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Nine Heavens, Immortal Execution Altar.

I looked down at the Faerie, who was crouching on the ground, fiddling with the last two black loops attached to the pillar, one end buckled to the base of the pillar and the other to my ankle. This extremely simple action caused his hands to tremble, and he was unable to complete it even after repeating it for a long time.

I felt bored and smiled. "Are you afraid?"

"Huh?" The little Immortal soldier obviously didn't expect me to speak so he was stunned. He raised his head and scratched at it before sneakily glancing at me. Then, he said in a low voice, "Sir Si Zhan, your subordinate …." "This subordinate is not afraid …"

Hearing his words, I was even more amused. "I am no longer some Lord Battle Officer. Don't call me that."

It was quite funny to think of this title. Back then, the Gold Spear Iron Horse, filled with bloodshed, had now only earned the title of "traitorous enemy". Now, he still had to wait for the heavenly thunder to strike him down. If he had known this would happen, he might as well have settled down in that cold palace and lived a plain and ordinary life.

Speaking of which, the only use of the title from before is to get one more Celestial Peach in the Immortality Peach Gathering. However, now that his life was almost gone, one more immortal peach or one less immortal peach wouldn't make much of a difference.

I had always been casual with my words, but I didn't expect that after a moment of silence, the little soldier actually replied in a muffled voice, "In this subordinate's heart, Lord Battle Officer will always be Lord Battle."

What he said made people sigh. However, he spoke the truth – after today, wouldn't I be living in the hearts of deities of all sizes forever?

"Senior Si Zhan …"

Perhaps it was because I didn't say anything for a long time, but the little immortal soldier opened his mouth again: "Sir, are you worried about the twelve heavenly thunders?"


No, no, no. The deities of the Immortal World often make their comments about me behind my back with the words' stupefied '. However, only I know the truth, it is just that I am not interested in any of the matters before me.

The matter of me being struck by lightning on the Immortal Execution Stage was already known to all deities. Even this little Immortal weapon could say the words "Twelve Heavenly Lightning" — thinking that the sinful Eight Desolate Demon Dragon of the past only received nine bolts of heavenly lightning.

So I was "valued."

The little cultivator saw that I remained silent, so he pretended to play with the lock. In fact, he said softly, "Sir, there is no need to worry too much. "According to what your subordinate has heard, with your cultivation, as long as you protect your origin soul and core, you will be able to survive the 12 bolts of lightning. Then, as long as you find a quiet place to cultivate, you will be able to recover your mana."

I curled my lips. "I don't know about this, thank you."

These words entered everyone's ears, but it was a pity that if Heavenly Thunder had been a vegetarian, the demonic dragon that once shook the Three Realms wouldn't have ended up with its soul destroyed. If I take one more step back, then even if this little celestial soldier isn't lying, there is no hope for me.

Primal, inner core … naturally, I have these two.

Unfortunately, my primordial spirit has yet to recover from the fierce battle with the Demon World Army, so I probably wouldn't even need to use the twelve bolts of heavenly lightning to eat me; as for the inner pellet, it was taken away by my elder brother long ago, and he said that it was used to heal the daughter of the Qing Qiu Nine Tailed Fox Clan's leader. It was originally set to be returned after three months, but now, it seems that it isn't needed anymore.

After being thanked by me, the little soldier's face immediately turned red, and he stuttered even more, "I don't dare, your subordinate, your subordinate was just …" "The mission." At this moment, he had finally fastened all of the locks. Before he had finished speaking, he had already retreated.

I was the only one left on this Immortal Execution Stage — this little deity who was about to die on the spot.

Oh, no, to be exact, I am actually just a dragon lady whose birth mother was unknown and was unable to take form until now, who has lived alone for more than a thousand years, and somehow walked the path of fortune. Three hundred years ago, at a banquet at the Dragon Palace, I was suddenly favored by the crown prince of the Immortal Realm.

And because of this, those fairies in the Immortal World view me as a thorn in their side, especially those with status and background. The number of people moving about in the open and in the dark is simply incalculable. It wasn't until I led Tian Jun in seven consecutive victories that this soaring resentment and sour mood calmed down, at least on the surface.

For this reason, my half brother, Prince Ao Yun of the Dragon King of the West Sea, once said with a smile: "My Ahua is a capable man."

As for my future husband, the crown prince of the Immortal World, Di Hao, he also nodded in agreement.

At that time, I was still rejoicing in these words of approval, so I put more and more effort into leading the army to war; and now that I think about it, I feel that I am really young and ignorant and easily deceived. It was just a few nice words, a name of nothingness, and I did everything in my power to be someone else's pawn.

However, this matter couldn't be blamed on anyone else.

There was no such thing as a free fruit in this world. Since he had received kindness from others, he naturally had to repay it in the end.

Before, it was just that I didn't fully comprehend it myself.

I still remember that day when the newly appointed Grand Immortals of the Heavenly Emperor Palace sent over three thousand Heaven's soldiers to capture me. Outside the gorgeous Nine Layer Palace, lightning flashed, thunder rumbled, and a dark cloud covered the land. In the midst of the dark clouds, the appearance of Di Hao, who had always been amiable towards me and took care of me, was completely different from the look I had when I had brought sweet soup for me to drink a moment ago.

At that time, I also thought that if Di Hao didn't make a move, with my power, it might be difficult for me to defeat these three thousand soldiers and horses. However, when I realized that I was completely unable to use any of my powers, I finally understood that he was actually not interested in me at all. Those tender feelings from before were just a show to put on. Otherwise, how could the deities believe it to be real?

Since the Demon Realm army had been defeated, my shield naturally became useless, and instead became a stepping stone — only by excluding me can Di Hao take on his beloved peerless female immortal as his concubine, and my elder brother Ao Yun be able to marry the long-cherished Nine-tailed Fox Princess as he wished.

Thus, when Di Hao brought the sweet soup into my hands, he smiled so gently and elegantly; while the Immortal Binding Pellet in the sweet soup naturally weighed a lot, afraid that I would be able to obtain a sliver of life.

Thinking of this, I couldn't help but laugh.

Ao Hua, it is exactly because you only know how to fight with the Demon Army that you neglected these crude schemes.

There was a clap of thunder overhead.

I looked up and saw a black tribulation cloud floating over from the vast sea of clouds. There were faint purple lightning bolts moving around like dragons and snakes. It was quite a spectacular sight. The tribulation clouds arrived above the Heaven Shaking Pillar and shook a little before a firestorm as thick as a bowl fell down one after another. It did not even have the time to breathe.

In a trance, many scenes suddenly appeared in front of my eyes. They flashed past my eyes like passing lanterns, but in the end, they were fixed on the scene when I first saw Di Hao …

A young man dressed in an embroidered black robe quietly stood in front of the hall. His presence was even more dazzling than the crystal palace decorated with several thousand Night Pearls.

I sat at the table and watched him approach step by step. I smiled with my phoenix-like eyes, but my eyes were dark, and the corners of my mouth curved into a smile. I slowly stretched out my hand, and said in a voice as gentle as water, "Hua, are you willing to follow this sovereign?"

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