THORNS/C7 Intruder
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C7 Intruder

At the same time inside a luxurious private box on the topmost floor of the clubhouse, a middle aged foreigner man held unto the waist of a beautiful young girl

Who kept giggling flirtatiously with him as he sipped on the red wine she offered him while

Another young girl massaged his shoulders as he looked at the people sitting opposite him on the round gambling table with listless expressions and complacently eyed them.

He seemed to be in a great mood as though he had made a great achievement making his sense of superiority to skyrocket.

Since the moment he sat down at the table he has been on a winning spree, stripping his opponents of every penny they had

The money he originally put into the game has already doubled so how could he not be happy and arrogant?

Who asked this people to not have good talent and luck? Moreover, they were the ones who wanted to play not him so no one should blame him for being impolite

Once again an arrogant smirk appeared on his face when he saw the opponents’ cards and all of them lost, he waved his hand and a bulky built man walked forward to pack his loot.

Suddenly the door was kicked open with a ‘bang’ which startled all of them as they snapped their heads to the entrance

There stood a tall petit figure with arms crossed on her chest while a fiendish aura kept emanating and spreading to the entire box which immediately stunned all of them.

She figure quietly surveyed her surroundings and her eyes paused on the bulky man who had walked forward to pack the money stacked on the table

The man shivered involuntarily as panic flashed across his eyes then he immediately lowered his head, quietly the figure strutted in (like literally strutted)

The first thing noticeable was the heeled leather boots that reached the kneels accentuating the long slender straight legs wrapped in black leather pants, the long cape completely covered the upper body parts

The black hood only made the fiendish aura more eerie like and angel of darkness, but at this time everyone could clearly see that the intruder was a female.

The moment the other people in the room saw this figure they shivered uncontrollably while some took in a sharp cold breath and stilled their hearts, while some cowered in fear even the two beauties immediately retreated to the most inconspicuous corner of the room.

As for the bulky men behind the foreigner their faces remained expressionless but little beads of cold sweat started appearing on their foreheads as their eyes displayed fear.

The figure casually glanced at the foreigner before shifting her gaze to the remaining bodyguards behind the foreigner with a profound look making the bulky men feel a chill in their bones.

She suddenly smiled and gracefully took an empty seat and sat directly opposite the foreigner her expression could not be seen but her aura did not diminish even with her just sitting there quietly but rather looked like the queen of darkness.

Amongst this group of people only the foreigner remained oblivious to the change in atmosphere and spoke arrogantly in a demanding tone;

“Who dares to barge in when Laozi is having a good time?

Speak otherwise don’t blame this old man for being impolite" he stated coldly

"I might be a foreigner but I know how things go down in EMPRESS. You actually dare to act so recklessly in front of this daddy”

The foreigner kept speaking arrogantly while the later didn’t even bat an eye, it seemed that the newcomer did not hear anything at all.

She casually leaned at the back of her chair and used her right forefinger to stroke the ring on her slender left forefinger which had a flying red dragon pattern engraved on it with particles of red diamond

Aside the foreigner, this figure was not foreign to any of them; something suddenly flashed in the foreigner’s eyes as he lightly smirked then suddenly asked slowly

“Are you here to play?”

He quickly added before any reply came through

“you sure look like a good competition for me, these old men are so boring… I’ve emptied all of them only after a few rounds”

He arrogantly stated while pointing at the people sitting directly opposite him with and ugly expression on their faces

At this moment no one spoke but their expressions were filled with disdain towards the foreigner who continued to clamor without understanding the situation

Regarding this point they didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as their thoughts went along the lines of

‘Is this man tired of leaving?.’

‘I wonder if he has a death wish to be provoking and arrogantly challenging this person.’

‘Does he not know that death is way better than provoking this person?’ et cetera

A few second passed without anyone making a sound, suddenly the intruder slowly stood up from her seat with slow, steady and graceful steps and stood before the foreigner

The slightly tilted her face to the side revealing a charming smile which stunned the foreigner, she stretched her slender fingers and held his chin making her actions seem flirtatious.

She quietly approached him and efficiently removed something from his left lashes then did the same to the right one.

This series of movements made the foreigner freeze on the spot as panic seized him immediately.

The bodyguards behind him had the attitude of lackeys who thought their boss was only having fun but in fact, the man was now terrified as he looked into her eyes.

Those cold eyes were fixed on him making him shudder involuntarily he felt as though all his thoughts were directly seen through by this intruder completely making him unable to react or even dodge.

The wild and dark aura emanating from this person was truly terrifying, yet he still mustered up all the courage to ask after taking a deep breath

“W_what are you doi….” However before he could finish he was cut off immediately

“Prepping you for the game or are you no longer playing?” she answered his unasked question

“I was just removing a fallen lash from your eyes so you can see better, besides I have to win against you fairly…right? We don’t want you going back to complain that you were cheated in our country, right Gentlemen?" She said then turned around and swept her gaze across the room

“And ladies, what do you think?” she finished

Who would dare to make a sound, the entire scene was pin drop silent as no one had the guts to say a word of protest.

Besides they were secretly rejoicing the foreigner’s downfall so nobody cared about the situation and just unanimously nodded.

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