Three Times Reincarnation/C5 The little fish monster mount kunlun(4)
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Three Times Reincarnation/C5 The little fish monster mount kunlun(4)
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C5 The little fish monster mount kunlun(4)

Although his words were straightforward, there was some truth in his words after careful consideration.

I coughed lightly. Just as I was about to ask which dao friend was here, I suddenly saw a pitch black mass fly towards me.

This was a disaster.

Subconsciously, I stretched out my hand to block them. I felt a slight pricking pain on my palm as if I had touched something sharp. Then, with a "Ba Ji" sound, I looked down and saw a palm sized black charcoal and two reeds that were like sticks pointing towards the sky.

I couldn't help but frown. Even though my Demon friends often say that I am lazy and useless, I am roughly aware of the rare and unique beasts in this world. However, in his memory, he had never seen anything so rare … Flying Charcoal? Could it be an aged charcoal essence?

I dusted off my sleeves and squatted down. Just as I was about to study it in detail, I heard a lazy voice from the front, "Tsk! Tsk! I thought that it was some bad luck. It's actually just a little fish spirit from the first three hundred years." Her voice was deep and moving, as if it could shake the mind. However, her tone was arrogant and domineering, causing one to lose a good impression of her.

Since he was able to see through my background, his cultivation must be above mine. As my mind raced, I gently held my hands together and raised my head to look at them. "I don't know …." Which dao friend is here? "

As far as the eye could see, I saw a tall and straight figure jump down from the branches of a tree. As the fiery sleeves fluttered, a pair of black eyes, which was thicker than the night, gave me a vague glance. Looking more closely, the newcomer truly had a great appearance and was even slightly better than Lord Cave Master. Unfortunately, when his thin lips were pursed, the expression on his face could not be considered friendly.

"Fellow Daoist?" The newcomer smirked as he sized them up with an unbridled arrogance, as if he could swallow life whole. "You little fish demon's gaze is too weak. What kind of friend or Taoist is this?" The last word was spoken in a harsh and heavy tone. He slowly raised his hand, and a blue flame suddenly appeared on his slender fingertip. It leaped as if it were alive.

Because of the flowing flames, although I was close to the water of the five elements, I didn't reject fire magic. However, the person in front of me gave me an inexplicable feeling of discomfort, especially that ball of fire, which made me feel as if I was being pierced in the back. If it wasn't for the fact that I knew there was no chance of winning, I really wanted to cast a spell that would set off a wave and directly cover this man up, sending him rushing to the East Sea to be a Stabilizing Sea Stone for the Dragon Lord.

At this moment, an extremely noisy voice rang out. Although it was untimely, it strangely diluted the discomfort. "I'm playing with fire, this pet now has an owner!" "This pet is warning you, don't think about roasting me and eating me dry. This pet's owner will stick out for this pet …"

I was speechless.

He lowered his head and looked at the lump of charcoal on the ground. If he hadn't heard wrongly, the words he had spoken just now were coming from this black charcoal's mouth. However, why was it that he could understand every single word that the charcoal essence spoke?

"Master?" The red clothed man glanced at me with a hint of ridicule in his eyes. "Even ten more people like her wouldn't be of any use."

"Master!" "You can't leave this pet behind, even though the main pet is from the same forest, it will fly away when a great calamity strikes …"

As the black coals spoke, they flew up from the ground with a "whoosh", allowing me to clearly see their appearance – it turned out to be a bird the size of a palm, its feathers had somehow been burnt all over, making it hard to see how ugly it was. On the top of its head, however, there were three similarly burnt feathers, swaying left and right in the wind, teetering on the verge of collapse – in short, it seemed very desolate.

Seeing that the little black bird that was about to burn up was about to pounce on my face, I could only extend my hand to block it and take two steps back to clear my path of responsibility. However, I attracted the scorn and ridicule from the red clothed man, "A Mysterious Bird that has cultivated for over a thousand years, actually recognizes a fish demon that has cultivated for only three hundred years as its master.

Mystic Bird?

I reached out my hand and grabbed the three feathers on the little black bird's head. I looked them over, but I couldn't find any clues — I heard that the Mystic Bird clan was made up of red feathers, and they were part of an ancient clan.

Thousands of years ago, Xuan Hua Yuan Lord had disappeared without a trace, which was why he had temporarily returned to Xi Hua Yuan Lord's side. And this Yuan Lord Xi Hua was the Supreme God that the mortals of the mortal world called the "Western Queen Mother". He was also the owner of the Yao Chi Immortal Realm on the west peak of Mount Kunlun.

However, the Mystic Bird also seemed to have another well-known hobby: It was a fish eater …

Thinking up to here, I was shocked. I couldn't help but use some strength to twist my fingers. Two of the feathers that were already trembling immediately broke and floated towards the point in front of my shoes.

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