, and a long Rolls-Royce drove over from not far away and stopped in front of them.

Zhang Qiubai had arrived. This Rolls-Royce was specially customized by Zhang Qiubai. It was said that it cost 20 million.

One car was equivalent to one-fifth of Chen family's assets.

This made Chen Yong and his son very envious. When could they afford such a luxury car?

Speaking of Zhang Qiubai, he was a legendary figure in Cloud City.

Zhang Qiubai only used three years to go from having nothing to having millions of fortune!

He had a sharp eye and invested a lot. The profits of each project were ten times higher. Those who worked with him had made a lot of money.

Everyone in Cloud City knew that Zhang Qiubai was the God of Wealth who turned stones into gold.

Everyone wanted to work with him, but Zhang Qiubai had high standards. It was hard for ordinary people to enter his eyes.

If it wasn't for Chen Mengyao's painstaking effort and meticulous plan, Zhang Qiubai would not even look at Fuhua.

A second-rate real estate company like the Fuhua wasn't qualified to cooperate with the Purple Gold Group.

It was precisely because of this that no one had expected Zhang Qiubai to personally come to the Fuhua Real Estate to sign a contract. This caused many people to be even more shocked.

"Director Zhang!"

Seeing Zhang Qiubai's car stop, Chen Yong immediately went over to welcome him. "Welcome Director Zhang to Fuhua."

Zhang Qiubai looked at him and frowned. "Where is Ms. Chen Mengyao?"

"Director Zhang, it's like this. Director Chen is busy with work, so he can't find time to welcome you. I have to go personally as the president."

"Yes. Director Zhang, this Chen Mengyao is really too outrageous. When I go up later, I will definitely talk to her properly. " Chen Wenchao quickly said.

The father and son sang the same tune, as if they were exonerating Chen Mengyao, but when it entered the ears of the few senior managers beside them, it was not like that!

Chen Meng was busy with work?

What the heck was she busy with!

She had just returned to the company after skipping work and getting a promotion and a raise. Right now, she was sitting in her new office, happily blowing on the air conditioner.

She actually let the president and senior executives do the welcoming work here under the sun.

This was too much.

He originally thought that Zhang Qiubai would be angry, but he did not expect that not only was Zhang Qiubai not angry, he even smiled and said something. "It's not tight."

"Damn it, Zhang Qiubai's attitude has become gentle, right?"

"Looks like those rumors are true. Chen Mengyao and Zhang Qiubai really have an unspeakable relationship."

"This woman is really flirtatious. She just got married and put on a hat for her husband. Now she even brought her husband to the company..."

The few executives had already scolded Chen Mengyao in their hearts.

If Zhang Qiubai knew what they were thinking in their hearts, he would definitely fly into a rage on the spot.

What a joke. This was the meaning of that person. Who would dare to disobey?

Did he really think that military law was so fun to deal with?

Even if he had a few guts, he wouldn't dare to let Chen Mengyao come and greet him.

"Let's go in."

Zhang Qiubai and the others walked into the company with vigorous steps. Chen Yong and the others carefully followed behind them.

In just two minutes, the news of Director Zhang signing a contract with the financial group had spread throughout the entire company.

Chen Mengyao, who was in charge of the project, not only did not come out to welcome them, but she also ordered the president and a few senior executives of the company to welcome them.

She was proud of her contributions.

She was arrogant!

He was planning to become the king of the company.

The purity of this woman had been faked. Now that her true colors had been revealed, everyone could not help but shiver.

The woman's heart was like a needle in the ocean. This woman was too shrewd. When had she been sold by her? She was still helping her for thousands of years without even knowing.

Many of the employees who were close to Chen Mengyao previously began to separate themselves from the people around them, afraid that they would be implicated and be discriminated against by others.

"Director Zhang, please sit in the meeting room for a moment."

Chen Yong smiled and said, "I will call Chen Mengyao over now."

"No, no, no."

Zhang Qiubai stood up and waved his hand repeatedly. There was a trace of anxiety on his face. "How can you let Miss Chen Mengyao come and find me? I should go and find her myself."

Chen Yong was stunned when he heard that.

Chen Wenchao was also dumbfounded!

A few senior executives looked at Zhang Qiubai in disbelief. They subconsciously thought that Zhang Qiubai was angry.

He, a big boss of a billion-dollar company, had come to a third-rate real estate company to sign a contract. He had already lowered his status.

Now, the person in charge of the project not only did not come to welcome him, but also used his busy work as an excuse to make things difficult for him. Anyone else would feel uncomfortable.

"Director Zhang, please calm down."

Chen Yong's heart skipped a beat. Could it be that he had gone overboard?

His original intention was to ruin Chen Mengyao's reputation. He did not want to anger Zhang Qiubai to leave. If he really left, then why did he lower himself and beg Chen Mengyao to come back? Was it because of that?

Thinking about this, he hurriedly explained, "Director Zhang, Chen Mengyao is young and insensible. I will call her over right now and ask her to apologize to you."

"Where is Miss Chen Mengyao?"

Zhang Qiubai showed impatience on his face and said, "Quickly take me to find her!"

"Director Zhang, this..."

" Quick, lead the way! "

Hearing this, Chen Yong's mouth was full of bitterness. He gave Chen Wenchao a look, and Chen Wenchao understood what he meant. He quickly said, "Zhang Xiao, this way please!"

Director Zhang must be angry!

It was all Chen Mengyao's fault. This time, the company's cooperation would be ruined.

The few senior executives were extremely anxious. They begged their grandfather and grandmother to beg for the cooperation of the financial group. Now, because of Chen Mengyao's arrogance and arrogance, all their efforts were in vain.

Along the way, they attracted the attention of many employees. They saw the few senior executives' gloomy faces, and Chen Yong's face was even paler. All of them looked at each other in dismay.

What was going on?

Didn't Director Zhang just come?

Where was he going in such a hurry?

"Hey, Director Zhang seems to be heading to Chen Mengyao's new office!"

At this moment, someone in the crowd said something.

In the next second, everyone stretched their necks and looked over.

At the same time, Chen Mengyao was restless in the office.

Yesterday, Chen Yong only asked her to return to the company to work and did not mention about the promotion and change of office.

This made her very nervous and uneasy.

"Uncle, let's go out. My previous office was pretty good."

Xiao Tian sat on the sofa and said lightly, "We are not going anywhere. We just work here."

"Although this office is a little crude, it is still better than the rest. Let's just use it first."

Chen Mengyao was at a loss for words and did not know what to say.

This office was even more luxurious than the CEO's office. It was simple and crude?

At this time, there was a knock on the office door.

"Please come in." Chen Mengyao said.

Outside the door, Chen Wenchao felt unhappy.

Damn it, this b * tch didn't even come to open the door. She really put on airs?!

He pushed open the office door and saw Chen Mengyao sitting in front of the desk. He was angry and angry. "Director Zhang, Director Chen is still busy. He might not have time to see you."

Zhang Qiubai glanced at him and frowned. "Why are you so loud? What if Miss Chen's office was disturbed? "

With that said, he walked in under everyone's shocked gazes.

As soon as he stepped into the office, his originally solemn face was instantly filled with smiles.

He bowed slightly and respectfully walked over!

"Miss Chen, this Zhang rashly came to visit. If you are disturbed, please forgive me."

That respectful manner completely dumbfounded everyone.

Especially Chen Wenchao, his scalp was numb.

Looking at Zhang Qiubai's smiling face, he actually thought of flattering him. Two words!

Chen Mengyao saw the scene in front of her and was at a loss as to what to do.

Chen Yong, who was standing at the side, was dumbstruck!

This... What the hell was going on?

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