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C2 New Girl

"Morning mom" Kayla said and walked up to Mitchel. Mitchel gave her a smile.

"Ready for the big day?" Mitchel asked

Kayla stopped herself from rolling her eyes. Her parents seemed to think she was pumped about going to the new school.

"Hmm mmm" Kayla said and picked up a toast. She leaned on the dining table and ate slowly.

"You should get ready, we're leaving in 30 minutes" Michel said, glancing at her.

"Why so early?" Kayla asked disinterestedly.

"It's your first day, you want to make a good impression," Mitchel said.

Kayla hesitated. She wanted to tell Mitchel what she really thought about going to 'The Hills' which she thought was a lame name for a school anyway. But she knew she shouldn't really. Her parents were happy. There was no need to make things difficult.

Kayla moved away from the table and was walking up towards the stairs when she saw her dad coming down.

"Morning Dad" she said

"Hi Honey" Mac said. He was still in his pyjamas but with a jacket on top. Kayla was about to walk past him when he spoke again.

"You excited?" He asked, smiling

"Yea…" she said and ran up before he could ask her another question.

She was down in 20 minutes. Mitchel was almost frantic at that point. Her dad was already in his work clothes. A grey suit on white sleeves. He may not always rise early but he was always quick to get ready. They all had a quick breakfast and they were all soon on their way. Mac drove off to work and Kayla entered her mom's car. Mitchel was going to be driving her to school today.

The drive was short; a mere 12 minutes from her house. Mitchel packed in front of the school and Kayla got out. She stood outside in front of the school and stared at the imposing building in front of her. The school was huge and painted all green. At the front was a statue of a basketballer shooting a ball through a hoop. She had read on the flyer she was given that the school was well known for Its excellence in sporting activities.

"Bye honey" her mom said and drove off.

She was now on her own, Kayla thought nervously. She walked slowly into the school. A few students stared at her as she walked past but she tried not to be fazed out by that. She had the timetable for her classes and she read it to know where she was to go. According to the timetable, she was supposed to have history that morning in class B4. She looked up and saw the class right in front of her. Lucky day she thought as she walked into the class. The whole class practically turned to stare at her as she entered. She walked to an empty seat at the back and sat down. She started to bring out some books from her bag. She had been given a key to her locker and she planned to check it out later. With her acute sense of awareness, Kayla could feel a pair of eyes on her. She looked up and was met with a pair of dazzling green eyes. Kayla froze. A boy was standing in front of her staring at her with what seemed to be a mixture of surprise and confusion. He was tall with golden brown hair combed into a swoosh. Combined with his perfectly set jaw, he looked like a Greek demigod. A scar ran from his eyebrow to the side of his eye. A flaw in an otherwise perfect appearance. Kayla had a feeling she had met him before.

He stared right at her and said nothing. She was beginning to feel uncomfortable.

"Can I help you with something?" She asked tentatively

"What"? He said like he hadn't heard her the first time. She wondered if he was thick.

"Can I help you?" She said louder this time.

He seemed to be shaken out of his reverie.

"I..Hi..I'm Lucas" he said and stretched out his hand. On another occasion, Kayla would not have taken his hand. But he was a dashingly handsome guy and she could not resist his charm. She took his hand slowly. It was surprisingly coarse.

"Kayla" She said

"You're new" he said, more of a statement than a question.

"Yes" she said

"Do you believe in destiny?" He asked out of nowhere. She had to look up again at him. What a weird question to ask. What was wrong with him?

"Hem..no, I don't" she said

He smiled then. A broad smile that slowly lighted up his features. With his smile, his scar sank deeper into his skin, surprisingly making him look more dashing. It was almost like it added depth to his features.

"I believe in destiny and i believe ours are tied together" he said

Kayla gawked at him. Now she was sure there was really something wrong with him. He was still smiling like a moron. She wondered if everyone one in the school was as weird as he is.

"What are you talking about?" She asked

He opened his mouth to answer but the teacher entered the class just then. Lucas turned to return to his seat in the middle of the class while Kayla sat upright making a mental note to avoid Lucas. The class started in earnest and Kayla soon forgot all about Lucas.

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