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Chen Mengyao's house.

It was as poor as a wash. There were four walls to the house, and the appliances were very old, but they were very clean.

No matter what, their family was still a descendant of the Chen family, and they had fallen into such a predicament.

It seemed that Chen Mengyao must have suffered a lot in the Chen family over the years.

Looking at the little girl not far away, Xiao Tian felt pity in his heart.

Late at night, the moonlight was calm.

Chen Mengyao came out of the bathroom in her pajamas. Her half-wet hair draped over her sexy shoulders, and her chest was faintly visible.

At that moment, Xiao Tian, who was sleeping on the floor, had a physiological reaction.

Although they had become official husband and wife, Xiao Tian did not want to mess around.

Chen Mengyao sat by the bed, her face hot. This was the first time he slept with a stranger. He could not help but feel nervous and his heart was beating wildly.

The two of them did not speak.

The night was unusually quiet.

Just as he was about to flip over his bed, a phone call broke the silence.

It was Chen Mengyao's phone!

Chen Mengyao looked at the caller ID and saw that it was Chen Wenchao calling. Her heart skipped a beat. She knew that things had gotten out of hand and calling at this time was definitely not a good thing.

She answered.

"Hehe, Chen Mengyao, let me tell you, your family is finished!"

"From today onwards, you are officially fired. From tomorrow onwards, don't come to Fuhua Real Estate to work anymore!"

"That good-for-nothing dares to hit me! This is the consequence!"

On the phone, Chen Wenchao, who had been holding back his anger, clamored.

Chen Mengyao's mind went blank. She angrily clenched her fist. "Why? Why should I? You fired just like that?"

"Ha! This is an order from grandma. Listen to it well. No matter how outstanding you are, you can't beat me." Chen Wenchao said proudly, "I am the eldest grandson of Chen family. Don't think that Fuhua Real Estate will lose you. I can't do it anymore. The project you are in charge of is now in my hands. Just you wait! "

Chen Mengyao's hands started to tremble when she heard this.

In the past two years, she had been tolerating Chen Wenchao and working hard for the Chen family.

Only she knew how much pain she had suffered and how much suffering she had suffered.

Initially, she thought that her grandmother would definitely punish her for this matter, but she never expected that she would be so ruthless, directly firing her from the Fugui Real Estate Company.

"A parasite in a family, get lost!"

Following the end of the call, Chen Mengyao could not help but cry in the dark night. Tears rolled down her face.

Xiao Tian, who was not far away, looked at the crying little girl.

His heart ached. At that moment, he wanted to tell him, do you still remember the person who ate your hot steamed buns twelve years ago?

Now that he had returned, he didn't need to be afraid of anything!

He will protect you!

But when the words were about to come out of his mouth, he held it back!

"Qin Ming, help me investigate something!" Xiao Tian sent a message.

"Mr Tian, please instruct me!"

He replied almost instantly!

"Is there a Purple Gold Group in Cloud City?"

"Mr Tian, there is. The person in charge of this company is called Zhang Qiubai. He used to be a soldier in Northgard and was my subordinate. Later, he came back to start a business. A few years ago, he received your financial support and became one of the top star companies in Cloud City."

"Alright, let's inform him! My wife's Fuguang Real Estate Company has recently signed a contract with Purple Gold Group. Except for my wife, no one can sign a contract with her!"

"If you disobey, you will be punished by military law!"

"Roger that! We will do it immediately!"

After Xiao Tian sent the message, he looked back at Chen Mengyao with deep affection.

Girl, I won't let you suffer any more grievances. In the Chen family, no one can touch your position!

Pleased with the treatment.

Zhang Qiubai was closing his eyes, enjoying the service of the beautiful female technician.

Suddenly, the phone rang, and the caller ID showed: Qin Ming.

He was so scared that he suddenly stood up. It was Qin Ming, the senior leader of Northgard.

Over the past few years, he had been relying on his secret financial support, which was why Purple Gold Group had such a scale.

"Brother Ming, it's so late. Why did you call me? Do you have any instructions?" Qin Ming picked up the phone and asked carefully, afraid that he would say something wrong and make Qin Ming angry.

Qin Ming conveyed Xiao Tian's intention to him.

"Got it! I will definitely get it done for you!" Qin Ming nodded.

The next day, in the morning.

Her mother-in-law, Qin Yulian, was afraid that her daughter would be "bullied" by Xiao Tian last night, so she pushed open the door and went in as soon as she woke up.

Only when she saw that one of them was sleeping on the bed and the other was laying on the floor did she feel slightly at ease.

"Mengyao, get up quickly. Don't disturb your work," Qin Yulian urged.

Chen Mengyao rubbed her teary eyes and pretended to be strong, "Mom, from today onwards, I can't go to this class..."

"Why?" Qin Yulian asked in surprise.

"Last night, Chen Wenchao called me and said that Grandma ordered me to fire me from Fuguang Real Estate..." Chen Mengyao said, feeling wronged.


Qin Yulian's face turned pale on the spot. She could not believe it.

Her daughter had just gotten married and was expelled by the Matriarch?

"Mengyao, tell mother what happened? Your grandmother can't be so cruel to fire you at this critical moment." Qin Yulian pressed.

"Mom, don't say anymore. Grandma never cared about me at all..."

When Chen Mengyao said this, she could not help but tear up again.

Seeing her daughter in pain, Qin Yulian also felt very painful. Her eyes instantly turned to Xiao Tian.

"Ah, it's all your fault!"

"Our family has been really unlucky for eight lifetimes. We have married into a useless loser like you!"

"Get lost, hurry up and get lost. I don't want to see you again!"

Qin Yulian vented her anger on Xiao Tian.

Xiao Tian did not say a word.

"Mom, don't say that about uncle. He didn't do anything. You can only blame the Chen family for being heartless..."

"I've thought it through. I've been working in Chen family's business for the past two years. No matter how hard I work, no one will look up to me. There are only mockery, sarcasm, and sarcasm. I've had enough of these days. It's good to be expelled. I can look for other classes." Chen Mengyao bit her pink lips and said firmly.

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