The Wealthy Son-in-law Is Back/C18 18 Ten Thousand
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The Wealthy Son-in-law Is Back/C18 18 Ten Thousand
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C18 18 Ten Thousand

Outside the company, Xiao Tian frowned.

He could have gotten rid of Lin Chen in one fell swoop.

However, the Tianhong Group had been under the Dugu family's control for so many years. The higher ups of the company were trained by the Dugu family. Unless he replaced all of them, it would be useless.

He couldn't rush this matter. He would first start with the purge in Cloud City, and then infiltrate the headquarters of Yanjing step by step.

He looked at the time. Chen Mengyao should be getting off work soon, so he directly took a taxi to the Fuhua Real Estate.

Just as he got off the car, Chen Mengyao happened to walk out of the company.

"Uncle, why are you here?"

Chen Mengyao's face lit up and she walked over. "You won't be waiting for me to get off work here, right?"

When Xiao Tian saw Chen Mengyao, his originally depressed mood instantly became cheerful.

"No, I just arrived."

As he spoke, he naturally placed the bag in her hand on his shoulder.

"The flirting in public, how shameless!"

"That's right, this is the entrance of the company, you don't pay attention to your image at all."

Chen Mengyao's face turned red when she heard their sarcastic remarks.

"Uncle, let's go back."

Xiao Tian gently held his hand and said indifferently, "They are all lemon spirits. They cannot see other people showing affection."

Chen Mengyao was very shy when she heard him.

She wanted to pull her hand out but found that Xiao Tian's hand was tightly wrapped and could not break free at all.

Helpless, she could only let him hold her hand.

His heart was beating uncontrollably.

Northern district of Cloud City, slums!

Ever since Chen Yong took power, their family had moved here. It had been more than ten years since then.

At this moment, Qin Yulian and Chen Qiang were plucking vegetables at the door of their house.

Neither of them spoke. This was the usual way they interacted.

"Yulian, are you washing the vegetables?"

This was because the neighbor aunty opposite her said to Qin Yulian, "I heard that your family hired a son-in-law and he even lives at your house. Is that true?"

Her tone was sarcastic and there was a hint of mockery in her words.

Recruiting a son-in-law was not something honorable.

The slum was only so big. If anyone had any trouble finding a husband, the news would spread the next day.

Especially these housewives, who had nothing to do and were gossiping behind their backs every day. They were indescribably annoying.

"The vegetables have been washed. Let's go back and prepare the vegetables." Chen Qiang stood up and said.

"Aiya, look at you. The mud hasn't even been washed clean. A big man is always careless when doing things."

As she spoke, the neighbor's aunty walked over in an apron. She snatched the vegetable basket from Chen Qiang's hands and washed it again.

As she washed the vegetables, she nagged, "Yulian, it's not that I'm talking to you. We have been neighbors for ten years. How could you not tell me about such a big matter? I can also go and have a glass of thin wine and get some fun."

"By the way, Yulian, what is your son-in-law's occupation? How old is he this year?"

Qin Yulian's face immediately collapsed and said, "Why do you ask so many questions?"

When the neighbor's aunty heard this, her expression also relaxed.

"Why can't I ask anymore? Isn't it very normal to find a son-in-law? Is there a need to be angry? "

When she said this, she secretly smiled in her heart.

The Chen family had recruited a son-in-law, who didn't know about this?

Not only was Chen Mengyao's appearance outstanding, she was also a talented girl who graduated from a high school, but she found a man who was older than her by more than ten years to be their son-in-law.

The two of them stood together like husband and wife. Those who didn't know would think that they were father and daughter!

What kind of foresight did this Chen family have? To actually choose this kind of person to be their son-in-law, they could even become sworn brothers with Chen Qiang.

"What does it have to do with you?"

Qin Yulian became anxious.

"You can't say that. As the saying goes, distant relatives are not as good as neighbors. I also watched Yao grow up. Aren't you pushing your daughter into a fire pit? "

"This marriage is a woman's marriage. If you had listened to me earlier and married Yao to my nephew, you would have lived in a big house by now."

Her nephew worked in a state-owned enterprise nine in the morning and five in the morning. His welfare was good. Although he was not very good-looking, he had been to university before.

Most importantly, her nephew agreed that as long as he found a beautiful wife for him, he would give her a thousand yuan as a matchmaker.

However, the last time they talked about marriage, Qin Yulian rejected it, causing her to earn one thousand yuan less. She had always kept that in mind.

It was precisely for this matter that she specially came to ridicule Qin Yulian.

Qin Yulian was so angry that her body trembled. Chen Qiang, who was at the side, did not look too good either. It was rare for him to be tough for a while. He snatched the food from the aunty's hands and said, "Alright, you don't need to wash it anymore."

The aunty next door was not angry as she said with a smile, "Yulian, listen to elder sister's advice. A son-in-law who comes to the house is an ingrate. If you are not familiar with him, it is best to let Yao get a divorce as soon as possible. At that time, I will introduce a new boyfriend to her."

There was a proud smile on her face as she gloated.

"Beep! Beep!"

At this time, Xiao Tian and Chen Mengyao drove over from the corner. The battery car stopped right in front of the neighbor's aunty.

"Oh, Yao is back?"

The neighbor's aunt smiled and held Chen Mengyao's hand. She said, "This is your husband, right? What a talent."

Chen Mengyao blushed a little when she heard the aunty's praise.

Although the uncle was not ugly, he was not related to a talented man.

"Oh right, Yao, what does your husband do?" The neighbor's auntie sized Xiao Tian up and down. She sneered in her heart. He was unkempt and sloppy. Could he be a construction worker moving bricks?

"He, he is..."

"I am the driver. I drive for the boss!"

Xiao Tian smiled and walked to Qin Yulian. He said, "Mom, I just got paid this month. I will give all of it to you."

As he spoke, he took out the ten thousand yuan he had withdrawn from the bank from his pocket and handed it to his mother-in-law.

He looked at the heavy red note in his hand. Qin Yulian and Chen Qiang were also stunned.

Chen Mengyao, who was at the side, was also slightly stunned.

The neighbor's aunty's face was even paler. He was a person who came to be a son-in-law, how could he possibly have so much money!

Taking the money as if she was dreaming, Qin Yulian felt the weight in her hands and it was as if she was dreaming.

"Is the monthly salary of a driver so high?" The neighbor's aunty asked in disbelief.

Xiao Tian looked at her and said, "Our boss is quite rich and generous to us."

Hearing this, the neighbor's aunt could not stay any longer. She originally wanted to mock Qin Yulian's family. Who asked her to reject her nephew and cause her to earn less than a thousand yuan? But now, how could she dare?

Although her nephew was in a state-owned enterprise and received good treatment, his salary was only three to four thousand a month.

His son-in-law came to the house for more than ten thousand yuan a month, which was two to three times more than his!

One year was equivalent to three years of work for him. How could they compare?

Thinking of this, her face was full of smiles. She walked in front of Qin Yulian and said with a flattering smile, "Yulian, it was my fault just now. I said something wrong. Don't take it to heart."

"Look, my son currently does not have a job at home. You see, can you let your son-in-law take care of him and let my son drive?"

Qin Yulian stood there and was already stunned. Chen Qiang also opened his mouth and was unable to speak for a long time.

They really couldn't believe it.

Yesterday, Xiao Tian could not even take out 4000 yuan. In just a few hours, he suddenly took out a stack of money.

Qin Yulian took a deep breath. She had a feeling that this money came from the wrong direction.

Seeing that she did not speak, the neighbor aunty stomped her feet and muttered, "If you don't want to bring it, then don't bring it. What's so great about it? No matter how high the salary is, isn't it still a driver?"

After saying that, she left huffily.

Chen Mengyao, who was at the side, was still ignorant and did not know what had happened.

"The two of you come in with me!"

Qin Yulian said something to Xiao Tian and Chen Mengyao and walked in with a gloomy face.

"Tell me, what's with the money?"

Qin Yulian threw the money on the table and said, "You are a deserter. First, you don't have a diploma, and second, you don't have skills. Even if you go to find a job, it will take you at least a month to get money, right?"

"Mom, this money is mine..."

"Don't lie to me. How much do you get in a month? Don't I know?" Qin Yulian slammed the table hard. She pointed at Xiao Tian's nose and said, "Tell me honestly, did you rob this money?"

At that moment, there was the sound of a siren. Qin Yulian was frightened.

She thought that the police were here to arrest Xiao Tian, so she immediately stuffed the money into Xiao Tian's hands and kept pushing him out. "Hurry up and leave, you robber. Hurry up and leave, don't implicate our family!"

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