The Wealthy Son-in-law Is Back/C17 17 Selling an Official's Title
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The Wealthy Son-in-law Is Back/C17 17 Selling an Official's Title
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C17 17 Selling an Official's Title

"What are you doing here?"

Lin Chen walked over and asked.

He was here to see the renovation progress of the company.

The chairman was coming over in the next two days. If he saw that the company was in a mess, how would he explain?

Captain Sun pointed at Xiao Tian. "Director Lin, he is a spy sent by another company."


A spy?

Lin Chen was stunned for a moment, then he looked at Xiao Tian. He looked a little familiar, then he looked at Xiao Tian again!

He was dumbfounded at that moment!

He quickly took out his phone and opened the photo album to check it.

With this comparison, his body couldn't help but tremble.

"Director Lin, what's wrong?" Captain Sun waved his hand.


Without any warning, Lin Chen slapped Captain Sun's face.

Captain Sun was stunned and said with a wronged face, "Director Lin, he is the spy..."

Before he could finish, Lin Chen roared at them, "You are blind. This is the chairman of Tianhong!"

As soon as he finished speaking, Lin Chen looked at Xiao Tian in fear and trepidation. He bowed deeply and said, "General manager of the Cloud City branch of Tianhong Group, Lin Chen, greet the chairman!"

Hearing Lin Chen's words, everyone was dumbfounded.

This kid in front of them was actually... The chairman?!

Oh my god, they actually wanted to make a move on the chairman earlier. Did they think that their lives were too long?

Thinking of how he had almost attacked earlier, Captain Sun's body trembled. Immediately after, with a "plop," he knelt at Xiao Tian's feet and said with a trembling voice, "Chairman, it's me who looks down on others. It's me who is confused. Please spare me. I have my old and young. I really can't lose this job!"

Lin Chen did not expect to encounter such a thing just by coming to the company to supervise the renovation process. Just now, Captain Sun had surrounded the chairman and kept saying that the chairman was a spy.

He could imagine what had happened even with his toes!

He had worked hard for ten years before he became the general manager of the branch company. When he thought about how he was going to return to his original form because of these idiots, he was angry and angry. He wanted to kill these idiots immediately.

Xiao Tian, on the other hand, had an indifferent expression. "Don't think that it's easy to be a security guard. You can reject me as the chairman today. You can chase the clients away tomorrow. There were hundreds of people in the Tianhong Group, and they all pointed at this job to support their family. If you want to smash everyone's job, can I keep you?"

Hearing Xiao Tian's words, Captain Sun was so scared that he almost peed his pants. "Chairman, I really know my mistake. I'm not going to smash everyone's job, I'm not..."

Xiao Tian did not say anything. Lin Chen, who was beside him, scolded angrily, "Why aren't you getting lost? "

Captain Sun kept begging. Lin Chen kicked him over. "Quickly chase him away!"

In fact, with Xiao Tian's status, there was no need for him to argue with a security captain. However, the Tianhong Group was the only inheritance left by his mother. Anyone who dared to ruin the image of the Tianhong was going against him!

Lin Chen was transferred from Yanjing. He could be promoted to the general manager position. He knew more or less some rumors about Xiao Tian, so he was very humble.

After dealing with Captain Sun, Lin Chen said respectfully, "Chairman, this way please!"

As soon as he finished speaking, Xiao Tian strode into the company. Along the way, he met many employees of Tianhong Group. What surprised everyone was that the high and mighty general manager actually carefully followed behind this young man.

Who was this young man? Could he be a high-level leader from the headquarters of Yanjing?

"Who is this young man? Director Lin is actually so humble!"

"That's right. Although Director Lin has just arrived in Cloud City, countless great families are scrambling to invite him to the banquet. Even the richest man in Cloud City doesn't have this kind of treatment!"

"This young man must have a very high status. Who do you think he is?"

Xiao Tian's appearance caused a heated discussion among the crowd.

"Qianqian, look! Is the person Director Lin is following Xiao Tian?"

After filling out the form, Zhao Lu brought Chen Qian to the staff hall and saw Xiao Tian's back at a glance.


Chen Qian looked in the direction she pointed and found that Xiao Tian had disappeared from the corner.

"Lulu, are you seeing things? Xiao Tian is a useless son-in-law. What kind of person is the general manager? How can he sit with him?"

Zhao Lu slapped her forehead, "That's true. I must be seeing things."

On the top floor of the company, in the chairman's office.

Xiao Tian sat on the soft chair and closed his eyes to rest. He did not say a word.

Lin Chen stood respectfully in front of the office desk. He felt uneasy. Even if the chairman did not speak, he did not dare to speak.

The atmosphere was so oppressive that he could not breathe.

Could it be that he came today to show off his strength?

Or was it that he had come to seek out evidence against him?

When he thought of this, a layer of fine sweat gradually seeped out of Lin Chen's forehead.

"Chairman, do you want coffee or tea? I'll make it for you!"

"No need." Xiao Tian said coldly.

Hearing this, the uneasiness in his heart increased.

Just as Lin Chen was feeling nervous, Xiao Tian's phone vibrated.

It was only then that Xiao Tian opened his eyes and took out his phone to look at it. When he saw the expression on his face, it gradually became gloomy.

Lin Chen was extremely flustered in his heart. He did not know what the chairman was looking at. Why did his face suddenly become so ugly?

He had an ominous feeling in his heart.


Xiao Tian threw his phone on the table. "Look at what you have done."

Lin Chen suddenly shivered and quickly picked up his phone to take a look.

"July 10th, a rebate of one million from Tian Yi's renovation company..."

There was also a bank transfer record attached below.

When he clicked it open, his legs went limp from fright.

Swallowing the company's public funds was a huge crime. He could be sentenced to more than five years in prison.

How did the chairman know?

Not only that, there was also a list of employees that Lin Chen had been appointed as the general manager of the Cloud City branch for two months.

Lin Zhen, cousin of Lin Chen, was the Finance Director.

Lin Xuan, cousin of Lin Chen, was the sales director.

Zhang Yi, Lin Chen, was the director of the Human Resources Department.


Not only did this record their relationship, it also recorded the crime of them infringing on the company's property for more than a month.

For example, Lin Zhen had used her position to steal hundreds of thousands of yuan in just one month.

Zhang Yi even marked the position of the company with a price tag, earning hundreds of thousands of yuan in a short period of time.

Lin Chen trembled when he saw this.

Xiao Tian was angry and angry. He gritted his teeth and said, "Good, very good."

These were all found out by Qin Ming.

He knew that there were no fish in water, but now it had become a dirty ditch. He could not bear it anymore.

Lin Chen was so scared that his whole body trembled. His knees went soft, and he knelt down at Xiao Tian's feet. "Chairman, I was wrong. I dare not do it again. Please give me a chance to change myself."

As he spoke, he kept kowtowing and banging.

He was so scared that his soul had left his body. Every single one of these crimes was very clear. Each of them was conclusive evidence. Adding them together, it was enough for him to be imprisoned.

At this moment, Lin Chen's face was covered with snot and tears.

It was not easy for him to walk from a junior employee to today.

In the ten years he had been in the company, he had been well-behaved and did not take any bribes.

Until the headquarters appointed him as the general manager of the Cloud City branch company, he had become arrogant and started to treat others as his relatives. He even started to have ideas about the renovation funds.

Also, those brothers and sisters of his were all recruited by him. Originally, he wanted them to help him.

Who would have thought that they were all holding onto money, and there were even people selling official titles. He was simply lawless and out of control.

Dong! Dong! Dong!

Xiao Tian did not say anything. His fingers gently pressed on the desk like a death knell.

Lin Chen had already knocked his head and bleeding, but he did not dare to stop. If the chairman made a fuss about it, they would all be finished.

"I will give you three days to deal with the mess and make them spit out the money they have swallowed. If you lose one point, I will take your life!" Xiao Tian said coldly. "Those who bought it with money will be fired, including your brothers and sisters. Tell them to get lost. "

Lin Chen was stunned. He looked up at Xiao Tian, his face covered in blood. "Chairman, he said. What about me?"

"Since you are the first criminal, I will give you another chance. If you do not do well, prepare to be imprisoned."

Xiao Tian stood up and walked out of the office.

"Thank you, chairman. I promise that there will not be a next time. I will never let you down!"

Lin Chen kowtowed to Xiao Tian's back gratefully. He thought that he was going to be sent to prison to eat. However, he did not expect Xiao Tian to give him a chance. He swore in his heart that he must work hard for the chairman.

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