Three Times Reincarnation/C4 The little fish monster mount kunlun(3)
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Three Times Reincarnation/C4 The little fish monster mount kunlun(3)
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C4 The little fish monster mount kunlun(3)

Under the guidance of the green bag, I rode the cloud to the northwest for a full three days and three nights before finally reaching Jinsha Town, which is at the foot of Mount Kunlun.

As the saying goes, in order to enter Mount Kunlun, one must first enter over the golden sand.

It was said that Jinsha Town was an extremely remote and desolate place. Hundreds of years ago, it had somehow become prosperous, and now, it was the only way to enter the Kunlun Mountains.

As the clouds fell, I looked around and entered Jinsha Town. I found the only inn in the town — Ding Keng Inn.

The innkeeper was a rabbit spirit, and also a bald spot on the top of the head of the rabbit essence.

The reason why I was able to see through his real body was not because of how strong my mana was — my mere three hundred years of cultivation, compared to the other Gods, was only a small part of the tip of my little finger. The reason was that although the rabbit spirit had taken human form, it still retained some of its characteristics. For example, the two big hairy ears on its head were still drooping on its left ear. It looked really adorable.

"Greetings, fellow Daoist."

Just as I stood in front of the counter, the rabbit storekeeper folded his hands and bowed to me. I returned the greeting according to the law before getting to the main topic at hand, "I wonder if there are any rooms available here?"

"Thank you, fellow daoist. I do have a spare room." The hare owner answered with a smile, and two large, snow-white, shiny front teeth shook in front of my eyes.

"Then can I have one?"

"How many days do you want to stay at the store?"

I thought for a moment before replying, "Not more than three days at most."

"Oh." The rabbit owner narrowed his ruby-like eyes and sized me up before smiling and saying, "Fellow cultivator, are you here for the matter of Karakorum's disciple recruitment?"

It seemed that no matter where he was, the innkeeper was always well-informed.

I nodded. "That's right."

"Since that's the case, let's just settle the total amount of money in the room …" The rabbit owner tilted his head and thought for a moment. His ears slightly shook, but he still revealed a pair of white teeth as he smiled and said, "Three Nightmare Grass, I guess."

I had already reached into my sleeves and took out an embroidered pouch — this was something that Liu Huo gave me before he left. He said that it was an essential item to go out and that I must keep it properly. When I was traveling on the cloud, because it was boring, I had turned the pouch upside down, and found that it contained a gold leaf and a few taels of silver. He originally thought that taking it out at this time would be perfect, but … Nightmare Grass?

The rabbit owner saw that I didn't react for a long time, and his long, fluffy ears trembled. Then, he said to me in a soft voice, "Fellow can go to the northeast of the town for three miles. There is a forest there, and a few stalks of this Nightmare Grass can be obtained just by circling the forest once." After saying that, he gave me a rough description of the Nightmare Grass.

I nodded my head in thanks. Then, I thought about it and realized that mortals loved money, and the innkeeper of the Ding De Inn, as an ambitious rabbit spirit at the foot of Mount Kunlun, it was reasonable that he didn't love gold, silver, and immortal herbs.

However, this Nightmare Grass was not easy to find.

It was not yet noon when I arrived outside Jinsha and cast the clouds. Right now, the sun is setting in the west. I have been wandering around for a good half a day and I haven't even seen the shadow of a Nightmare Grass. This is truly discouraging.

Could it be that he could only sleep in the wilderness today?

Looking at my surroundings, I suddenly felt that this wasn't too bad.

For an unambitious little fish demon, it was enough to find a quiet place with water. Seeing that it was getting dark, I lifted my finger and made a sign.

A ball of fluorescent light the size of a grain of rice flew out from his fingertip and floated forward unsteadily. I raised my hands and followed the ball of light for about three steps. After walking for a short distance, I heard a faint rustling sound coming from the grass on my left side.

The little blob of fluorescent light immediately floated back in shock and hid in my sleeve.

Although my Little Fishmen's mana is not very high, it is still more than enough to deal with ordinary wild beasts. As a result, she moved her finger and the small ball of light flew out again.

Who would have thought that before the ball of light even touched the tip of the leaf, a weak voice cried out, "…" "They are all birds of the same forest, and when a great calamity is about to befall them, they will all fly away."

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