The Wild Divine Domain/C1 Tian Jiao Mo Zi Ni
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The Wild Divine Domain/C1 Tian Jiao Mo Zi Ni
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C1 Tian Jiao Mo Zi Ni

Right, the world was in chaos. Corpses littered the fields, and rivers and mountains were stained with blood.

The flames of war swirled about. Smoke covered everything, and within the haze, three figures could be seen swaying about.

"Tian Hong, Di Fan, you will regret what you did today …"

A resolute man covered in blood held onto his chest and endured the pain of the torn wound as he stared at the two flighty men in front of him. He gritted his teeth and glared at them.

"ZiNi, as long as you hand over the ninth tombstone, we'll spare your life!"

"Haha, spare me? I, Mo Zi, will remember this kindness … " When the man with determination heard this, he threw his head back and laughed maniacally.

"All of you better remember this. If I, Mo Zi, have a birthday, I will destroy your souls!"

"You … We refuse a toast and are forced to drink a forfeit! "

"Humph, don't blame us for being merciless …"

"Haha, you guys wait for Ben Wuqing. I, Mo Ziqin, was wrong about you guys. Do you want the September Graveyard of Monuments?" "None at all!"

Crazed expressions instantly appeared on the face of the man with determination, causing the expressions of the two men with royal robes to change drastically. Today, he knew that he could not escape this calamity. Since that was the case, he had no choice but to fight.

As he spoke, a dark grey tombstone rose up from his palms, emitting an extremely ancient and obscure aura, causing the surrounding world to change color.

"Today, I, Mo Zi Ni, will not be able to kill all of you. However, all of you better not think about it …"


In the next moment, the tombstone exploded in midair, instantly extinguishing everything in its surroundings. At the same time, it blew up the two men, and their fates were unknown.


Mo Jiu suddenly opened his eyes and saw nine bright moons hanging in the night sky. The moonlight was shining on the earth and the rivers and mountains were covered in white leaves. "Huu."

The sky was suspended at September. The world was dark. The fiend had appeared in the world. The world was chaotic.

This was the ninth month, and when September arrived in the sky, it would be the time of day for the constellations to descend.

That year, the night sky suddenly appeared in September. The Eastern Sea's shore tombstone had appeared out of nowhere and once disturbed the human race.

The three prodigies of the human alliance ventured into the 9 Moon Burial Tablet Chaos world. They lived for over a hundred years, relying on space and time to create their own supreme 'Soul Martial Arts' sect. It had been over three hundred years since then.

"Hehe, Tian Hong, Di Fan, I, Mo Ziqin, have said that you will regret it. Today, it has really come true!"

"You all are really stupid …" Mo Jiu lowered his head and muttered.

Two hundred years ago, in that battle, when the nine monuments of death self-detonated, Tian Hong and Di Fan, the two Heaven Chosen of the Alliance, were heavily injured, while the whereabouts of their son, Tian Hong and Di Fan, were unknown.

After that, the evil spirits rose to prominence. The Nine Continents, Northeast, Southeast, Northwest, Southwest, the four continents fell, and from there on out, they became the land of the evil spirits.

He, Mo Zizi, had been lucky enough to survive the explosion of the ninth month's tombstone, but he lost his memory for two hundred years. Afterwards, he didn't know what had happened, but today, his memories had finally awoken.

"Young Lord, you're in such a good mood. In the dead of night, you're still able to lament over the moon in this desolate wilderness!"

Behind him, several black figures flashed out from the dense forest like ghosts, forming a line and blocking him from a distance of more than ten feet.

Hearing this, Mo Jiujiu's expression did not change. On the contrary, he appeared abnormally calm. He slowly turned around and looked at the group of black-clothed people lined up in a row.

"You have finally appeared. This young master has been waiting for you for a long time!" Mo Jiu indifferently looked at them and spoke to them with an extremely calm expression.

"Young master, you're so shrewd, but it's a pity that your momentum is gone. The Mo Estate is no longer under your control!"

"Hehe, are you all overconfident, or is Mo Tianlan overconfident?"

Hearing this, the few of them fell silent.

As for Mo Jiu, his expression darkened and instantly turned ice-cold. A cold light flashed in the depths of his eyes as he stared at them.

"Don't blame me for not giving you a chance. Submit or die. You can only choose one!"

"Young master, don't scare us like that. Today, the one who should be clear about the situation is you. Your influence has already disappeared and the Mo Estate is now under the control of the Great Elder!"

"Are you scared?" Mo Jiu looked at them with disdain in his eyes.

"Why did I have to go through so much trouble to scare you all? Today … Since you all want to die, then I shall let you all witness my true strength! "

With that, Mo Jiu formed a complex imprint on his chest with his fingertips before closing his eyes.

The next moment.

All of a sudden, a cold wind blew in the surrounding area, and the winds and clouds suddenly rose up in the night sky, and the black clouds instantly covered the nine bright moons.

Several men in black shook as they looked at Mo Jiu, their eyes filled with disbelief.

"Martial Spirit awakening? How is that possible?" They cried out involuntarily.

Mo Jiu was only 18 years old and had just reached adulthood!

At his age, he was only at the mid to late stage of Body Tempering Stage. As for the fact that his martial soul had awoken to Soul Shadow, he was at least twenty-five years old.

Although the Mo Estate was one of the largest clans in the Northern Cold City, it had never seen a genius below the age of twenty who could awaken his Martial Spirit.

The group of people widened their eyes as they looked with faces full of disbelief at the heroic figure of Mo Jiu.

Over there, a black shadow was quickly forming.

This was a martial spirit that was condensed from the Soul Martial Cultivator's Soul Martial Arts.

The reason it was called the Battle Spirit was that this Martial Spirit could coordinate with the body and form an unparalleled combat ability.

This was a new cultivation method of the Soul Martial Arts. It was created by the three Heaven Chosen of the Alliance after they had studied the time-space images and gained some insights.

Now, it was the golden age of the Soul Martial Arts. Everyone in the world used the Soul Martial Arts to enter the Dao. They wanted to create a supreme divine body and live the same life as the sky.

"Not good, quickly kill him!"

Aware of the danger, the men in black unsheathed their sabers and swords at their backs at the same time and quickly slashed at Mo Jiu who was about to awaken his martial spirit.


A cold light similar to a comet streaked across the night sky, emitting a resplendent light. Unfortunately, the starlight only lasted for a short period of time. The Martial Spirit within Mo Jiu's body was instantly awakened, and soul power quickly enveloped his body.


As if roaring from an ancient time, the five-foot-tall Martial Spirit suddenly punched out with its main body.


The Martial Spirit's fist ruthlessly struck one of the swords, sending it flying.

Then, the Martial Spirit turned into a palm and his body quickly rotated on the spot. His palm was like a knife as it swept in all directions.

"Hmph, die!"

With a cold snort, Mo Jiutian's palm turned into a blade and slashed at their bodies. It cut through their bodies and sent them flying like lost grass.

After a short while, there were a few more dead bodies on the outside of the jungle.

"Hehe, I, Mo Zi, have returned. Jing Tian Hong, Mu Di Fan, you two just wait for me. We will meet again soon!"

Mo Jiu sneered as he slowly withdrew his fist. The five-foot-long Martial Spirit also became smaller and smaller. Finally, it was absorbed into his body.

Two hundred years ago, in that battle, he was affected by the self-detonation of the ninth tombstone. He was seriously injured and lost his memories, his cultivation dropping, but fortunately his foundation was not destroyed.

"Mo Mansion, Mo Jiu, huh? "Very good, then in this life, I shall use this identity to rise to prominence from the Mo Estate and Northern Cold City!" Mo Jiu muttered to himself once more. The corner of his mouth curled up and a hint of an arc appeared on it.

He didn't even know how exactly he had appeared in the Mo Residence and turned into the Dark Nine Heavens.

However, it seemed that none of this was important now. What was important was that he was still alive. If he was still alive, then there would be hope.

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