The Wealthy Son-in-law Is Back/C3 3 I Want All of You to Die
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The Wealthy Son-in-law Is Back/C3 3 I Want All of You to Die
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C3 3 I Want All of You to Die

All three of us are confused.

Chen Wenchao covered his red face with his hand, feeling extremely angry.

In the Chen family, he was the beloved eldest grandson, the future heir of the Chen family. Everyone would give him some face, but today, he was beaten up by a useless man who had just married into the family!

And it was a heavy slap!

How could he tolerate such humiliation!

Chen Qian and Chen Mengyao also stood on the spot in shock. No one had expected Xiao Tian to really make a move!

Chen Mengyao had always been angry, but how could she have known that Xiao Tian would really make a move for her? He would beat up the eldest grandson of Chen family!

Her face instantly turned pale with fright.

"Xiao Tian, are you crazy? Why did you really hit him?"

Xiao Tian said gently, "Because you are my wife now. I will not allow anyone to bully you!"

Uncle, was he crazy?

Even if they were married today!

But he is just a deserter on the battlefield!

Now that he had beaten up the eldest grandson of Chen family, with Chen Wenchao's character, he would definitely kill him at all costs!

It was over!

It was completely over!

"Damn it, you're courting death!"

"A useless son-in-law dares to hit me? I think you're tired of living!"

In order to redeem his dignity, Chen Wenchao was furious to the core. He raised his fist and wanted to retaliate.

But how could he be a match for the dignified War God of Northgard?


In an instant.

Xiao Tian turned his hand and broke Chen Wenchao's arm.


A miserable scream was heard.

Chen Wenchao stomped his feet in pain, and his face turned pale from the pain.

His eldest grandson, who had always been showing off in the Chen family, had never thought that he would suffer such a great humiliation today.

"Just you wait! And you, Chen Mengyao, I want all of you to die!"

Chen Wenchao clamored and left in a hurry while holding his wrist.

Fuhua Real Estate.

The backbone of Chen family.

Old Madam Chen and her eldest son Chen Yong received a call from an important business partner from the provincial capital. After attending the wedding, they rushed to the company and were discussing cooperation in the meeting room.

"Grandma, Dad!"

Chen Wenchao excitedly and painfully pushed open the door of the meeting room.

Old Madam Chen, who was in the meeting, suddenly barged into the meeting room with her eldest grandson, who had rough hair. She looked unhappy.

"What are you doing? Didn't you see any guests? You don't know the rules! "

The Matriarch said with a stiff expression.

Chen Yong saw that the Matriarch was angry, so he got up and cursed, "What are you standing there for? Get out first!"

Chen Wenchao held back his anger and could only endure it as he exited the door.

An hour later, the meeting ended.

Only then did Chen Wenchao dare to enter the room.

As soon as he entered, he started crying.

"Grandma, you have to make the decision for me. I was beaten up by someone. My arm is in so much pain that it almost broke..."

Chen Wenchao sniffled and cried.

His son was hit?

When Liu Yong heard this, he became anxious on the spot. This precious son of his, he was usually reluctant to hit him. Who would dare to hit him?

"What!? Hit? Who did it?"

Liu Yong couldn't help but ask.

Old Madam Chen also became anxious.

"My dear grandson, quickly come over and let grandma take a look. Nothing must happen to your hands. Hurry up and tell grandma. What exactly is going on?"

"Grandma, dad, it's Xiao Tian. He just married into our Chen family's son-in-law..."

"You have to help me!"

Chen Wenchao cried.

Xiao Tian?

Old Madam Chen frowned!

He was just a son-in-law, how could he be so unruly?

Chen Wenchao was the eldest grandson of the Chen family and the future heir of the Chen family. What right did he have to beat him up?

Old Madam Chen suddenly stamped her dragon staff!

"He even turned the sky upside down! Wenchao, tell grandma clearly, what exactly is going on?"

Chen Wenchao felt confident when he heard his grandma's concern.

" Grandma, it's all Chen Mengyao. She asked Xiao Tian to hit me. "

Old Madam Chen's expression changed slightly when she heard that. She hesitated slightly.

Although she did not like this little granddaughter of Chen family since she was young, she was indeed very capable in her business. After graduating from a high school, she came to the Rich Light Real Estate to work for two years and was in charge of many important projects!

Chen Yong's eyes were quick, and he immediately read through the Matriarch's thoughts.

Chen Mengyao had been building projects in the company for the past two years. If this continued to develop, it would be a huge threat to them!

Wasn't it the best time to get rid of future troubles when their son was beaten up?

"Mom, you have to make the decision for your grandson. This Chen Mengyao really has nothing to fear. She relied on her performance in the company to not put Wenchao in her eyes. He is your precious grandson!"

Old Madam Chen's expression was solemn, and her heart was also in a dilemma.

How should she deal with this!

The economy was currently in a slump, and there was a problem with the cash flow of the Fuguang Real Estate. They were currently discussing a partnership with the biggest Purple Gold Group in Cloud City. This was an extremely important partnership. No mishaps were allowed, and this cooperation was carried out by Chen Mengyao.

She was worried that if she punished this granddaughter, it would affect the signing of the project.

"Wenchao, grandma is asking you, what do you want me to do with it?" Old Madam Chen asked.

"Expel Chen Mengyao, then chase their family out of the Chen family." Chen Wenchao gritted his teeth and said.

"Grandma has no objections. We can do as you wish. But you must give Grandma a military order to sign the contract with the Purple Gold Group. No mishaps must be made!" the old man said.

After he said that.

Chen Wenchao was a little scared.

Apart from showing off his eldest grandson, in terms of business ability, he was just a noob!

But now was the best time to get rid of Chen Mengyao.

He didn't want to miss it!

In the beginning, he also knew about this cooperation project. Chen Mengyao indeed had outstanding abilities. After several rounds of discussion, they had already confirmed the signing of the contract, but in the end, they had not signed it.

In the early stages, everything had been done well. Now, all that was left was the signing of the contract.

"Grandma, alright. I can make a military order. This cooperation will definitely be completed by me!" Chen Wenchao said confidently.

"Okay. Grandma appreciates your courage, but Grandma will also make it clear to you. If the contract fails, I will not let you off lightly, even if you are the eldest grandson!"

At that time.

Chen Mengyao and Xiao Tian returned home.

They had just reached the door.

An argument came from inside the house.

Chen Mengyao knew that her parents were definitely still arguing over her marriage.

"Mom, I'm back." Chen Mengyao shouted.

Qin Yulian went over and opened the door. Her eyes were red with tears. She wanted to open the door and let her in, but when her eyes swept across Xiao Tian, her face immediately darkened.

"Mengyao, come in, but he, get lost!"

"Our family can't tolerate such trash!"

"Although this is a marriage arranged by the Matriarch, I, Qin Yulian, do not approve of you as a son-in-law. I do not want my daughter to become the joke of the entire Cloud City."

Chen Mengyao bit her pink lips, "Mom, don't say that..."

"What else can I say? He is more than ten years older than you. If he is good enough, I can accept it, but he is just a deserter on the battlefield. I can't afford to lose him. Get lost, get lost!"

Qin Yulian cried and cursed.

Xiao Tian looked calm and expressionless. He was just about to turn around and leave.

Suddenly, Chen Mengyao stretched out her tender hand and pulled on her lapels.

"Mom, just let him enter the house."

"Mengyao, you won't listen to Mom's words, will you? What exactly is going on in your head?"

"Nothing. He, he is my husband now..."


Xiao Tian suddenly felt a warmth in his heart.

Girl, it's been twelve years, why are you still so kind...

Even though he felt wronged in his heart, he still cared so much about others.

Hearing her daughter say this, Qin Yulian became anxious. "Mom is doing this for your own good. Fine, if you think that way, Mom will not care about your matters from now on!"

After saying that, she ran into the bedroom aggressively and slammed the door shut!

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