Shanna James was a dreamer. She grew up on the Southside with her grandparents who doted on her. As a kid, she was successful as a model guitarist, student athlete and writer. She soon became the president of the Journalism Club at school and copped several awards as a top student.

Her grandparents were very proud of her and encouraged her to aim high and go to college. They did not want her to make the same mistake her mother did.

Shanna's mother, Lucille Ross got pregnant at age fifteen, not because of bad parenting but because she was a rebel. By the time Shanna turned three years of age, her parents tried to persuade her to go to college while they take care of their grandbaby. Afterwards, Lucille was expected to come back and raise her daughter.

But Lucille had other plans, she spent the first three weeks of Western University meeting new friends and clubbing. Soon afterwards, she met John, a real estate developer and fell in love with him. John had a small daughter who needed a mother's love and so within two months he married Lucille. Lucille never told him about Shanna's existence and she started begun to enjoy the high life with John. Since her husband was very rich, Lucille dropped out of college and became a housewife instead.

Her parents back in the south waited daily to hear from her or see her return after graduation but Licille never showed up. One day, her mother mustered up the courage and went to Western University to enquire about her and that was how she learnt that Lucillr never finished. Distraught, she went back home and relayed the sad news to her husband. They both prayed silently and hoped that their precious daughter was fine.

A week later, a lecturer from Western University contacted John and notified him that a woman was searching for his wife. John told Lucille and immediately she realised that it was her mother. Lucille had no option but to catch a flight and return home to let them know that she was fine. At that time, she was seven months pregnant with her second child.

Mrs. Ross was elated when she spotted Lucille at the gate. She could make out that familiar figure from five miles away. However, she was taken aback when she noticed Lucille's belly.

"Hi Mom!" Lucille called.

But Mrs. Ross was too muddle headed after seeing her daughter like this. "Who is the man?" she thought. She was completely oblivious to the fact that Lucille was married.

Mrs. Ross finally came to her senses and replied, "Welcome, my child," she said.

"How have you been?" Lucille asked haughtily.

"Fine. Just disappointed that you have abandoned us and your daughter for three long years."

"No Mom, it's not like that. You see, I'm married now but my husband doesn't know about Shanna so I couldn't bring him here or make him aware of my background because I was afraid he would do some investigation and find out about her."

Mrs. Ross became irate, "Are you listening to yourself? Huh? Are you mad? How can you disown your own flesh and blood because of a man? Leave my house!"

"Mom I can explain."

"I said leave!"

Shanna heard the ruckus and ran towards the yard front, "Grandma what's going on?" she asked innocently.

"Just this annoying niece of the neighbours stirring up trouble," Mrs. Ross replied.

Shanna took a sideways glance at Lucille. "She looks so familiar," she said lightly.

"That's because she used to spend a lot of time with them when you were smaller," Mrs. Ross replied.

Lucille took a good look at her daughter, nodded at her mother and then she ambled towards her rented car and drove away. They have not heard from her since.

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