Three Times Reincarnation/C2 The little fish monster mount kunlun(1)
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Three Times Reincarnation/C2 The little fish monster mount kunlun(1)
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C2 The little fish monster mount kunlun(1)

On this day, the sun was rising.

Hiding under the two broad lotus leaves, I lazily turned my body. Just as I was about to sleep for a while, I heard the sound of hurried footsteps approaching from the distance.

"Xiao Qing, hurry and come out!"

Aiyaya, why are there so many people these days who like to disturb people's sweet dreams during their lunch break?

Reluctantly, I leaned half out from under the lotus leaves, lifted my face, and called out, "Liuhuo, is there anything important that I'm here for?"

Flaming flames ran to the side of the lotus pond with both hands on hips, looking extremely aggressive. Under the bright sunlight, the red clothes on his body were like flying flames, dazzling to the eye.

"Sure enough, you're hiding in this crappy pond again!"

This was a strange statement. "If I'm not here, then where should I be?" I asked.

Both of Liuhuo's cheeks were puffed up, looking like two meat buns. It seemed as if he really wanted to pull me out from under the lotus leaves, shake me again, and make a mess. "Ah, you stupid fish!" She lowered her head and pointed her finger at me from afar. Her tone contained a hint of hatred as she continued, "How many times have I told you before? Today is the day I choose your maid for the Seventh Princess of the North Sea. Why can't you remember?"

When I heard that it was this sort of thing, I immediately lost my interest. I slowly withdrew into the lotus leaves and laid down. After turning my body, I slowly said, "What does it have to do with me?"

"Did you get mud on your head? The maid of the Seventh Princess of the North Sea, ah, if she was chosen, she wouldn't need to stay in this crappy place, she could go to the Dragon Palace to eat and drink. Only a stupid fish like you is not enlightened! "

The flames crackled as if they were fried beans, lecturing for a while before hurriedly saying, "Quickly get out from under those rotten leaves and go wash properly. There is still an hour before the female officials who choose the maids arrive."

Going to the Dragon Palace sounds tempting, but there isn't anything good in the world that comes without working hard. Furthermore, I'm not interested in serving the Dragon Palace – here, I live well, eat whatever I want, sleep and sleep whenever I want. No one cares about me, why do I have to go to the Dragon Palace in the deep sea to enjoy myself?

"Not going."

I blew on it, and a green lotus leaf gently fell down, covering up in front of my eyes, covering the figure of Liu Huo.

"Ah, you stupid fish! "Forget it, I'll ignore you. You'd better not be jealous when I go by myself!"

"Mhmm, just remember to bring me some delicious food when the time comes."

I stood on the shore and stamped my foot a few times, and left.

Hearing the silence return, I let out a long breath and lazily wriggled my body. I dipped my tail into the cool and comfortable water and continued to doze.

After an unknown amount of time, a familiar voice called out, "Qing Yin, come out."

I hate it!

I was in a half-asleep state. I wagged my tail impatiently, wriggled my fingers, and decided to ignore the rude visitor and go back to sleep on the lotus leaves.

Unexpectedly, the next moment, the sound of water started to echo in the air. I was still sleeping and wasn't on guard. With a wave of my hand, I was smacked from the lotus leaves into the depths of the water.

Who was so wicked?

Thinking about me, this small, broken pond, although a little silty, shallow water, lotus leaves a little more, but always calm, fish, shrimp harmless, can be a good place to rest. Was he here to intentionally ruin the situation?

Annoyed, I climbed out of the water, took human form, and jumped onto the muddy shore. As I wrestled with the water grass in my hair, I looked around and saw a tall figure standing under a willow tree not far away.

He was dressed in green and had a white gold fog embroidered on it. He held a folding fan in his hand and his slender golden eyes narrowed slightly. He exuded a sense of majesty. Overall, he could be said to be as elegant as a jade tree.

Since it was him, I had no choice but to swallow the unforeseen event that happened to me earlier.

Not only that, he even had to bow his head and clasp his hands respectfully.

"Greetings, Cavemaster. May I know what Sir has for Clear Sound?"

That person's expression was cold as he looked at me indifferently. His brows furrowed as if he was displeased, then casually replied with an "En". After a moment, he opened his mouth and said, "Recently, the Twelve Palaces of Karakorum have opened their altars to accept disciples … Regardless of one's background, you … Are you interested? "

Was this a realistic version of the legendary "meat buns falling from the sky"?

I stood up straight and covered my chest with one hand as I blinked, as if I couldn't believe what I had heard. After a long while, I whispered, "What does Lord Cave Master mean?"

"If you are willing to go, then I will write you a letter."

These words were spoken with indifference, but I just stood there in a daze, unable to believe my ears — — For thousands of years, the Twelve Palaces of Mount Kunlun has been the best place to cultivate. Not only was the spiritual energy there abundant, there were also many rare and precious treasures, and from time to time, an exalted deity would come to visit.

Even though I am a little fish demon who never strives to improve, this rare opportunity, if I say that I am not tempted, would only be deceiving myself.

However, why would such a good opportunity land on me?

"Lord Cave Master, this matter …"

I lowered my head to look at the wet mud at my feet. I habitually used to use my left foot to step on the sole of my right foot until the surface of my shoe, which had pink lotuses embroidered on it, turned jet-black. I couldn't tell the original color of the shoe, so I raised my hand to scratch my head.

"Are you willing or not?"

The cold voice of the Cavemaster rang in his ears once more, carrying a hint of impatience.

I bit my lip, made up my mind, and nodded.

On the other hand, although things were a bit more difficult here, it wasn't that bad.

When I woke up from my stupor, the first person I saw was this Lord Cave Lord.

Even though he was cold and detached, when I thought about it carefully, he treated me pretty well. Not only did he give me, a nameless little demon, a place to live, he even taught me how to cultivate.

After spending a whole three hundred years, my magic power had reached a certain level. I got familiar with the goblins around the pond, and the fire was one of them.

According to what Liuhuo said, this place was a chaotic place. The demons eating lesser demons happened quite a few times until the Cavemaster appeared out of thin air hundreds of years ago. It took him no effort to reclaim the demons here.

She also said that this Master of the Cave was originally a divine general of the heavens who had made some sort of mistake before being demoted to the mortal world, but his mana was still there and he had few opponents in the mortal world. For lesser demons like us to be able to obtain his protection, it could be said that we had accumulated morals in our past lives.

— — If possible, I am willing to stay here and slowly cultivate.

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