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C4 Smitten


Kayla made a new friend. Her name was Charlotte Jackson and she was editor of the school paper. She had sat with her in her last class which was Chemistry. They had to miss some liquids in some tubes. Apparently they had done it before but Kayla had no idea what was going on. Luckily for her, Charlotte came to her rescue and they missed their samples together. Charlotte was an African American with shiny skin and black curly hair. She laughed loudly and easily and Kayla felt drawn to the charm of her laugh. She told Kayla that she had been attending 'The Hills' all her life which basically meant since high school. She had a lot to tell Kayla about the hills she said. It was an interesting place to be.

Kayla was excited about making Charlotte acquainted. After Chemistry which was her last class, she walked out of the classroom with Charlotte. Charlotte told her her mother was already on her way to pick her up and Kayla walked her to the road. Charlotte's mom pulled up after a short while and Charlotte entered the car and they drove off. Kayla sent her mom a text to remind her to pick her up and stood on the road to wait. Then she heard a voice behind her

"Hi again" she turned and was surprised to see the same boy from earlier in the day. What did he say his name was again? Marcus? Lucas?. Kayla wondered if he was following her. She stood there awkwardly obviously unsure of what to say. Then she said "hi" back to him.

He introduced himself again and asked if she said she remembered him. Of course she did. Who could forget those beautiful green eyes. Those eyes that seem to hold all the secrets of the universe. She wanted to stare into his eyes and get lost in them but she knew she couldn't let him see her staring and so she looked away from him and pretended to be disinterested.

He asked how her first day was and she told him it was good. Then he asked her if she had made any friends which almost made her laugh out loud. It was exactly the kind of question her mother would ask. She could see he didn't exactly know what to say and wondered what he really wanted. If he wanted to ask her out, he might just as well get it over with. He seemed like the kind of guy any girl would kill to date. She could see the way the other girls stared at him as they walked past. Any girl would totally say yes if he just asked her out even though he weird. After a very awkward silence, he offered her a ride but she refused. She told him her mother was coming to pick her up and he said he was going to wait with her. He stood with her in silence as she waited. Her mother was running late and she was getting a bit frustrated but then her phone rang. Her mom was calling to tell her she won't be able to come pick her up and that she should take the bus. She was beyond livid. Of course she didn't want to take the bus, especially not with Lucas watching. And so she told him she was going to ride with him and he smiled. It was the most beautiful smile she had ever seen.

She was shocked when she saw his car. He was riding the latest lexus. His parents must be stinking rich, Kayla thought to herself. He put his hands inside his pocket and brought out a key. He pressed on it and the two doors in the front of the car opened like a bird spreading its wings. Lucas followed Kayla to the passenger's seat. She entered and he walked to the driver's seat and got in himself. He clicked the door shut and drove out of the car pack and into the road.

"So where is your house?" He asked her casually

"Just along the road. Close to rocks avenue" she said and glanced at him. Up close she could see his long black lashes and his thick eyebrows. His eyebrows really were thick. She looked at his arms then and noticed the hairs. He was really hairy in a way she wasn't sure was normal. He caught her staring and she looked away quickly. She noticed he also stole glances at her.

"Why Hill city?" He asked suddenly. She wondered if he wasn't aware that there was something like leading someone up to question.

"My parents got a job here so we moved"

"Tough break for you i suppose?: he said

"I never wanted to leave but there really was nothing i could do"

Lucas said nothing but seemed to be thinking about what she said

"Perhaps you came here for a reason" he said. Kayla had already accepted that he was strange and so she said nothing in return. They were soon at her house. Lucas packed the car and she got down.

"Thank you" she said gratefully

"You're welcome" he said and gave her that smile again. He held her eyes for a minute. This time, her heart seemed to slow down until he turned around and entered his car. Kayla waved to him as he left

She entered the house happily. She knew she couldn't wait to see him the next day.

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