The Years of My Youth/C7 I lost my game
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The Years of My Youth/C7 I lost my game
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C7 I lost my game

The old saying was right. When things come to extremes, everything goes in the opposite direction. It was indeed reasonable to be sad at the extremes. Our group of people are currently in the school, like beasts without natural enemies, enjoying themselves to their heart's content. He had long forgotten what it meant to be low-key. They had also overlooked the fact that there were still people like Liu Lianqi and pestle on the third day of the third day.

Wei Kun is the one who caused this, so we can't really blame him that time. At that time, other than the Big Baby Yang Ming who didn't have any targets, everyone else had targets. Wei Kun, on the other hand, was messing with a girl from Year 2. I've met her a few times, but I really don't like her looks, she's not the plump type, but she definitely has a robust figure. I heard that she even trained in shot put during elementary school.

Sometimes, I don't understand. There are clearly some girls who have average looks and their bodies aren't considered slim, but there are quite a few guys who like them and Wei Kun's target seems to be that group. In any case, we often tease Wei Kun that he found a male nanny. It was that male granny who had caused trouble for Wei Kun.

It was the afternoon before Teacher's Day, and the classes were in the classroom doing cleaning and blacklisting and so on. The few of us have never participated in such public service activities. We don't do daily hygiene and the squad leader wouldn't dare to force us to do it. So, Wei Kun and I walked out of the classroom, and it just so happened that Yang Ming also walked out of class. Yang Fa and two of their classmates were behind him. As soon as I raised my eyebrows at Yang Ming, he immediately understood.

At this time, Wei Kun said: "You guys go ahead and smoke, I'll go find my partner to play with."

Upon hearing that Wei Kun wanted to find his target, the rest of us jeered at him. "Quickly go find your mother Yaksha!"

Wei Kun only gave us the middle finger while smiling, and then hummed a song as he walked towards the teaching building.

Because the toilet is next to the water room, at this time, because every grade class to do a major cleaning, the flow of people is still relatively large, so we decided to go to the small alley outside the school to smoke. Ever since I started playing with the Big Baby and the others, the alley in front of the school gate has become a place I often go to.

However, when we arrived at the gate, we discovered that the iron gate was already open. Actually, at this time, not every class was doing hygiene, and some teachers' dictatorships, in order to emphasize their unshakable status, would drive us students to do hygiene, whether willingly or unwillingly, to draw the chalkboard as a tribute to them.

Big Baby and I looked at each other, and then simultaneously said the word "fuck."

As I was standing facing the homostomia, Yang Ming and the others were facing me, so I accidentally saw a person running out of the school entrance in a hurry, with a large palm-print on his face. If I looked carefully, I could see that it was Wei Kun.

I threw the cigarette away and said, "Fuck! Look! It's Kun Zi!"

Yang Ming was squatting on the ground and smoking a cigarette, and subconsciously spat out a circle with his eyes, "Fuck, that bastard." But before he could finish, he suddenly felt that something was amiss. He suddenly turned around, and saw Wei Kun running towards us, his face still stained with blood.

We were all stunned. He was clearly fine just now, but how did he become like this in such a short period of time?

"What's going on?" I shouted, and the few of us ran towards Wei Kun.

When Wei Kun saw us, he shouted loudly, "Hurry up and flank this fellow! Damn it, look at me, pestle hit me like this!" He pointed at his own face as he shouted.

When Yang Ming saw Wei Kun's reaction, he became anxious. He threw the cigarette on the ground and shouted, "Damn it, pestle is it? Let's go and kill him! "

At this time, I felt that I should first ask what was going on, and then act. I told Yang Ming, "Wait a moment, let me ask Kun Zi what is going on."

"F * ck, what are you asking for?!" You've already f * cking beaten me up, what are you asking me for, just go straight to the pestle and f * ck him! " Obviously, Yang Ming did not want to ask any further, he only knew that Wei Kun had been beaten up, and that the one hitting him was the pestle.

When they finally reached the same place as Wei Kun, Wei Kun shouted with all his might: "Fuck, I'm not going to f * cking screw the pestle, I'm not f * cking surnamed Wei!" We walked into the alley, because in the corner of the alley we hid a few steel pipes.

When Wei Kun walked past me, I reached out to stop him, and said: "What exactly happened? "Tell me about it first."

"What's there to say? I'll definitely go to him!" Wei Kun scratched my hand and said impatiently.

At this moment, Yang Ming said to a student in his class, "Quickly go to our class and call everyone here. Tell them to come!" He then turned to another student and said, "Go to Billiard Hall and the Game Hall and call for people. Tell them what I said, and call for everyone that can be called over. Hurry up, gather here, and tell them that I'm waiting here."

After he finished, Yang Ming shouted towards Wei Kun: "Take out all the guys inside!"

Right at this moment, the target I was doing, Sun Hui, coincidentally walked out of the school gate. When she saw us standing there, especially seeing the color on Wei Kun's face, she directly ran over to us.

When he arrived in front of me, he immediately asked: "Liu Xiaoyong, what's going on?"

Because I was in a rather agitated mood, I impatiently said to her, "Don't worry about it. Hurry back."

Sun Hui looked at me and said, "I'm your target, can't I ask you?"

Just as I was about to speak, I saw something that surprised me. Wei Kun walked out of the alley with a few steel pipes in his hand and a kitchen knife in his hand.

At this time, Yang Ming also asked in shock, "Fuck, when did you hide the kitchen knife?"

At this time, Wei Kun was holding the kitchen knife in his hand, laughed coldly, and replied, "No matter how skilled you are, you are still afraid of the kitchen knife. Where did he learn all this?

In fact, ever since Big Bao Er used bakery's Bone Cutting Blade to suppress Xu Liang and the rest, Wei Kun had a feeling of the importance of this blade. So while we were hiding a few steel tubes, he had also hidden a kitchen knife.

Wei Kun threw the few steel tubes onto the ground, and in his hands he kept the kitchen knife.

Sun Hui couldn't help but cry out, "Ah! You even use murder weapons? "Quickly put it away, something will happen!"

At this time, I pushed Sun Hui a little and said: "Alright, you go first, we have our limits, don't follow along."

Just as I pushed Sun Hui and she still didn't want to leave, she saw five or six people coming out from the main entrance, and the one leading them was pestle.

The moment Wei Kun saw pestle coming out, he raised his kitchen knife and shouted, "pestle! I'll f * cking kill you! " He then ran towards the pestle.

When the pestle saw Wei Kun running towards him with the kitchen knife in his hand, he laughed. "You idiot, you want to play with me?

When Wei Kun was one meter away from him, he saw that not only did pestle not dodge, instead, he straightened his body and raised his right foot, and kicked towards Wei Kun's stomach. Because the attack was too fierce, Wei Kun did not expect pestle to not dodge, he even kicked, and the leg was definitely not longer than the leg he kicked, but Wei Kun clearly wanted to dodge the kick, because it was not far from him in terms of inertia, and with a slight movement of his body, pestle kicked him right in the ribs.

Wei Kun groaned, then fell to the ground, the kitchen knife in his hand also fell out of his grasp.

Wei Kun laid on the ground as he cried out, it sounded like he was in real pain. he managed.

When Big Baby saw how painful Wei Kun was, she immediately rushed towards him. "pestle, f * ck you!"

The pestle saw that the Big Baby was also rushing towards him, and laughed, "Damn, each one of you is more awesome than the other."

Right behind Big Baby was the little darling Yang Fa. At this time, Yang Fa picked up a steel pipe and rushed over. Just as pestle turned to the side to avoid this punch, he did not expect this punch to be fake. Yang Ming only took half of the punch before quickly retracting, following that, he suddenly raised his leg, intending to give pestle a kick on the back.

Seeing that Yang Ming had suddenly changed his plan, pestle quickly pulled his body back and retreated a distance of half a meter. Then, before Yang Ming could pull back his leg, he walked forward and kicked Yang Ming in the stomach, sending Yang Ming flying one meter away before he landed heavily on the ground. Just as he was about to stand up, a person beside pestle had already flashed in front of him, and kicked Yang Ming in the face.

Yang Fa cursed as he raised the steel pipe and smashed it towards pestle. pestle only dodged slightly before dodging. pestle took the opportunity to circle to Yang Fa's side, and then gave him another kick. Yang Fa was sent flying diagonally like this, and he was naturally left in a miserable state.

pestle's fighting strength was actually this shocking, the three people who had charged up earlier were all taken care of by him in no time.

At this moment, it was only me, and the reason why I kept on looking at them without moving was not because I was too scared to attack, but it was actually true that I was shocked by pestle's fighting strength, but I was already held back by Sun Hui at that time. pestle's movements seemed very long, but in reality, it was only a few seconds of time.

At this point, only I was left standing. No, it should be two people, and Sun Hui. She kept tugging at me.

At this time, the few people pestle had brought over were kicking Yang Ming and Yang Fa hard, pestle looked at me and said, "This matter has nothing to do with you, since you have not fought, and your target is here, I won't touch you anymore. But you little bastards, remember, I, pestle hasn't graduated in one day, so don't even think about turning the sky upside down!"

At this time, there were a lot of students spectating around us, I even saw a few of the students that Wei Kun was chasing after the kid in his second year of university. At this time, we were almost completely annihilated, and they were all standing there watching, not a single one of them was willing to come forward, so these people made it easy for them to beat him up.

I was also wondering why the two brats that Yang Ming let go to call people should have come back by now, but why isn't anyone around?

It's not the time for me to think about this, seeing that Wei Kun, Yang Ming and the others have all been taken care of, if I just let pestle go like this, I wouldn't forgive myself, after all, we had all kowtowed before. If you have the fortune, you have the difficulty, but when you are with them, other than being able to draw Hilton s and big red rivers, the majority of them are bought by me, I have not been able to enjoy any happiness, but at least you have to have the difficulty.

I shouted at Sun Hui, "Let go of me!"

"I won't let you go, I won't let you fight!" Sun Hui was quite anxious.

"Mind your own fucking business, man!" Seeing that I was unable to get rid of Sun Hui, I tried my best to break free. As I used too much strength, I actually managed to push Sun Hui down.

Sun Hui was pushed to the ground by me, as she looked at me with reddened eyes, and shouted, "Liu Xiaoyong, if you were to fight today, we would be finished here!"

At this moment, I was already extremely infuriated. I shouted at her, "If it's over, then it's over! Fuck!"

After I finished speaking, Sun Hui cried.

I no longer have the time to care about her. Yang Ming and Yang Fa have already been kicked so hard that they can't move. He shouted, "pestle, f * ck you!" He charged towards pestle, and the result is obvious. pestle knocked me down a few times by himself. Then two more men came up and kicked me so hard that I could only roll over like a shrimp and cover my face with my arms and let them storm me.

After fighting for a while, the pestle said, "Stop." Those people all stood to the side, panting heavily.

pestle squatted down and grabbed my hair. He looked at me and said, "Alright, this young lad has a bit of loyalty. I'll teach you a lesson today and tell you not to be so hasty in the future."

I just stared at him without saying a word.

When a person next to me saw me glaring at pestle, he immediately kicked me in the back. "Are you still not convinced?"

pestle shouted to the man: "Enough!" After that, he loosened his grip on my hair, stood up, and said to the few of us: "I beat you guys up today, if you don't agree, then come find me anytime, my pestle is ready anytime." With that, he waved and left.

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