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The Years of My Youth/C9 Women play the
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C9 Women play the

I didn't want to go to geometry class, and I always thought that the geometry and formulas the teacher had drawn on the blackboard were like reading a book from heaven. I looked at that brat Wei Kun, who was two rows away from me and was sitting in the second row from the back. At that moment, he was leaning on the table, his hands holding his cheeks, as he looked ahead with confusion. I knew that he definitely wasn't listening to teacher's lecture, but his brain had long gone missing.

I didn't get a good night's sleep last night because I threw up several times, so I just fell asleep on the table. Fortunately, I was tall, sitting in the last row against the wall of my class, feeling that I was more secretive.

Before going to bed, I even specially instructed the optician sitting at my table to inform me once the class is over. When teacher walked over, he also had to tell me as well. She happily agreed. I suspected that she was also secretly in love with me. Normally, she would agree to anything I said. During the exam, she would even show me the answer so that I could copy it. However, I felt that she really didn't look that great. I always felt that for a person like her, no matter how attentive she was towards me, I wouldn't take a fancy to her. And she had small freckles on her face.

But I also saw her after graduation, but I almost didn't recognize her at that time. Damn, she didn't wear her glasses anymore, and her face was quite small, so when she dressed up, she could be considered a top class beauty. Back then, when I was in school, I couldn't even remember what kind of person she was in my childhood.

It was a bit off course. After class, she woke me up as promised. I stretched myself when Wei Kun came to my side and said, "Let's go find my darling."

Just as we walked out of the classroom, we met Yang Ming and Yang Fa walking towards us.

I saw that Yang Ming was expressionless, but Yang Fa had a face full of smiles.

"What do you mean?" Wei Kun asked first.

"Come on, let's go to the corridor." Yang Ming said.

We walked to the corner of the corridor, and after seeing that no one followed us over, Yang Ming said to us: "Before I went to class, I found Qing Wei. He said that he knew what happened yesterday, but what Qing Wei said is very true. "However, he can help Kun Zi find someone to take care of Kun Zi's target. Pah, whatever target it is, it's that trash."

"All I said was to find someone to fix my target." Wei Kun said dejectedly.

As Qing Wei had said, if we want to make a move on the pestle, then Liu Liangqi will also come out. He also found out about what happened yesterday, and Liu Liangqi also said that, if anyone wants to make a move on the pestle, it means that the person has to make a move on him, and he will definitely make a move. Amongst us, it can be said that I have the best skill, but I can't compare to him in a few rounds. There's no helping it, he was born from a training school, and learned how to fight in a scattered manner for a few days. "

"Then I'm going to take this lying down. Are we just going to let this match go for nothing?" Wei Kun was a little anxious hearing all this.

"Relying on our heads and duels, we have no chance of winning." Do you know why our helpers were so slow yesterday? Actually, they were all secretly watching and only came out when they saw pestle leave. However, we cannot blame all of them, even if there were ten people who came out at that time, they would still be knocked down together with us, after all, we know best what kind of people there are in our group, and the people that came out with pestle are at least people who can fight well, and they are all third year students, it is reasonable that they would not dare to come out. " Yang Ming said.

"You mean we should not touch the pestle?" Hearing this, I wasn't too happy about it either.

"Fuck, when did my Big Baby ever eat a loss? Don't you think that the pestle has just beaten us up? He must be on guard against us, so it will definitely not be easy for us to take action. Let him think we're afraid of him. Let him relax his guard against us, and then we can find a chance to deal with him. Don't worry, I won't take this lying down even if you didn't say it. "However, we can't do something that would cause trouble for ourselves." Yang Ming said earnestly.

"You talk about things one by one, then talk about something else." I heard something and asked him.

"Fuck, my brain is better than yours." Otherwise, you'll be called idiot Kun. " Yang Ming said to Wei Kun.

"Alright, stop praising him. Hurry up and tell him that it's time for class again. Tell me about the other one. " Wei Kun asked.

"Mn, Qing Wei has already agreed to help you settle this matter." Yang Ming said, "You'll know after school today."

"Don't f * * king keep me in suspense. Just tell me what you mean." Wei Kun asked impatiently.

Yang Ming asked: "Qing Wei said that he would look for one of his sisters to help you deal with that bitch, Gou Yaner, you know right?"

"I know, she's Qing Wei's sworn sister? I heard that you are rather arrogant in Bazhong. " Wei Kun hurriedly received it and said.

I have seen Gou Yaner twice, but I have never talked to her much, this time, it was Qing Wei who asked her to help you get rid of that bitch. She'll be here at noon. You'll have to watch when the time comes. I guarantee that I'll be able to vent my anger. " As he spoke, Yang Ming's face revealed a little pride. However, I really don't think there's anything to be angry about after dealing with a woman. After all, the one who beat up Kun Zi and us is still the pestle, right?

When the matter is over, pestle will not be able to move first, but from the looks of Wei Kun's expression, he should be very happy to be able to get rid of her. Wei Kun and I returned to the classroom, and before long the bell for class rang.

This class is English, for English words is always the word to recognize me, I do not recognize it, the best English I speak is probably YES O NO. I feel that China has billions of people in large countries, and the Chinese are everywhere in the world. Why do we have to learn English?

He might as well continue to replenish his sleep. I laid on the desk as I thought about what that Gou Yaner really looked like, but I'm afraid that the one that can be considered as Wei Kun's target is even stronger than him. Just the piece that Wei Kun targeted, is already heavy enough, so what can't Gou Yaner look like?

I simply imagined her to be a female weightlifter with a fake boy's head, an extremely bulky body that had excessive male hormone secretion, as if Gou Yaner and her target were just like two girls who were pouncing on each other in the alley of the school. I could not help but laugh shamelessly.

My tablemate, who was listening to my lecture, suddenly smiled at me with a puzzled look, and I glanced at her, but when I saw her beautiful large glasses and the pair of tiny eyes hidden behind them, I turned my head to the side and continued looking for Mr Zhou.

Finally, it was noon. As it was Teacher's Day, the teachers had to take a break for half a day in the afternoon. I was glad of it.

Actually, I wasn't really anxious to see that person called Gou Yaner. After all, even if I didn't see the person in person, just by hearing the nickname, I knew that it was rugged enough. However, I really want to see how the two of them fight. After all, I've only seen men fight, while the girls have only seen men argue. So I was eager to see what it was like to see two heavyweight women flailing around on the ground. It seems a little evil.

Our brothers walked to the school gate. At this moment, we saw three girls standing not too far away looking towards our school gate.

The three girls were about the same height, and none of them wore school uniforms, but it was obvious that they were all junior high students like us. Moreover, one of them looked quite good-looking. He could tell that she was about 1.6 meters tall, with a head full of short hair, eyebrows that looked like they had been plucked, and eyebrows that looked exactly like the eyebrows of the singer Li Wen, who was very red at the time. Her facial features could be considered delicate. Her eyes were quite pretty, her nose was straight, and she had thin lips and a pointed chin. When I saw her, the word "right" flashed through my mind.

The two girls standing beside her were, to be honest, not bad looking, but compared to her, they were nothing. The students who were rushing over couldn't help but glance at them when they saw them. Normally, if they saw beauties, the bullies would greet them. However, no one would go over to greet these three beauties. This made me a little confused.

At this time, Yang Ming said: "Gou Yaner is here."

"Where is it?" I asked.

"Motherf * cker, aren't you just standing there?" These eyes of yours are full of anger. You can't see such a beautiful lady? " Yang Ming said to me in a bad mood as he tilted his head in the direction of the three girls.

Hearing him say that, I suddenly realised, so Gou Yaner was one of the three girls? If he didn't say it, I really wouldn't dare to link one of the three beauties in front of me with Gou Yaner who sounded a little prodded.

"Which one is?" Wei Kun asked.

"F * ck." Both of them are idiots. About that, it's about the one that's left with the pieces. " Yang Ming still explained to us, as if he was afraid that we wouldn't be able to recognize each other, so he pointed with his finger and said.

In fact, he pointed with his hand symbolically, and I don't know which it was, but the only one of the three girls who had remained was the prettiest eyebrow I'd noticed.

Wei Kun looked at the three women in front of him and could not help but say, "Aiyo, hey! Especially that Gou Yaner who was said to be the "five golden flowers of the East Main Street" heh! "

Let's talk about it here. At that time, there was a rumor about me being a hoodlum in the city called "Five Golden Flowers", which referred to East Main Street Gou Yaner, the fowls of West Street, North Gate Tower Zhai Ying, the derma of South Lane and the four sisters of Fifth Avenue in the city. There were also those who called her Fourth Sister. Some of these Female play s were young, some were young, and some had different auras. However, they all had a common characteristic, which was that they were all beautiful.

It was said that her target was extremely ruthless and powerful in the area of North Gate Tower. I heard that he had fought a few rounds with Dan Xing'er's big brother, Jin Bao, before, until Jin Bao was in trouble, and then, things calmed down for a while.

So far, I only know Gou Yaner and Little Chicken from these Female play. West Street's Little Chicken is from the land of three leopards and Dan Xun. I heard that the full name of these five golden flowers was given to me by Yang Ming later on.

At this time, Gou Yaner could clearly see that we were discussing about them, especially the extent of Yang Ming's hand gestures, which let everyone know that he was pointing at them.

Gou Yaner looked at us and hooked her forefinger towards us, indicating that she wanted us to go over.

The few of us walked in front of them, and it was still Yang Ming who smiled and said, "You're here, sorry to trouble you girls."

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