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C11 Drinking

At this time, I saw Gou Yaner nod her head continuously as she talked after Gou Yaner spoke a few more words to him, and Gou Yaner didn't even return the school uniform to her after she finished speaking. Just like that, she walked out of the alley while carrying it. The two girls who came with her also came out.

Some of the surrounding hoodlum students also started to cheer loudly.

Gou Yaner, on the other hand, continued to look straight ahead as she walked through the crowd. The three beauties were walking in a very cool manner under the crowd, but unexpectedly, the Zhao Qian who was walking on the side suddenly burst out in laughter. She looked a little embarrassed, and overturned their image just now, causing me to be greatly shocked.

"Disperse." After Yang Ming said this, the rest of us stood up as well.

However, Gou Yaner and the others did not head in our direction. Instead, they stopped a taxi on the side of the road and got on.

After seeing that Gou Yaner and the rest had left, I turned around to look at Xiao Ping. At this time, Xiao Ping was crying while covering her face with her hands. Her hair was also hanging on the back of her hands, making her look as if she felt that she had lost a lot of face.

"That's right, bitch!" Yang Ming scolded him in satisfaction.

At this moment, the girl that came out with her also walked up to her and squatted beside her while patting her shoulder to comfort her.

"Let's go." Wei Kun said.

"How is it, Gou Yaner helped you vent your anger this time?" Yang Ming put his arm on Wei Kun's shoulder and said with a smile.

"That's it." Wei Kun said.

Yang Ming was still laughing happily, "Damn, you have a rotten mouth and a good mouth, you're the one."

"Let's go and have a smoke." "No," I said.

Yang Fa raised his chin towards the alley, "Hey, that bitch is still where we smoke."

"Let's go to Old Xinjiang, and drink some beer." Wei Kun said.

"Alright, I'll be going to Old Xinjiang. Fuck, I'm so happy today. "Hahaha." Yang Ming said with a grin.

As I thought about it, it was a festival for teachers today, so it just happened to be half the afternoon. As I thought about it, it was a festival for teachers today, so I thought that it would be a good afternoon for the afternoon.

We also called Lin Kai, Lu Ting and Mao Mao to go together. Mao Mao is the big name Mao Zhenbo, he is one of the talkative people in our group. All day long, he has always been the talkative one. However, Ye Zichen was rather loyal, so he was pretty fierce when it came to fighting. Yang Ming also said that Yi Qingwei left early, otherwise, he would have at least called him to come with us.

I said how about we go call someone and Yang Ming said never mind. We can hire him some other day. There are plenty of opportunities.

Our group of people headed straight for the Old Xinjiang.

When we came to the Old Xinjiang's kebab shop, other than students like us, everyone else had gone home to eat. As such, there weren't many people coming to eat at the restaurant today. As usual, the Old Xinjiang gave each of us a cigarette, and we would drink a box of beer first.

Peanut and Mao Dou's plate had just been served, and before we could even move our chopsticks, we heard someone say from the doorway, "Yo, we've all finished our food and we're not even calling us sisters. That's not good enough."

A woman's voice?

I was about to pick up the peanuts when I heard the voice. I looked up and saw that it was right, it was Gou Yaner and the other woman who was walking towards us.

Because I was sitting on the side outside, Gou Yaner walked over and sat beside me. The other two girls saw that there was no more space, because there were seven of us here. This table was the biggest table here, and normally, we wouldn't even be able to get close to it.

"I really don't know how to wait for my sister or the others. It's not nice at all." After Gou Yaner sat down, she scanned us all once and said.

"Who knew that you guys would come back? If we knew, we'd invite you guys too late." "Hehe." Yang Ming said with a smile.

"Cut the crap, quickly pour some wine for me." Gou Yaner said.

"Oh, whose mother are you?" Mao Mao said with a mischievous smile.

"Don't joke with me." After Gou Yaner finished speaking, he also laughed.

"dicarb, hurry up and get two stools, and three pairs of chopsticks and three cups over here!" At this time, Wei Kun shouted to the son of the Old Xinjiang outside with keen eyes.

In this short period of time, the few of us sat there without saying anything. After all, this is the first time I'm sitting with a beauty. I feel a little uncomfortable sitting together, so I think that the few of them should be similar to how I feel.

Gou Yaner looked at us: "Why are you all sitting down, are you guys eating?" As she spoke, she picked up two peanuts and started chewing on them.

"That's right, what needs to be eaten is eaten. Alright, with these beauties accompanying us, the food will become even more delicious." As Mao Mao said that, he also picked up a peanut and started eating.

At this time, the son of the Old Xinjiang also brought the tableware and a high stool over. Zhao Qian and the other girl also sat down. The few of us fought to pour some wine for them.

Zhao Qian then said, "I don't drink alcohol, I just drink water."

After she finished speaking, Gou Yaner looked at her and smiled slightly without saying a word.

At this moment, I said, "If you don't want to drink, then just drink a beverage. How can drinking plain water be enough?"

"Yeah, can I get you a Coke?" Wei Kun asked her.

Zhao Qian looked at me and said: "Alright."

Wei Kun stood up and went to the freezer to get two bottles of Cola, and after that he went around looking for a bottle opener, because if we drank alcohol normally, we would either bite the cap of the bottle or hit it with a lighter. We really didn't know where the bottle opener was kept at home.

The Old Xinjiang's son was quick to notice and quickly came over to give the bottle opener to Wei Kun. In truth, the bottle opener was already hanging on the wall in front of Wei Kun, but he did not see it, it sounded like he was at home when he said that.

Wei Kun scratched his head and said: "Young lad, you have a bright future."

F * ck, shameless.

Seeing that everyone had already taken their seats, we all filled our glasses with wine. Yang Ming raised his cup and said, "Come, everyone. Let's welcome the beauties to join us."

"Let's go." We all shouted together.

Wei Kun drank the wine in one gulp, then turned his cup upside down and smiled at the girls, showing that he was done drinking.

None of the women looked at her.

"AHH!" "Cold beer is good. Hurry and eat some food." Yang Ming said to Gou Yaner and the others.

The other ladies also picked up chopsticks of peanuts.

"Oh, right. What do you like to order?" I said to the women.

Gou Yaner said: "Give me five kebabs, five kebabs."

"Me. "Whatever." As Zhao Qian spoke, she looked at me once more, then lowered her head to look at the cup of cola in front of him.

The other woman, whose name I didn't know, asked, "What does this girl want?"

At this time, Gou Yaner suddenly realized something: Oh, right, I haven't introduced him to you yet.

"AHH!" Haha. Yeah, we didn't introduce them either. " Yang Ming scratched the back of his head and laughed.

"My name is Cheng Yan, you can also call me Gou Yaner." Gou Yaner said.

"My name is Zhao Qian." While saying that, Zhao Qian unwittingly looked at me, and then added: "Hu Xixi."

The other woman said, "Ai Shasha, f * * k, Sha Sha."

"Pfft!" When Mao Mao heard that, he burst out laughing: "Fuck Sha Sha? The other side is so sloppy, are you just sloshing around like that? Haha, it's not just grass or sand. "Hahaha."

Hearing this, Gou Yaner and Zhao Qian also laughed.

Ai Shasha herself knew it was funny, she rolled her eyes, then laughed and pointed at Mao Mao with his chopsticks: "Don't be annoying!"

Everyone laughed again, and we all introduced ourselves.

At this time, some of the meat skewers we wanted first were already tested, and when the little dicarb carried them over to us, her two round eyes were still wandering between the three beauties.

Wei Kun smacked the little dicarb on his butt while scolding: "baby chick, look around blindly, where should we go?"

The Old Xinjiang glanced at Wei Kun in disdain, snorted, put down his plate, and left.

As soon as we saw the meat skewers on the table, we stopped being gentlemen and began to nibble on them ourselves. picked up the string and passed it to Zhao Qian who was closest to him.

Zhao Qian only said, "I can reach it."

Hearing that, Wei Kun immediately put the skewer into his mouth.

After thirty minutes of drinking, the dishes had already tasted all five dishes. It seemed that more than half of the beer in the wine box had already been drained.

Just then, Gou Yaner walked up to me and whispered: "Beautiful man, let me introduce you to someone."

I was chewing on a string of meat tendons, and my mouth was stuffed with meat. When I heard this, my mouth stopped moving all of a sudden.

"Who is it? It can't be that you have fallen for us, right? " Yang Ming also drank a little too much, but his ears were still sharp, he asked Gou Yaner.

Gou Yaner glared at him: Go and play, go back to how you were before! Then she turned to me.

For a moment, I didn't know what to say, so I forcefully swallowed the mouthful of meat and asked. "Who is it?"

"We do have a target." Yang Ming continued.

"What do you mean string, string?" Gou Yaner looked at me and asked, "Why are you called Xing'er?"

"They did it for me." "No," I said.

At this time, smelly mouth Mao Mao also followed to say: "Ai, he's called Xing'er, and you're called Gou Yaner, the two of you are perfect. "Haha." Here we call a crossbreed of wolfhound as a cross.)

Gou Yaner pointed at Mao Mao: "I'm serious now, I'm getting impatient with you!" Although she said it was anxious, Gou Yaner still forced a smile and said it when she was speaking.

I was a bit embarrassed by what they said, but I thought it was normal for a girl to take a fancy to me.

I am the most handsome out of all of us, and the second is Yang Fa. Yang Fa is one of those with small nose and small eyes, and I am the most handsome, and furthermore I am taller than Yang Fa.

It's not just about my grades, it's about me sitting in the front seat and affecting my classmates' line of sight.

It's not that I'm praising you, but one of the girls in my class once told me that I think you're the most handsome one in our grade. It was the entire grade, how high was the evaluation! Here, first of all, he had to look good.

Gou Yaner asked me: "Do you have a partner? "It's okay, go to her."

"Huh?" I was at a loss.

Gou Yaner waved her hand in front of my face. "Sigh, I won't tease you anymore. Seriously, do you really have a partner? "

"Me. "I just left." In fact, when I said this, there was a certain longing in me.

"Oh." Gou Yaner intentionally spoke in a long tone, as she turned to look at Yang Ming: "Tsk, I don't have a target right now."

"That's not good. Just do it to him." The wolf is in love, the dog is doing it on purpose. " Yang Ming pretended to be serious.

"Hey, you dare to make fun of me!" Gou Yaner's eyes widened, and he stuck his waist in Yang Ming's chest as he shouted.

"I was wrong, I will punish myself with a cup of wine, haha." As he spoke, Yang Ming picked up his own glass and toasted.

"Tsk, I think you just want to drink." With that, Gou Yaner ignored him and said to me: "Hey, what do you think about us sisters?" As she spoke, she tilted her head towards Zhao Qian.

At this time, the few people who were drinking stopped their movements, and turned to look at Zhao Qian.

At this time, Zhao Qian's face had already turned red, it wasn't natural for him to be sitting there. But a pair of eyes just looked straight at me. Actually, I admire her quite a bit as well. Even if it was a man like me, under such circumstances, I wouldn't dare to stare fixedly at a girl like her.

"Me." These words came a little too suddenly. Even though I was mentally prepared for Yang Ming's mischievous eyes before, I still felt a little absent-minded when these words were in front of me. I didn't know what to say.

"Aiya, I've already made myself clear. Whether or not I can do it will be up to you now." Gou Yaner urged me.

"Actually." I was already hesitating a little.

Seeing that I couldn't say it out loud, Gou Yaner replied easily: "Aiya, you're also considered a man, what are you talking about, our Zhao Qian's looks, don't tell me we aren't good enough for you? Just tell me if it's okay or not! "

I looked at Yang Ming. Yang Ming just looked at me and smiled, but didn't say anything. I shifted my gaze back to Wei Kun, who raised his cup and didn't even look at me. I unintentionally turned my gaze towards Zhao Qian and met her gaze. F * ck, how did I become Fan Er? I actually didn't want to look at her, but I couldn't help but look at her.

At this time, Zhao Qian was staring straight at me, her eyes filled with desire.

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