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C3 Boss

The line went dead silent and the coldness on her body magnified as she listened to the assistant’s report on the other side of the line luckily the poor fellow wasn’t physically present otherwise she would’ve frozen for sure, still she didn’t dare to breathe out loud due to immense fear.

‘If boss gets angry today she will surely not spare anyone, I wonder what Mercenary paradise is thinking disappearing off today of all the days, it’s strange. I’m so pitiful to be the carrier of this news’. She thought pitifully.

In the whole company only she knew firsthand what their CEO was capable of doing when she loses her temper, despite her cold and unapproachable personality she’s always been very calm even if the whole world fell apart, as long as it doesn’t affect her in any way.

She’ll never lose her temper easily but when she does, it never ends well for anyone and in all her five years of working with her, she has a tendency of blowing up on the slightest provocation during this period of time ever year.

‘Sigh, the job of an assistant to a big shot is really hard!’ The assistant silently exclaimed in her heart.

Anything related to her aside work is off limits, the last person who spoke about her in the company was the former General Manager who happened to be a classmate of hers in senior secondary school.

When the CEO heard about it, she was infuriated and within a few days that man disappeared without a trace to this day while different rumors flew all over regarding the matter but no one confirmed nor denied anything, however smart people understood that their CEO was someone who hated gossip the most

But how could such a thing be so easily understood by those little employees? Their boss was already angry and hearing that man spouting nonsense already sentenced him to death, no one dared to gossip about their boss in the company to this day.

‘RUTHLESS’ was the only word suitable for describing her, alas she could only stay put and endure whatever was coming because she couldn’t escape the calamity as she failed to keep their people in check as earlier instructed by their boss.

‘Goodbye end of year bonus, goodbye yearly vacation. Grrrrrrr I’m going to kill mercenary paradise for this loss when I set my eyes on him’ She thought angrily while gnashing her teeth.

As expected the boss snorted coldly with a humph and hung up the phone without saying a word and stormed out of the room, down the stairs and straight out the front door, her footsteps were steady despite her dark expression.

Suddenly her footsteps halted as though a pause button has been pressed, she quickly turned on her heel and entered the house heading back up the stairs and stopped in front of tightly closed wooden door after walking down the spacious hallway

She quietly opened the door with a small ‘click’ sound and walked into the pitch dark room with great familiarity, the only source of light was the rays of moonlight which seeped through the glass doors of the balcony

On the bed a little figure was bundled up like a sandwich with only a very tender and exquisite face of a child revealed breathing evenly as though in deep sleep, she quietly walked into the room carefully surveying the surroundings before her eyes paused on a little flickering light in a conspicuous corner of the room making her sigh helplessly whilst shaking her head.

She walked to the flickering light the flipped open the small palmtop, typed a few commands and turned it off before closing it lightly and walking back to the small bundle on the bed then sat next to it, she lightly ran her hands over his face

This little action cause the child to stir lightly as though feeling her presence in the room and turned in her direction while grumbling something that sounded like ‘Mommy’ She smiled gently and lowered herself then placed a kiss on his glabella

“Si piccolo mia, torna a dormire” (yes my little one, go back to sleep) she replied softly in fluent Italian.

She quietly got up and tucked him in properly before she quietly walked out of the room and closed the door, walking out of the house again as the gentleness earlier displayed on her beautiful completely had dissipated and was now replaced with an expressionless face

She got unto a sleek black Lamborghini Sesto Elemento parked right in front of the house with great familiarity, this car was the one and only of its kind produced in this midnight black color with a touch of red, white and green thus highlighting the illustrious background of the owner.

She swiftly started the ignition with a grim expression on her face making the temperature to keep lowering to almost zero as the guards on duty shivered while she drove right out the gates leaving behind only the wind and afterimage.

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