The Wild Billionaire's Destiny/C7 Transforming Destiny
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The Wild Billionaire's Destiny/C7 Transforming Destiny
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C7 Transforming Destiny


“Well, that’s done.” I felt relieved. Arthur left after two hours of trying to convince him I knew what I was doing. We gave him our notes on our expectations, and he promised to have a draft ready by Monday at the latest.

Destiny had a pensive look on her face, she chewed on her lower lip, staring into space. She’d better not have second thoughts about this.

“Penny for your thoughts, Ms. Johnson?” It scared me how much I sounded like my father just now.

“Your lawyer friend doesn’t like me much.” She looked up at me with those big olive-green eyes. Actually pretty, I thought.

“Does it matter? We need to do some serious shopping. I can’t have my future wife looking like a homeless person, now, can I?” Her sense of style sucked seriously.

“Excuse me?” she huffed, “What’s wrong with me?” she sounded miffed.

“Where do I start…?” I pulled her up from the couch and twirled her around. I liked the tight jeans. She had a nice ass, and I could tell her boobs were just the size I liked, no more than a handful. But the clothes were faded and about a decade out of style.

“I know a great boutique, a friend of mine owns it. She has wonderful taste.” I tapped my chin thoughtfully, I liked the pink hair and the nose ring too, but it had to go. A pity though, but to convince the two James’s I would have to bring home a girl who doesn’t resemble a hooker. “We’ll have to take you to Giovanni’s to style your hair. What is your actual hair color?” I asked.

“Are you kidding me?” She poked me on the chest. “Is there something about me you don’t want to change?” She was angry. Her nostrils flared a little and a muscle ticked in her jaw.

“Destiny, calm down. I’m not trying to belittle you. I just want us to create a good impression with my folks.” I tried defusing the situation. Women can be so emotionally charged. “They have to take me seriously and if I show up with you as you are – not that there’s anything wrong with you. You’re actually very pretty. We just need to polish you up a bit. Think of it as a part in a play or a movie if you will.” I took her hands in mine; they were so small.

“Strawberry blonde.”

“Say what now?”

“My hair. Strawberry blonde.” She said, “Fine. But my nose ring and my belly ring stay.”

I smirked, I would love to see the belly ring, but I kept my mouth shut. “We have a deal. Let me make a few phone calls, then we can hit the road.”


Felicia greeted us personally at her boutique. I warned her about Destiny, so she wouldn’t get a shock. Of course, I never said anything about our arrangement.

“Darling, you’ve come to the right place,” she said giving me a wink, “when I’m done, not even your mother would recognize you.”

Felicia and I go way back. We were at private school together. She knew my family and their high standards. I warned her not to say anything to Destiny about my family though. She would run for the hills, that’s for sure.

“My mother is dead.” Destiny just had to say that. Jeez. I cringed.

Felica gave an embarrassed titter. “You have a nice body. Let’s start with proper underwear, yeah?” she gave me a look over Destiny’s head that spoke more than words.

Time for this James to get the hell out. “I’ll be going for some coffee. Call me when you ladies are done.” I hightailed it out of there.

I went to an Italian styled coffee shop around the corner from the boutique, praying no one would recognize me. I’ve had it with the damn paparazzi following me everywhere. Relieved, I made it to the back of the cozy ristorante.

The sexy little waitress took my order for a large skinny cappuccino and when she brought my order, she had her phone number scribbled on the paper napkin. Classy. Under normal circumstances I would have kept it. But, on second thought, maybe I will.

“Well, if it isn’t James Barrington the third!” A loud voice rang out making me spill my coffee. I took the napkin with the written number to wipe the mess. For fuck’s sake!

“Do you have to advertise the fact, you moron.” I scowled at my friend, Ronan Walsh.

The idiot sat down at my table uninvited. He laughed in my face. “Fancy seeing you here. I thought you were in the pen.” He was one of the loudest mouthed fuckers I’ve ever known and one of my best friends.

“I was. Arthur got me out.” I smirked at him. “Got the bloke to drop the charges too.” Having billions of dosh at one’s disposal came in handy sometimes.

“Saw the papers. You must have gotten an earful from the James’s.” Ronan’s father was an associate of my father’s.

“You have no idea. James the first threatened to disinherit me.” I scoffed. “I have to get married.”

Ronan belly laughed. Heads turned in our direction.

“You joke! You – get married…” he wiped tears from his eyes. Ronan was a large man, not only tall in height but broad in stature, without being overweight. He stopped laughing. “You’re fucking serious.”

“Yes, I’m doing it.” I told him sipping the rest of my coffee. The spilt liquid made a brown stain on the red and white checkered tablecloth.

“Do I know her?” he asked. I saw his mind working furiously trying to list off names I would want to marry.

I chuckled. “No.”

“C’mon James…” He twirled a saltshaker in his long fingers. “Are you going to tell me, or do I have to force it out of you? You haven’t been dating since…”

“Ronan, you’ll know soon enough.” I shut him up quickly. I knew what he was going to say, and I didn’t want to hear it. “I want to keep it as private as possible for as long as I can. She’s shy.”

Ronan lifted his dark eyebrows. “I don’t believe you, mate.”

My cell phone rang. It was Felicia.


“Your friend is ready for you, Sweetie.” Felica’s honeyed voice sounded in my ear.

“I’ll be right there.” I pulled a tenner out of my wallet and got up to leave.

“Where you off to, James?” Ronan asked. Damn his curiosity.

“Things to do, people to see. I’ll call you.” I rushed off leaving him glaring at my back. I didn’t want him to meet Destiny now.


“Wow!” I did a double take. Felicia certainly knew her stuff. Except for the hair I wouldn’t have recognized Destiny. She was certainly going to turn heads. Felicia was right, she had a killer body and the soft floral dress she wore accentuated all the right places. Topped it off with some high heels that added some height to her shapely legs – she looked stunning.

Destiny pinked up at my reaction.

“Isn’t she gorgeous?” Felicia gushed, pleased with herself.

“Indeed. Cheers, so much Felicia. We need to dash. I’m taking Destiny to Giovanni’s.” I grabbed the large shopping bags in one hand and Destiny’s in the other.

“Ooh! Lucky girl.” I saw a thousand questions in Felicia’s eyes, none of them I wanted to answer right now.

I walked out of there fast, hoping Ronan didn’t follow me.

“Hey, not so fast, James. I’m not used to walking in heels.” Destiny squeaked at my side.

“Well, you’d better get used to it, babe. You’re going to be doing that a heck of a lot, even running.” I dragged her along. Fortunately, my Bentley was parked near the exit.

“What? Running? From whom? Are you a gangster?” she panted.

I rolled my eyes. Where did she get that? From a rockstar to a pimp, now I’m a gangster.

“Yeah, my grandfather is the Godfather.” I couldn’t help but yank her chain. I opened the car door for her.

“You’re joking!”

I laughed at her big eyes going wide. She was too gullible.


Giovanni kissed me on both cheeks like he usually did whenever he saw me.

“And who do we have here? Ciao Bella.” He greeted Destiny, kissing her hand. The astonished look on her face was priceless.

“Giovanni, this is Destiny. I want you to transform her.” I smirked at her, she looked so out of place, but I knew Giovanni would win her over.

“Of course, leave it to me, James. I can only improve on her beauty.” He winked at me. He took her hand and led her away.

She glanced at me over her shoulder, looking like a lamb led to the slaughter. I grinned back at her. While Giovanni worked his magic on Destiny, I made a few calls to get my bike to the workshop for repairs.

The transformation was astonishing. Giovanni colored and styled Destiny’s hair in a feathered look that flattered the shape of her face and made her neck look long and elegant. He also applied some light makeup to enhance her features and I was pleasantly surprised how beautiful she was.

“Giovanni, you are a master.” I said and meant it. I couldn’t take my eyes off her.

“Si, it was easy. She is Bellissima, no?” he beamed at me.

“Indeed.” I couldn’t agree more. The James’ would approve, I was sure.

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