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The cold of the night was like one I had never experienced before. We gathered dry wood and started up a fire because it was about seven pm, and we were nowhere near the camp. My body continued to shiver from both the cold and the fear I was feeling inside. An intra-personal conflict was taking place within, concerning whether it was right to hearken to Jason and stay here for the night, or continue walking and increase the chances of someone finding us and taking us back to the camp. "Elena must be worried. Everyone else will be sleeping by now, not caring about where the nerd is. They're getting a good night's sleep, whereas I'm in the middle of nowhere and could die at any time," were the thoughts racing through my frail mind. With the help of Jason, I set up an insecticide net, which I took along knowing we would be camping on this trip, and a blanket as well. Jason had the same stuff, but in the woods, there was no way I was going to sleep alone, not in a scary place like this. Though the net was not big enough, it accommodated both of us. I used my bag as a pillow, laid facing the starlit sky, and began trying to make meaning out of the shapes they made. Maybe you might want to go for a swim?" I came across a river while searching for dry woods earlier. He spoke at last, turning to my direction. He had not said a word for more than twenty minutes. All he had been doing was nodding to what I was saying. "I hope you're not saying right now," I replied, counting the stars to his hearing, "but you can say whenever you want."I wanted to tell you so you'll be aware. You know I can't live with stinking fishes. I might suffocate. " I cracked a joke, and we both burst out laughing. Is your body still hurting? He asked, "Yeah," I answered. " Sorry I dragged you into this. It's all my fault. We should have stayed with the others back there. You wouldn't be in this state right now. " "Shhhhhh, it's not your fault. I had the choice to stay, but I wanted to see where the animal lived and it led us to where you happened to be going. Does it not sound weird? Anyways, I don't want to unravel any mystery. I saw a book in your hand while returning from the wood search. Where did you get it from and what is it about? I switched topics.

I only know the title to be 'PARANORMAL ME ' but haven't read anything in it. You know, I don't like books of this nature, ancient-looking, not catchy at all," he laughed. " Don't worry, I know I am ancient like you always say, so I am interested, gentlemen," I joked. He handed it to me and I sat to read it, despite the fact that I knew what paranormal meant. He was right. I'm the type of person interested in weird and ancient books, stories etc. "This book is good with the good and can do a lot of damage in the hands of the opposite." I began. "Life is simple when you have faith. Even the Bible says that if you have faith, you can command mountains to move, and they will obey. We watch magicians perform their mind-blowing tricks on TV, and we're like "wow, I wish I could do that. But today, with this book, your wish will be fulfilled. I paused and looked in Jason's direction to see if he was following. "Go on..." he whispered, "Dedicated to my dearest Jaires, this is my way of saying 'Thank you' for freeing me. But you must know that this is the beginning of your paranormal life... " "Wait, pause," Jason said, "Jaires?"" Does it not sound strange?" he asked, sounding like Batman saying "oh no" right in the face of doom. " It sounds like a 'thank you' letter to this JAIRES person; he or she must have done something great for the world. " I paused and thought about the name for a second. "Jason, Aires? It's like our names combined. " "Great thinking, that was what I was going to tell you," Jason replied. "Haha," I laughed, "time to sleep. I'll continue reading some other time. Here, keep it. "Good night! " I said, and shut my eyes, hoping the pain my body is going through will come to an end when the morning comes.

I heard my three-thirty alarm tone, which was a rooster, making so much noise. I woke up, stretched out a little, and switched on my phone's flashlight. "Wake up, sleepy head, it's morning," I said, and began shaking Jason's leg continuously to wake him up. After a minute, he had no choice but to wake up. "So early? I am not sure it's even two Aires. Don't tell me you're scared of the dark. Are you? " He rubbed his eyes multiple times and sat. I asked, hastily. "Which way leads to the river you were talking about? I need to go take a swim before morning comes," I questioned, hastily. The thing is, morning will come soon, and I am not sure if I can take a bath with a friend around, much less a guy! Jeez. "Okay, let's hit the road," he said, taking the lead.

After two hours and forty minutes, we reached the camp. The only sounds to be heard were those of humming birds. I dialed Elena's number and called, and in not less than a minute, she came out of her tent, which was the one in the middle. The look on her face was that of excitement and anger rolled together, but her eyes sold her out to be still sleepy. "Start talking!" she ordered. Elena is like a sister to me, and to her, my every move matters. I said, "Not now, you're still sleepy. I'll be outside when you wake up." I walked out and got a spot beneath a tree and sat for fresh air. "It feels like a dream, doesn't it?" Jason said from behind, holding up 'PARANORMAL ME '. "What feels like a dream?" I asked, taking it from his hand. I never doubted a word from this book from the time I saw Jaires in it." He paused and looked at me. His face was full of smiles, so like usual, I hit him with my fist to get him to let the cat out. "Last night, after the fall, you were limping and your whole body was hurting," he asked. It was then that I realized I wasn't feeling the pain anymore. "Holly shi....." "Holy God," he said, cutting me off. "What happened to the scars? The pains... I don't feel them anymore. My head is not aching either! Jason, what happened? I knew when we went to HOMER that you were a wizard, a "Shhhh, oh great, I never get "a thank" you for anything good I do. Really? Is this how to thank a savior? " he asked. I could tell he was unhappy, but that I care less because he is a wizard. "I am no wizard, Aires. Why do you jump to conclusions? "Here," he handed over the book to me, and "Read," he commanded. "This isn't real, Jason. This doesn't cover up your sorcery. What do you think? I am dumb or what? " I was fed up with his lies. This wasn't the Jason I knew from months ago. "Look, I'm not a sorcerer, okay? Remember last night when I told you the book was a spell book?" he asked, wanting me to believe some made-up story." No! I don't. " I looked into his eyes. He had changed so much. I trusted him. I accepted him for whatever I found in him that was weird, but he was not the friend I remembered. You didn't hear, probably because you were asleep. I swear I'm telling you the truth. Since when did I start telling you lies? What do you think of me? " His eyes became watery. He turned and walked away, leaving me with the book. I wiped the tears off my cheeks and ran into Elena's tent.

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