THORNS/C0 Synopsis
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THORNS/C0 Synopsis
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C0 Synopsis

This story revolves around two acclaimed enemies who get entangled with each other unknowingly as they uncover chocking secrets about themselves that will forever changes their lives.

Nichole Mwuese Tsegba Is a 26 years old widow cum single mother and definitely not interested in men but as always, fate has other plans. She's a woman with a traumatic past, many secrets and an eventful life. She's decisive and ruthless in the business world and considered a the messenger of death underworld. Nichole os secretly plotting her revenge against those who ruined her life.

Enter Smith, the head of an international Governmental organization that has gone rogue, he has a reputation of being ruthless to all including women and children, popularly known as 'the ice mountain'. Smith has an unclear past that haunts him daily and he's definitely not looking for love, he's on a mission to cover a loophole from a mission gone wrong years ago.

All plans go awry when Smith accidentally saves a seven year old Allen in an assassination attempt but gets captured by Nichole's people who mistake him for enemy assassins.

What he doesn't know is that him and Nichole are that loophole he's trying to fix. While Nichole doesn't realize the Agent she hates the most is connected to her.

What happens when this two individuals are left with no option but to stick together and to battle a common enemy?

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