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C14 Black Card

Chen Yong felt aggrieved as well. His son had been threatened in front of his face. As his father, not only could he not get angry, he also had to smile and cooperate with him. It was really unbearable.

However, this was also Chen Wenchao's fault. Who was Zhang Qiubai? Even if he really wanted to slap you, you would still have to smile and put the other side of your face closer for him to slap.


"Didn't you hear what I said?"

The surrounding people were silent like cicadas in winter!

This was the son of the CEO, the eldest grandson of Chen's.

Seeing this, Zhang Qiubai snorted coldly and left without looking back.

Chen Yong hurriedly followed him to the door.

After sending Zhang Qiubai away, Chen Wenchao said with a sullen face, "Dad, why did you shout at me in front of everyone just now?"

Chen Yong sighed and said, "Do you really think you provoked him?"

Chen Wenchao was stunned and said, "Dad, you mean he is standing up for Chen Mengyao?"

Chen Yong nodded. "The relationship between Zhang Qiubai and Chen Mengyao is definitely not what we think."

At least it was not the relationship they had guessed from the beginning. Zhang Qiubai's attitude towards Chen Mengyao was very respectful and even had the intention of currying favor with her.

He knew that Chen Wenchao was his son and even said those words in front of him. This was to kill the chicken to warn the monkeys, but it was actually to beat him up.

Who was Zhang Qiubai?

In Cloud City, he was worthy of being called the local tyrant.

Although the Chen family was a second-rate family, they were nothing in front of him.

But why would Zhang Qiubai, who had such a respected status, be so respectful to Chen Mengyao?

"There must be some secret behind this."

This feeling of being out of his control was too terrible. He would never allow anyone from the Chen family to escape from his control.

"Investigate it for me!"

He would not touch Chen Mengyao until he found out the real relationship between Chen Mengyao and Zhang Qiubai.

At the same time, in the director's office.

Chen Mengyao looked at Xiao Tian curiously and said, "Uncle, what did you say to Director Zhang when I went to get the contract? Why did he salute you?"

Chen Mengyao bit her pink lips and looked at him with big eyes.

Xiao Tian laughed and said, "Didn't Zhang Qiubai just say that he was also born in the military? And coincidentally, he was in the same team as me. I am still his officer!"

"You are bragging."

Chen Mengyao wrinkled her nose and said, "You are just a deserter. How could you be his officer?"

As soon as she finished speaking, she realized that she had said the wrong thing.

"Uncle, I'm sorry. I... I didn't mean that."

Xiao Tian smiled. "Alright, silly girl, I understand what you mean!"

"Don't think too much about it. Salutes are the way for us soldiers to greet each other. There is no other meaning."



Chen Mengyao frowned and felt that she had overlooked something.

"Alright, you can go to work. I should go look for a job too." Xiao Tian stood up and said with a smile, "If you can't pay for your living expenses, you will be kicked out by your mother-in-law."

"Uncle, if it really doesn't work out, I will go and pay an advance of one month's salary." Chen Mengyao thought for a while. She should have a bonus for this project. After deducting the portion that was returned to the family, she should have seven or eight thousand.

"What are you thinking about? How can I take your money?"

Xiao Tian scratched her nose and smiled as he walked out of the office.

At that time, in the chairman's office of the Purple Gold Group building.

Zhang Qiubai stood by the window and reported the mission to Qin Ming.

"Brother Ming, the mission is completed."

Zhang Qiubai's tone carried a trace of fanaticism. " Furthermore, I have seen War God. It turns out that Miss Chen's husband is..."

" Oh? You saw Mr Tian so quickly?" Qin Ming was a little surprised." It's good that you know about it. Remember, Mr Tian's identity is a top secret. If it is leaked, there will be a fatal disaster. Do you understand? "

Zhang Qiubai's heart shook. He quickly said," Yes, I understand! "

"En, very good!" Qin Ming said, "You have been in Cloud City for three years, right? Do you know why I helped you back then?"

Hearing this, Zhang Qiubai instantly understood. Could it be that all of this was planned by that person in advance?

"I won't say anything if there are too many. You are a smart person!"

Qin Ming said faintly, "Do well. It is only a matter of time before you return!"

Qin Ming hung up the phone after he finished speaking.

Hearing this, Qin Ming almost couldn't help but roar.

It had been three years, a full three years.

There wasn't a day that he didn't want to go back.

What billionaire? He was like dirt to him.

In these three years, he had never forgotten his mission. Now that the opportunity had finally come, the plan could be implemented.


After coming out from the Fuhua Real Estate, Xiao Tian went straight to the Cloud City Trading Company's headquarters.

"Sir, may I ask what kind of business you need to do here?" As soon as he entered, a staff member dressed in professional attire walked over.

"I'm here to activate the card" Xiao Tian said.

Activate the card?

The staff member was stunned for a moment, then said, "Sir, are you going to activate the credit card?"


Xiao Tian shook his head and said, "Bank card!"

"That's simple. Your bank card should be tied to your phone number, right? You just need to download our bank's app and you can activate it."

"It's useless. Call your president over. Only he has the authority to activate this card."


Hearing this, the staff member was stunned. Then, her face turned cold. "Sir, are you joking with me?"

"Xiao Hui, what's going on?"

At this moment, a tall and beautiful lobby manager walked over.

"Manager Xia, there's someone here looking for the president."

Xia Yun looked up and down at Xiao Tian and saw that he was wearing a cheap T-shirt. She secretly frowned. "Sir, are you a friend of our president?"

Xiao Tian shook his head.

"Have you made an appointment with our president?"


Xiao Tian said calmly, "I have a bank card here. Only your president has the authority to activate it."

As soon as he finished speaking, many people who were handling the business around them burst into laughter.

"What card? It's so awesome. Only the president can activate it!"

"Brother, how many dishes are there for lunch? Why are you drinking so much wine?"

"Hahaha... Don't tell me you saw the beautiful manager and came here to attract people's attention on purpose?"

Everyone started talking.

"Manager Xia, did someone come here to cause trouble?"

The security guard at the side also walked over.

"Kid, why don't you take a look at this place even if you're here to cause trouble?" The security guard put his hand on the baton at his waist and glared at him.

Xiao Tian glanced at him lightly. With just one glance, the security guard felt as if his back was on fire.

Why was this kid's gaze so frightening?

He stared at Xiao Tian and held the baton tightly in his hand. With his many years of experience as a security guard, this person was very dangerous.

"Sir, what kind of bank card is it? Can you let me see it?" Xia Yun said.

Xiao Tian put his hand into his pocket and was about to take out the bank card when the security guard beside him shouted, "What do you want to do?"

The next second, he was embarrassed. He saw Xiao Tian take out a black bank card from his pocket. There was no sign on it, not even a bank number!


Seeing this scene, the surrounding people couldn't help but laugh.


What kind of bank card is this? This is too funny. Could this be the metal piece that was picked up from the trash can?

It's dark and black, it can't be ink on it, right?

The security guards and Xiao Hui's expressions changed completely. They finally understood that this kid was here to cause trouble.

"Sir, this is not a bank card. Our trading company has never issued such a bank card." Xia Yun said coldly, "Please go back. If you continue to cause trouble, I will call the police."

"Just because you don't know doesn't mean you don't have one."

Xiao Tian said lightly, "Take this card and show it to your president. You will understand."

"Why can't you understand human language?"

Xiao Hui pointed at Xiao Tian's nose and scolded, "Is our president someone you can see?"

As soon as she finished speaking, the surrounding temperature suddenly dropped.

Xia Yun could not help but shiver.

It was so cold. Was it because the air conditioner was too low?

"Take it and show it to your president."

"Manager Xia, don't bother with this person. He's crazy!"

Xia Yun looked at the bank card Xiao Tian handed over. Biting her red lips, she reached out her hand.

When the bank card entered her hand, she was stunned. This card was quite important.

Most importantly, she did not feel smooth on the card. If she did not guess wrongly, there should be numbers on it.

"Manager Xia, you..."

Xia Yun ignored her and said to Xiao Tian, "Wait for me here."

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