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About a month after we discovered Elena's psychic ability and planned to visit HOMER again, Jason and I took it upon ourselves to help her reach her full potential. According to her, she could not control it. She saw future and past events in her dreams that she had not planned to see, and whenever she wanted to see certain things eagerly, she could not see them. We made several inquiries from the library, the internet, movies and other sources. From all these, we were able to fish out the key components 'Faith, Will, and Focus'. It was all she needed to be able to see future events and the past as well. One afternoon, we gathered in Elena's room to plan a day we would go to Homer to find out what we got ourselves into. As we sat in the usual Chinese monk position, but in a circle, crossing our legs, "So in the dream I had recently," I began, "I met the butterfly. I mean, the fairy that turned butterfly. She told me we would meet again, and also that if I needed her, I would find her with the help of the book. I have looked everywhere in the book and still have not found anything or a way to reach her. So I was thinking, maybe El you can help. I think that's why you discovered your powers". Okay, I have seen in some psychic videos that psychics pick items owned by their targets in order to be able to connect to them, and I am sure the book has a connection with her or that she wrote the spells in order for us to find it. So she must be holding it dear. That is why I think we can use the book to reach her. That is probably why she told you the book will help. " Elena said, keeping her gaze on the book. Well, that makes sense. How do we go about this? Jason chipped in. "Like this," I said, placing my palm in his and touching Elena's temple with the index finger of my other hand, and asking Jason to do the same. Elena took the book in her palm and asked us to focus and empty our minds, starting with closing our eyes. We did as we were told, and in my mind I began to focus on the woman I saw in my dream. After a few seconds, I felt someone tap my shoulder. Just then, I was drawn to reality where I began to hear Elena talking. I opened my eyes, and involuntarily I jumped up on my feet and rushed to the corner of the room. The same happened to everyone present except Elena. The spirit stood in our midst, dressed in white just like before. She drew closer and asked, "This isn't our first meeting. Why are you surprised to see me?". "Nothing," I said, "you just popped out of nowhere." She smiled and stood in our midst as we gathered around her. So you want to go back to Homer, but you have no clue what you're going to look for? I knew I could count on you all. That is why I chose you. The trip wasn't an accident, Jason. You didn't pick the map by accident. Did you even ask yourself how your grandma got it in the first place? It was all planned out and waiting. However, I am glad you volunteered to stay even when things got messy in HOMER, and also that you didn't give up on the thought of adventure. Just getting together like this shows me you can help me restore my home. Aires has seen for herself how it looked before the darkness took over, and I pray you all help me put an end to this evil before more damage is done". She gave a wonderful opening speech that even Jase, the talkative, was wide-eyed. " What do you mean before more damage is done?" Elena interrupted. "By agreeing to this," she went on, "not only your lives, but also the lives of your families are at stake. " The gates between the spirit world and your world must be prevented from being opened. That is why you see NESTOR everywhere you go. " "What happens if it's left open?" I asked, even before she could catch her breath. "The forces of darkness want to feel what it is like to be human, and hence they want to take up bodies. Once your body has been possessed and the spirit finds your body not compatible, it will attempt to get out of your body. Not only that, once you are found to be a good vessel, you are used as an instrument for destruction. Little ones, trust me, you do not want to know what your world will be like when you are allowed here. They have destroyed worlds and seek to do more damage everywhere they go in the universe. "You are the only ones that can save your world, Jaires. This alliance between us favors all of us," she explained. Usually this is the point where I would chicken out, but not today. Somehow I felt there was so much weight and responsibility upon our shoulders and there was no time to think of the cowardice way out. "So... how are we going to battle this?" I was in favor. Because I knew you would need me to interpret things, and the only way to do that is for you to get to me. That is why Elena's manifested itself much more quickly. When your time comes, you will not need the book to heal or cast your spells. The spells will be planted for you, but for now, I want you to study this book like your life and your world depend on it because it does. The book will update itself anytime I have something to say to you but can't meet you for certain reasons. You will feel it when it is updated. Sometimes it will be disturbing, especially for you Lena, because you will feel and have visions of it to know the urgency. At an appropriate time, the rest of you will have your awakenings, but for now, I am not handing them to you just to prevent you from using them for personal gains. " She slowly raised her hands up and a thick fog began to form around her as the lights in the room began to blink rapidly "It could be now, it could be very soon. Prepare while you have the time, little ones, because the hour is that of doom." With that, she vanished into thin air, nowhere to be found. Everyone was left speechless until Jason finally, like always, decided to speak. "We are to save the world, and I am left with nothing to protect myself. That is so not cool." I don't think you were listening, Jason. She said "the rest of you". That means you are included," I replied. "Whatever! It's time to hit the road, you girls. "Catch you later, Lena," he replied, as he kissed Elena on the cheek and helped me up. "Whatever you see, keep me posted, alright?" I said to both of them as we hugged, after which Jase and I descended downstairs and left Elena's house.

The second lesson of the following day was a boring one. The science teacher, whom I can say for a fact that was a shy guy, stood in the front and seemed to be communicating only to the people in the front. I could hardly hear a word he said. Not that I was not paying attention.. well, you could say that because I could barely concentrate after what we heard the night before. I was praying that both Jason and Elena were focusing on class today because I was going to need another tutor after school. I felt the phone vibrate on the desk where I had placed it and double tapped to see who had sent the mess. It was Elena, 'It's got to be urgent,' I thought. She had been avoiding us the whole day and I had been trying to reach her, but she would not answer any of my calls.

"Hey A"

"Sup El, how's it going? You seem a little off, you know." I replied, eager to find out what happened to her.

"I don't know A." she replied with a teary emoji.

"Washroom, NOW!" I replied, sounding a little commanding.

I stood up from my seat and began to walk out when the nosey teacher interfered. " Mr. Aires, you do realize that we are in the middle of a class, right?" he questioned. "Yes, Sir, but this is kind of urgent and cannot wait." I replied, smiling a little sheepishly. "What could be more important than the reason why you are in school?" he retorted. Actually, Sir... This is really... okay, it's kind of girl's thing and you might not want to know trust me." I said, giggling. "Well alright, you can leave now". "Thank you," I replied, quickly running out of the class to the washroom. About a minute later, I saw Elena walk in and shut the door behind her. Her face was pale as though she had cried for hours or was pregnant (well, some people look pale when pregnant), but anyways, she hugged me very tightly and I couldn't bear the tears that followed. "Lena Heyy...shhhh, it's alright, everything is going to be fine. You know, up to now, even though we've seen and been through a lot regarding this doomsday thing, I always think of it as some funny story or just a dream or something that wouldn't be difficult, just something menial. But now that we have a glimpse of what we are up against, I feel and share your pain. Maybe this is what we need to get us to be serious. I think right now that we should go back there to HOMER and do whatever we must stop this thing before it happens, because we cannot let these atrocities befall us and much less our families. That wasn't your Dad, he had been possessed as the spirit explained. I will advise that until we come to find a way to put a stop to everything, watch your back, not only you but Jason and I will as well. As she held on tightly to me, a tear fell from her eyes. "Aires, you do not understand. If I have seen it then it means in one of the futures it will happen, and if we go to HOMER to find a prevention, we will change the future to another and mess with the timeline, but all the same, as long as I've seen it, it means whether we go or not go, it will happen. "Nothing happens to your Dad, whether in this future or whatever future or timeline, nothing will happen. She told us that only the people who are not compatible will die faster, but if your Dad had strength enough to do all you're saying then El we have more time, we can save him, we have more time. We just need to have enough resources and information to find out what we should do next, okay? "Now no more crying, get off my shoulders and get your ass in a seat. We have a boring and waiting class to attend," I teased, punching her tummy. "Ouch, you give bad pep talks," she said, wiping her tears to give birth to a smile.

After a few hours, the siren began to sing, indicating that school was finally over for the week. Walking out of the class, Elena narrated what she saw to Jason, and now more than ever, he wanted us to go back to HOMER and prevent the future from coming true. "I don't know how risky or stupid this idea may sound or be, but I think we need to act fast as well," he said. "I think he's right, Lena. Before it gets to us, we need to find a way to conquer it. We cannot rely on our psychics to be awakened before we make a move." I added, looking at Elena as she kept on walking without uttering a word to show her support for the idea. "Lena, we're talking to you." "I know..." She replied sharply, " I am trying to find a time for us to go and a cover-up story to tell my parents." "Easy, tell her you're coming for a sleepover together with Aires in my house." Jason laughed, knowing very well that we would disagree. "Hell nooooo. I don't want to have an ear problem now when I'm young." "In other words, you're a parrot," I teased, supporting Elena. "Wait, what if I tell them the sleep over is at your house, Aires?" Elena suggested smiling hard, "Mh, that's not a bad idea." "I told you geniuses have names like Jason. Thank me later for bringing up the idea, "Jason intruded, even before I could finish what I was saying "Jeez, Jason, you're terrible." Elena laughed as we approached the intersection where we walk home from school every day. We stopped walking and decided to conclude the plan of returning to HOMER. So here's the plan: each one of us is to gather what he or she will need for the trip, and we must all be here by five. He won't be going anywhere this weekend, right?"I asked, "Not at all. He plans to go escort Mom on her fitness walk, so they won't need a car." He answered, "Great, then you must come pick me up and Elena as well. Here's the cover up story: I will tell my Mom I'm going for a sleepover at Ellen's house, and she will tell her parents the sleepover is at my house, so Jase, you must tell my Mom when you get there that you came to pick me up from Lena's house for the sleepover and tell the same to her parents when you go there too. We good? " "All clear, boss," he responded. "Perfect, then see you guys later, but don't forget more chocolates, cos the lady's gotta eat" Elena said, having the beautiful smile I've always been jealous of on her face. We exchanged hugs and good luck wishes before departing for our respective homes. Because it was a Friday and there was going to be an orientation for the freshers, which is done once every year to welcome them, school closed at two thirty, and we had more time to prepare for the journey. I packed some camping gear together with Paranormal Me and three torchlight to prevent what happened last time at HOMER from ever happening again. I also picked up a Halloween costume for witches which my dad bought for me two years ago. I don't know why I picked it up, but it still fitted me perfectly when I tried it on. I heard a vibration from my phone indicating I had just received a message. I picked it up and saw "@ the door" from Jason. I whispered from excitement and descended with everything I'd be taking on the trip with me. " Where are you going with all that stuff?" Mom asked, stopping me in my tracks, 'This is bad,' I whispered. "Mom...heyyy... Did I happen to tell you that I'll be spending the weekend in Elena's house? " I asked, trying very hard to avoid eye contact, "No you, mysteriously you happened not to have..." She paused as the doorbell rang "Come in..." I shouted quickly, "Hey Ma." Jason called out, a smile all over his face as he walked towards us, shutting the door behind him. "Hey young man, how are you?" "You don't happen to be going for a sleepover at Elena's house too, do you? Or is it at your house? " Jason began to laugh as he pulled out of the hug; "with whom? Her? "Jason!" This girl talks like she's a rapper, no commas and stops. I'll have nightmares if I share a room with her. Not happening. "Not helping," I screamed, my eyes wide open, as they both laughed; wasn't I a talkative person?Because, as everyone knows, Jason is the talkative one here."Sorry," he said, " but the truth cuts deep, doesn't it?" He laughs again. He finally responds to Mom's question." Yeah," she is now telling me, because "I forgot," she'll say. And she calls me the old woman. Between us, who looks older, Jason? " Mom replied, "The two try to tease me anytime they meet. Sometimes I think you two switched places. Like you, to be honest, you have the body, voice and everything of a seventeen-year-old while my Auntie here... He paused, looking in my direction, "Oh don't you dare call me that." I made a fist to threaten him, and he quickly surrendered. "I wonder how you two are able to coexist." Mom says, "Come get some beverages, say hello to Elena for me, tell her to come visit." "We will, but that costs a Pepsi cola if you can afford it," I joked. We then departed from her presence.

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