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C1 Nightmares


The werewolf jumped from the high fence and landed softly on the grass, just a few inches away from the girl. The panic in her eyes was palpable. She moved backward slowly and then with a sudden turn, attempted to make a run for it but she stumbled and fell to the ground. She was panting heavily and her eyes were so wide with panic they were almost popping out of her head. Her long blond hair was wild all over her and some stray strands stuck to her face in sweaty patches.

The werewolf started to circle around her, slow purposely strolls. Its huge black eyes was staring down at her as it moved around, assessing her. It looked like it was performing some kind of ritual. The werewolf was huge with black brown fur and from the light coming from the moon behind it, it looked menacing. It's eyes were deep and dark and a scar ran from it's eyebrow to the corner of its eyes.

The girl's breathing came rapidly as her heart beat fearfully hard inside her chest. The werewolf stopped moving suddenly, raised it's head up and opened it's mouth wide as if about to yawn. It's two great teeth shone through its mouth making the girl gasp. The werewolf let out a loud howl that shook the earth to the grasses on the field. In a burst of panic, the girl crawled hurriedly away from the werewolf but she didn't get far before the werewolf leaped on her and sank its teeth into her thigh. The girl let out a scream that cut through the night.

Kayla woke up with a start. She was sweating profusely and her heart was still pounding inside her chest. She reached her hand beside her bed and switched on her bed lamp, making a mental note to keep it on before she goes to sleep at night. She liked to sleep with the light off but with the constant nightmares she kept having, she should probably keep it on.

The dreams had started since she came to Hill City, a small town in the heart of Phoenix. It had been barely a month. Her parents, who were both realtors, had gotten a job in a prestigious firm in Phoenix and they had to move from Alaska. It was their dream job. She remembered how excited they were about the moving thing. Her parents had always wanted to travel but then her mother got pregnant with her and they settled down. But she was no longer a baby as her mother had said. She is 16 now and should be ready for the next great adventure. Kayla did not share in their excitement. She had not wanted to leave her school and her friends in Alaska. But she was here now and she had better make the best of it.

Kayla stretched out her hand, took her phone from her bedside drawer and checked the time. It was 6:30am. She plopped herself up on her pillow. She had a long day ahead of her. She was starting a new school today. 'The next great adventure she thought to herself, her mother's words replaying in her mind. She could not prevent the smirk that was growing on her face. She got up from the bed and walked to the toilet which was inside her room. She put on the light and the whole place was flooded with bright white light. Kayla shielded her eyes as the sudden brightness hurt her eyes. She stood in front of the sink and peered into the mirror. Her blond hair was still stuck in sweaty patches to her forehead, just like in her dream. She brushed it off with her hands and her clear blue eyes stared back at her. Pretty, that was how people described her and also how she would describe herself. She was pretty even when she just woke up from sleep. She would be even prettier with a little makeup. It was all thanks to her parents genes. They were both good looking people. Her Dad Mac, had brown hair with the same clear blue eyes as her. Her mom Mitchel had red hair with large light brown eyes. It should be enough that she was pretty but she was not a happy person. She wasn't depressed or anything. She just wasn't particularly happy or smiley like one would expect a pretty girl to be. She was what people would refer to as a stuck up bitch. They wouldn't say it out loud of course but they would think it. Like the proverbial circle that couldn't find it's missing piece, Kayla always felt that there was something missing which she needed to find to be happy.

Kayla brushed her teeth and brushed back her hair with a comb. Then she went downstairs. It was now a few minutes to 7:00am. She knew her mom would be up already. Mitchel was always the first to get up in the morning and the last to go to bed at night. Kayla was definitely not a morning person like her mom.

She got down from the stairs slowly, careful not to make a noise. She wanted to watch her mother before she could see her. She did her a lot; just stood behind her mother and watched her. She liked to watch people when they couldn't see her. It was a habit she cultivated when she was little.

When she got down from the stairs, she stood at the foot of the stairs from where she could see Mitchel. She was setting the table. She could see the toast and fried eggs already on the table. Mitchel wore a long blue kimono on her black gown. Her red hair looked even redder under the light of the kitchen. She wasn't wearing an apron, Kayla noted. Suddenly Mitchel turned around and caught sight of Kayla looking at her. Kayla was caught a bit off guard then she smiled and came fully into the kitchen.

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