The Wealthy Son-in-law Is Back/C6 6 It Had to be Her
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The Wealthy Son-in-law Is Back/C6 6 It Had to be Her
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C6 6 It Had to be Her

"You, what did you say?" Old Madam Chen looked at Chen Wenchao and asked.

"Grandma, Purple Gold Group said that they don't want to work with us anymore..." Chen Wenchao said with tears and snot, "They said that the Chen family is not sincere."

"Grandma, why is the Purple Gold Group so unreasonable? There are so many people from our Chen family waiting for him here, but he actually said that we are not sincere. Are we going to stand at the entrance and pull a banner to welcome him? " A beautiful woman from the Chen family said.

"That's right, grandma. This Purple Gold Group has clearly agreed to cooperate with us. Besides, the contract has already been negotiated, and now they don't want to work with us anymore. Aren't they treating us like monkeys? We can spread this matter out and see who dares to work with Purple Gold Group in the future! "

" Yes, grandma! We want to let everyone see the ugly face of the Purple Gold Group."

A few senior executives of the Chen family spoke one after another. They were extremely angry.

Old Madam Chen was expressionless. She was annoyed by the chattering and slammed the table heavily!

"All of you shut up!"

Everyone became silent. Seeing Old Madam Chen really get angry, they all lowered their heads.

"You bunch of juniors are short-sighted." Old Madam Chen frowned and said, "Can we afford to offend the Purple Gold Group? Not to mention that they only promised to cooperate with us verbally, it means that they have officially signed the contract. If they want to break the contract, what can you do to them? The Purple Gold Group is rich and powerful, they can easily crush us. Spread the rumors. Can you bear the wrath of the Purple Gold Group?"

Everyone was dumbfounded. They looked at each other in dismay.

What he said was irrefutable.

Indeed, the Fuhua Real Estate was just an ant to the Purple Gold Group. He could easily crush them with just a raise of his hand. If the rumors were spread everywhere and the Purple Gold Group became enemies with the Purple Gold Group, everyone present could imagine the consequences with their toes.

"Wenchao, what else did Zhang Qiubai say?" Old Madam Chen frowned and said, "He can't just leave for no reason, right? Did you offend him?"

"Grandma, he is our God of Wealth. How could I dare to offend him!" Chen Wenchao quickly shouted, "Grandma, Zhang Qiubai said that the one who talked about cooperation was Chen Mengyao. The Purple Gold Group only recognized her! No one else. "

" This... "

The dozen or so people present were all relatives of the senior management of the Chen family. At this moment, they looked at each other and saw the shock in each other's eyes.

He only agreed to cooperate with Chen family if Chen Mengyao came forward?

What virtue and ability did Chen Mengyao have!?

She was just a junior of the Chen family. What ability did she have to make Zhang Qiubai only recognize her?!

"Grandma, could it be that Zhang Qiubai saw Chen Mengyao was pretty and had an affair with him?"

Chen Wenchao mustered his courage to analyze and said, "Think about it. Who do you want to talk about cooperation with and not cooperation? Anyway, it is a win-win situation, but he only recognizes Chen Mengyao. This is interesting."

Everyone in the meeting room nodded thoughtfully.

Chen Yong also stood out to speak for his son. "Mom, Wenchao's analysis makes sense."

"I estimate that Mengyao relied on her good looks to talk about cooperation. You should know that there are a few honest businessmen who do business. If they don't give her some benefits, why would they recognize a little girl? "

Old Madam Chen was also moved by her son's words. She felt that what Chen Yong said made sense.

Seeing that the Matriarch's expression was loosening, Chen Wenchao quickly interrupted and said, "Our Chen family does not only have Chen Mengyao, a beauty! Chen Qian is also very beautiful. Why not let her try?"

Indeed, the Chen family had two women, and they were publicly acknowledged to be beautiful.

One is Chen Mengyao, and the other is Chen Qian.

When this suggestion came out, everyone in the Chen family expressed their agreement.

What Chen Wenchao said made sense. Zhang Qiubai must have agreed to work with Chen Mengyao because he thought she was pretty.

"Wenchao, I'll leave this matter to you. You have already reached an agreement with Purple Gold Group."

After saying that, Old Madam Chen got up and left with the people from the Chen family. Chen Yong quickly went over to support the Matriarch. During the process, he didn't forget to glare at Chen Wenchao.

After they left, Chen Wenchao dialed Chen Qian's number.

The next morning, Chen Qian came to the Purple Gold Group dressed up beautifully.

She was very confident in her figure and appearance. As long as she beckoned with her finger, Zhang Qiubai would definitely fall to her pomegranate skirt.

She walked to the front desk and explained her intentions. In the end, she was chased out by the security guards just as the receptionist sister made a phone call.

Want to meet their CEO?

She didn't even take a piss to look at herself in the mirror. Such a coquettish b * tch, it was obvious that she wasn't a proper person.

Chen Qian had always been arrogant. Now, she did not even enter the company's front door. This made her very uncomfortable.

"What's so great about it? If you don't want to see me, then don't. This grandaunt still doesn't want to see you!"

After saying those harsh words, she angrily left.

At that time, Chen Wenchao already knew that Chen Qian had returned in defeat. He hurried to his father's office.

"What is it? Panicking?" Chen Yong frowned and said.

Chen Wenchao stammered, "Dad, Chen Qian didn't even enter the Purple Gold Group's gate before she was chased out by the security guards."

Hearing this, Chen Yong's face darkened.

What was this Zhang Qiubai thinking?

"I wonder what kind of sedative Chen Mengyao gave Zhang Qiubai. It really pisses me off." Chen Wenchao walked to the side and poured himself a cup of water before drinking it.

"Besides, Zhang Qiubai also asked Chen Qian to bring back a message. If Chen Mengyao is not the one who signed the contract, then this project will be invalid. Purple Gold Group does not care about this small amount of money."

In his eyes, it was just a small amount of money, but in the eyes of the Chen family, it was a huge amount of money.

"Do you know how much Chen family invested in this project?"

Chen Yong looked at his son with disappointment in his eyes, "If this cooperation is blown out of proportion, the two of us will pack up and prepare to get out of the Chen family."

Chen Wenchao instantly panicked. "Then... What should we do?"

His heart was in a panic right now. He thought that he could sit and enjoy the fruits of his labor. Now, it was good. He lifted a stone and smashed it on his own feet. He wanted to cry but had no tears.

Chen Yong slammed the table and made banging sounds. He scolded, "Aren't you the one who asked for death and fired Chen Mengyao? Now you still come and ask me what to do?"

Chen Wenchao did not dare to talk back. He lowered his head and obediently accepted it.

Chen Yong was also anxious and paced around the office. Suddenly he stopped and said, "There is no other way. The urgent matter at hand is to let Chen Mengyao come back and let her sign the contract."


Chen Wenchao looked up and said, "But, Dad..."

Before he could finish, Chen Yong already knew what he wanted to say.

"Why did I give birth to an idiot like you? After she signed the contract, can't you find an excuse to kick her out?"

"Dad, you have an idea!"

Chen Wenchao was delighted and said, "I will call her now!"

He took out his phone and dialed Chen Mengyao's number. It rang for dozens of seconds, but no one answered.

"Dad, she won't answer the phone!"

"Call again!"

So, Chen Wenchao called back again, but still didn't answer.

"Dad, she... She still doesn't answer the phone."

Chen Yong smiled coldly. "I didn't expect this little girl's temper to be as big as her ability to seduce men. Looks like we have to personally go and invite her!"

When he said the word invite, he emphasized his tone. She actually dared to put on airs with him.

When the contract was signed, he would see how he would deal with Chen Qiang's family.

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