The wredragons mate/C3 Powerful energy
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The wredragons mate/C3 Powerful energy
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C3 Powerful energy

Xendy had searched for his mate all over the world for the last century with no success, every continent paid a visit and he come out empty, his mate situation had led him to travel to the far end of America running away from a tragedy he called life, and now Yendy was playing tricks on him.

He knew his time was up and he had come to terms that it was all over, especially when his mind link stopped working on his way to Zanzibar. In the werewolf world, the first indication of someone's death is the mind link cutting off from his pack.


Xendy felt a power rush running through his veins, another involuntary growl he made pushed the wolf on top of the bird like an arrow, and stooping as if aimed in the air to drop dead on the branch of a faraway tree, the branch protruded through its stomach, hanging the limp body in the air while blood dripped through its fur down to the ground.

The pack of mere wolves that were all going to join the meal, in tearing the bird, were too close, mid-way between Xendy and the bird, they turned around after what happened to their pack member and launched at Yendy.

Thunder reflected on Yendy golden eyes, the sky too dark, with clouds covering it, turning a bright day into a night in seconds, the roar of thunder echoing loudly around the Park, the wolves growled in fear as sparkles of lightning traveled through all their bodies in a flash, dropping all of them dead by one shot.

The tsunami in the area was extraordinary, pushing everything and everyone around, everything and everyone flying all over the sky, the push was too great to withstand but it didn't seem to touch or affect Xendy or the bird that had fainted in the middle of the thick forest.

Yendy walked in slow motion, what was being heard, where the sound of his paws as they hit the ground, Strong powerful energy radiating from his body, with each step he took, everything stopped around him falling back to its original place.

He picked up the bird.

Counter plating on what just happened in his body and what Yendy had just opened up.

Then he stopped, looking at the bird's movements. It was awake.


Iyya woke up to the sounds of Park Ranger communicating. She was holding onto the gigantic wolf on his chest. Out of instinct, she crouches into a defensive position.

Pushing her nails and feathers into the wolf's fur to pinch its skin, it didn't budge. It's like it didn't feel pain.

She thought the wolf would sink his claws and tear her apart any moment now,she went limp waiting.

But the wolf looked at Iyya with a quick eye that warned her of what was happening.

Turning her head to scan the area. She was faced with a Park Ranger holding the wolf at gunpoint about ten metres away.

'What was going on?' Iyya's mind wandered and she got completely scared.

The Park Ranger spoke through a microphone placed just above his right shoulder on a loudspeaker.

Park Ranger no. 1: “Hello control room.”

Control Room: “Control room copy, ninini tatizo?” -roughly translated to what is the status?

Park Ranger no. 1: “There has been a massive killing of about 20 wolves or more by a new gigantic wolf that is not in our database and this wolf might have killed the new tourist.”

The Park Ranger talked too fast and didn't even take a breath in between as his main concentration was on the wolf in front of him.

Iyya understood the language he was using. He was speaking Swahili, her native language, and she didn't like what he was saying.

The Park Ranger also asked for backup because even with the gun pointed at the wolf holding her, he couldn't survive if the wolf decided to launch at him.

The Park Ranger was strong and selfless. He looked into the eyes of the wolf with no sign of fear.which meant he was far more dangerous without a weakness of fear.

Iyya continued to study the wolf holding her and felt as if the wolf tried to communicate with the Park Ranger but the language barrier wouldn't let them agree.

Any animal in this wolf's situation would act on its instincts as fast as it could, but this wolf, she wondered, it acted the same way she would; it acted as a human trapped in an animal body. , she understood the frustrations and felt bad reading into the scenario.

Iyya heard Park car sirens coming from afar.

She tried to turn and see what was happening. In the corner of her eye, another Park Ranger had joined the battle right behind where they stood, and with the sirens anytime now, they would be surrounded.

It is a well-known fact around Serengeti what they do to Lions that eat humans in the park. They never live to see another day because as long as the lion has tasted human blood, they are considered to always go after humans all over again.

Not only lions but also the laws in Serengeti, which she was familiar with, were not on this wolf's side. The park rangers were allowed to shoot and kill on site when a dangerous animal gets closer to the humans or tries to attack them.

Iyya wasn't sure if this wolf had killed the tourist that they were talking about, but it was an animal and that was what wild animals did.

The fate of this wolf was as good as that of the lion that killed a human. It was to be shot down to its death.

From the conversation the park Rangers had, she wasn't the target. She was at a wrong place. Right in the middle of a crossfire.

She pushed through her mind looking for ideas on a way to distract the Park Ranger and let the wolf free.

From the scenarios she had been through in the few hours around here, she was as good as dead in this park.

She felt obligated to somehow try to save the wolf.

The wolf had done the same for her.

Risking her life as a sign of gratitude wasn't a bad idea at that moment.

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