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C3 His Mate


Lucas Gray could not concentrate on his history class. He had just found his mate. His wolf had sensed her immediately he entered the class and it had leaped for excitement. It was magical. He had been told what it felt like when a wolf finds its mate but experiencing it himself was a whole different matter. His parents were going to be so glad when they heard this, he thought to himself. But there was only one problem. He couldn't smell any wolf on her. Wasn't she a werewolf? Or was she a latent submissive? But he knew that wasn't the case. He would be able to smell her even if she was latent. Also, everything he said seemed to surprise her like she had never heard such terms being used before. At one point, she was even looking at him like he was crazy. There was only one explanation for all this, he thought to himself. She was a human. He had suspected it the moment he saw her but chose not to believe it. It was all just denial. She didn't seem to have the depth of a werewolf. She definitely was a human. But why would the moon goddess mate the next Alpha of the lucent pack with a human. What would the pack say about having a human as their luna? Most importantly, what were his parents going to think about it? Lucas stole a glance back at her but she was so focused on her writing she did not see him. She was beautiful no doubt and looked fit for a luna. But what would she think if he told all about himself? She would freak out for sure. A human should have no place in a werewolf's pack. This was going to be an issue. The moon goddess must be joking, he thought. Why mate him with a human girl knowing fully that he could not marry anyone who was not his mate.

It occured to Lucas then that he was going to have to place his mark on her. It was what his werewolf had wanted the moment it saw her but had to let common sense prevail. The Hills were missed with both humans and werewolves and the werewolves' presence was meant to be kept secret. Only those who were werewolves knew themselves but the humans usually had to rely on stories to know about them. Lucas resisted the urge to turn and stare at Kayla again until the class was over. She rushed out immediately, not sparing him another look. He knew exactly what she thought of him. She must think he is weird. He thought of following her. He would catch up with her in no time. But he did not. He stood up and walked out of the class to his next class.

At the close of school, Lucas Gray sat on the bonnet of his black lexus jeep inside the car park as he waited for Kayla to pass by. He had to see her again and talk to her even though he was not sure of what he was going to say. He had secretly stalked her throughout the day and saw when she walked into her last class for the day which was Chemistry. The class must be running a little late. Or she must. She was the only thing he had thought about throughout the day. The only thought on his mind.

He saw her then walking out the building with a black girl who was slim with black curly hair. He snapped his fingers angrily. He had hoped to see her alone. Perhaps she would part ways with the other girl and then he would approach her. Not that it mattered though. He would approach her anyway but he wouldn't want Charlotte telling Kayla anything about him. Charlotte worked for the school's newspaper and was known to have a near obsession with writing about werewolves and vampires. She had caused so much rumour and controversy because of the damn paper. Lucas hissed. He would have to wait until Kayla parted ways with Charlotte. They passed by him then, laughing at something. Lucas noted with annoyance that Kayla didn't even glance his way. No girl at Hills passes him without turning to look. He sometimes saw them whispering excitedly about how cute he was but he didn't give a damn about any of them. Even Charlotte gave him an almost imperceptible glance as she passed by.

Lucas turned to watch them. They both got to the road and Lucas saw a car pull up. Charlotte got into the car and Kayla waved her goodbye. Now was his chance, Lucas thought to himself. He hopped down from the hood of his car and strolled towards Kayla who stood in the road. She was probably waiting for a cab or her pick, Lucas thought.

"Hi again" Lucas said

She swirled around a little too suddenly.

"Hi" she said, with a frown on her face as if she could suddenly not remember where she had seen him before.

"It's Lucas. We met before" he offered

"Yea, I remember," Kayla said. She kept looking to the road as if she would rather be doing anything than talking to him.

"So..how was your first day?" He asked. He wasn't sure what to say really. He wasn't great at small talks.

"It was good" Kayla said

"Made any friends?" Licas asked and kicked himself internally. It was exactly the kind of question a parent would ask.

"Yes, i have" Kayla said and went quiet

"Where are you headed? Let me drop you off" Lucas said.

"Thanks but my mom will be here soon" Kayla said

"Alright, I'll wait with you, '' he said. She looked at him disapprovingly and turned to face the road without saying anything. They both stood there quietly for almost 10 minutes. He could see she was beginning to get apprehensive. Her phone rang then. She picked up the call and moved some distance away from him with her back turned to him. He waited and stared at the back of her beautiful blond hair. It was so blond and so straight that he wanted to run his fingers through it.

She was frowning when she came back.

"My mom won't be able to pick me up. She just started a new job and she has to put some things in place at work". She said and looked at him hopefully. "Is your offer for a ride still available?" She asked and lifted up an eyebrow

Lucas' face broke into a smile, his green eyes lighting up.

"Yes. Yes it is" he said.

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