The wredragons mate/C4 Bullet showers
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The wredragons mate/C4 Bullet showers
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C4 Bullet showers

The second Ranger behind them, who was about twenty meters from the dead wolves, was slowly approaching them and stopped after the wolf made a reflex of throwing Iyya on its back.

It's as if it could sense the movement of the second Ranger although he tried so much not to make any noise from his movement.

Iyya jumped off the wolf's back, flying with her wings wide spread, flew with high speed, and hit the First Park Ranges by surprise, putting him off guard and throwing him to the ground. The second Ranger ran towards the first Ranger to help him off the ground.

Iyya was standing, dazzled, and scared by what she had done. She then watched the wolf looking to its right and saw the dust that was rising high due to the Park cars rushing and heading toward them.

Without any gesture to warn Iyya, the wolf picked Iyya up off the ground and threw her back again and started to run to the left side, away from everyone at a supernatural speed.

Even before Iyya could balance herself well on its back, they were miles away.

Iyya struggled so much to balance herself on its back and finally dug her claws into its fur to balance herself.

When she was able to balance herself, she then realized it was all for nothing because right then.

The gunshot started.

She chose the wrong side.

It was like a rain shower of bullets coming from above. It was as if the clouds were mad at them and started to rain bullets on their way.

She questioned her mind why she was stupid enough to make this choice, forgetting she was all ready to die a few minutes earlier.

Deep in her mind, somehow she had started to trust this wild wolf. Which was weird even for her.

Probably it was the only rope she could hold and felt as though, She saw some light, some hope for life hanging around.

She still adamantly hesitated in her mind. It was impossible to trust again. She had promised herself not to entertain these kinds of feelings after her stepmom.

Being lost in her mind, she almost lost a bit of her balance on the wolf. And the reality hit her again.

Iyya as usual, involuntarily started to recite her survival words. It was like a ritual to call for help in her head that kept her alive.

Live or to die in peace without more pain.



The violence and scare of the world have followed her around all her life. She is an example of someone she would pity.

Iyya doesn't know what she did. That was so wrong. But she thinks living in a peacock's body for this long is punishment enough. After five years of misery, it wasn't over. She was now going to die in the middle of nowhere for the crime helping.

She was trembling with fear, holding herself on the back of the wolf that was running at an abnormal speed. She raised her head to look at the wolf's face and say her last goodbye, but suddenly.

Everything around them stopped moving.

Bullets, butterflies, birds and trees, nothing, everything stood still except for just the two of them. As the wolf ran faster and faster,Iyya thought her mind was playing tricks on her, showing her things that did not exist, telling her she was safe and alive in a dimension that didn't exist.

She felt sad that even her mind pitied her enough to create an image that looked safe only for her and the wolf.

She looked in front and saw a thick forest that was now a kilometer away.

Then, suddenly, everything started moving back to normal. She felt a gush of wind pushed by bullets past her and thought reality was back.

She was grateful for the nice dream. It helped somehow.

The wolf was still doing its best to protect them both from running away from the Park Rangers and away from bullets.

She did her best to not be a burden and tried to dodge the bullets, spreading her wings on the fur all over the back of the wolf and hiding her delicate organs from the bullets. At the moment, the wolf's whole focus was on survival. They only needed to survive the kilometer and hide through the thick forest.

The place they were running through was open grassland, which gave the Rangers an added advantage to aim at them. It was easy to locate the wolf. It was very black, with shiny gold eyes that shined through the grass and the movements it made. Every paw that hits the ground would send an echo to the surrounding area, notifying other animals and birds of its movement.

In turn, birds and insects flew away or small animals trotted through the grassland, making it obvious the direction it took. The birds were flying, their wings making a loud noise.

Iyya's nose filled with the smell of dust, her body covered fully with dust. She tried to hold in her breath, but they came in an uncontrolled way. What had she brought herself into?

She is now on the Park Rangers blacklist. They were going to kill her too if the other wild animals didn't get to her first.

The sound of drones flying over and cycling them made Iyya's heart jump out of her chest. The drones were too close, which means all the Park Rangers were aware of their current location now.

They had to make it into the thick forest. It was their sole chance of survival.

And this would give them more advantage in this battle.

And luck was on her side for once. They made it to the thick forest. It was now within a few meters. Iyya let go of the fur on the wolf's back and raised her wings, flying above the wolf.

The wolf watched her fly above in a parallel direction and speed.

It started running faster and faster, still watching, and the faster it went, Iyya made sure to spread her wings and match the wolf's speed. And before long, they had lost the car, gunshots, and the drones.

As they ran deeper into the thick forest.

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