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C2 The Day

The tour guide showed Xendy his travel itinerary, which showed the places his agent had suggested to visit, He wanted a forest tour or something like it at the moment. The Zanzibar Land animal park (ZALA) was the only thing close to what he wanted.

They agreed to start out there.

As they got to the main gate, the first scent to hit him was cloves, and he decided to look for the plant that produced that mouthwatering smell. His eyes darted around the caged lizards, snakes, and all other animals behind the separation wire and he let out a frustrated growl which alerted his tour guide. The smell did not come from there; what was his wolf thinking?

He got out of the taxi and walked in to explore the park.

Just when he was ready to cross the ZALA junction, he saw a bird running, trying to flee away, someone who looked like the commissioner was commanding the men helping him to load the van to run after the bird, and the watchman he had met at the entrance on his heels after the bird.

More men who were working loading the van joined the race, surrounding the bird in all corners. The bird was running in circles to avoid being caught.

Right there at the junction, a speedy car that was getting out of ZALA was in front of the bird.

Then the driver who hadn't seen the bird abruptly saw it trying to cross the zebra, he tried to hit the brakes, but he was too close. He was going to hit the bird.

Everyone stood still and worried as they watched the scenario unfold. The sound of brakes being pushed to their limit was the last sound everyone heard before the car came to a stop.

The driver of the speedy car breathed hard with fear written all over his face. He quickly unbuttoned his seat belt with trembling hands as he walked out of the now parked car. He went in front of the car to see what was happening.

When he did not see the bird, he raised his head to scan the area. Frightened by the scenario.

His eyes almost popped out of their socket at the view of Xendy holding the bird by the side of the road.

Xendy on the other side wasn't aware of how many eyes were on him. He has dazed as the scent hit me again, a whiff of a good mix of cardamom, vanilla, and cloves, the fragrances were killing him in a good way, and it was hypnotizing and killed all my sensory organs, from his skin that pricked, mouth watering to his eyes that wanted to pop out.

The bird he held was the source of it, a Peacock, it was taller than any bird he knew, about 170 cm -5’6 foot, Its body covered in a vibrant ocean blue color, Its feathers were all green that covered the part between the body and the tail, the most beautiful, captivating colored tail, had brown like leaves or feathers with spots like eyes that were a mix of green, brown, blue and black.

Xendy was still in a daze when the watchman snatched the bird out of his hands.

And unexpectedly, he felt a sense of loss as he looked at the watchman, who was aggressively pulling the bird away from him, taking steps toward the van. The bird tried to protest.

Then the watchman raised his hand with all the force he could gather and hit the bird on its head. The sound of the slap echoed in Xendy's mind like a bomb.

He felt troubled by a mix of emotions about what had happened. It made him wonder; He walked at fast paces to where the watchman was standing with the bird to confront him, and when he got closer, the watchman was determined to hit the bird again.

Xendy held the watchman's hand in midair. He would stand such abuse to happen again.

"What?" the watchman turned angrily to look at Xendy who was holding his waist up in the air.

"What do you think you doing?" he yelled, "This is against the animals' welfare, you are not supposed to do this." then Xendy let go of the watchman's hand aggressively.

"Who are you to meddle?" he shouted back angrily as he rubbed his waist gently.

The tour guide walked into the middle of the two men and pulled Xendy out of the scenario that was already capturing people's attention and forming a cloud. Xendy walked to the taxi and half turned with a sad face to see the bird being pushed into the van that was ready for transportation.

The event troubled him so much throughout the day that he had to leave Zanzibar for Serengeti.

In Serengeti

Sitting on the top of a branch in his wolf form, on one of the tallest trees in Serengeti Park. Xendy mirrored the area around him, trying to find a thick forest where his wolf could enjoy the shift comfortably. His wolf "Yendy" tried to come out since yesterday's incident, but the environment didn't favor him until today.

The weather here is too hot for his wolf. Yendy needs a more closed forest with wetlands and wind through his fur when he runs to cool down. Xendy sees a separate forested area in about ten kilometers, and that is his target. He gets down and trout.

As he gets closer, he meets a pack of wolves. He puts his head down as a sign of surrender 'an intruder meaning no harm to their pack' and doesn't get any response.

He tries to observe them and he notices they are not werewolves, but mere wolves. He never met mere wolves before, hanging around their packs in America, and it was his first meeting.

They look like werewolves but in a rather minor form.

Xendy hadn't felt any barriers around Serengeti or Zanzibar since his arrival. He wasn't sure whether there was a pack around. He thought maybe the werewolves around here prefer living hidden among the humans, but then 'they have to be part of a pack, right?!' He questions himself with no answers.

Now standing with the pack of wolves on his merry way to the thick forest in Serengeti; that was just in front of him. The scent from Zanzibar hit him again.....

He walked in fast steps involuntarily towards the direction of the scent.

When he got close, the scene in front of him made him tremble and shout with a loud growl. He saw the same bird in a more delicate situation than ZALA. It was going to die in the hands of a wolf who had raised his canines, ready to tear the bird apart.

He questioned whether he should get involved, but Yendy was already scaring him with the emotions he was portraying.

Yendy was jumping all over in his head, dancing with happiness. He took over and shouted, "Mate!" Looking at the bird, Xendy didn't understand what Yendy meant.

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