Bo's House.

When Chu Zhao returned, he saw two unfamiliar cars parked outside, noise coming from inside the villa.

When the servant Zhao Lan ran out from inside, he coincidentally bumped into her.

Zhao Lan anxiously pushed her away, "Young Madame, quickly leave! They want to harm you!"

Chu Zhao was suspicious, "They?"

Before she could ask more, the people in the mansion already noticed her.

"She's here. Catch her!"

Zhao Lan could only explain in a hurry: "Yes, young master ? He sent someone to perform your induction surgery.

A humming sound exploded in her ears like a clap of thunder. She shook her head and muttered, "No, impossible ?"

Seeing her stunned on the spot, Zhao Lan fiercely pushed her aside, blocking the door with her own strength.

"I'll help you stop them. Young Madame, quickly leave!"

It was as if Chu Zhao had just awoken from a dream. Fortunately, the taxi still had not left, so she sat inside and pleaded: "Master, hurry up and drive to House One, please!"

The taxi driver could also see that she was in trouble, so he didn't say much as the car sped along the road.

Chu Zhao protected her lower abdomen with both hands. That was a small life that was only two months old.

Back then, he was the one who wanted her to give birth to her child.

He was the one who had forced her to miscarry.

Chu Zhao closed his eyes, his face was already stained with tears.

"Bo Shiyan, why are you so heartless?"

The Number One house was Su Jinnian's residence. She did not have many friends, and only Su Jinnian could help her now.

Chu Zhao got off the car and walked to the entrance of the residential complex. This was a villa with famous River City and no way to enter, she could only give Su Jinnian a call.

After the call connected, Chu Zhao took a deep breath, trying his best to control his emotions, he said calmly: "Jinnian, can you help me?"

On the other side, Su Jinnian asked: "Ah Zhao, what happened?"

"Bo Shiyan, he ?"

Chu Zhao explained everything in a concise manner. A loud sound came from the phone, as if something had smashed onto the table.

Su Jinnian clenched his teeth and roared.

"Bo Shiyan this beast!"

He then asked, "Where are you? I'll go look for you immediately."

"Number One ?" "Ugh ?"

Before she could finish her words, her breathing suddenly tightened as a specially made handkerchief fiercely restrained her breathing.

She didn't even have the chance to struggle. In just a moment, she had lost all consciousness ?

When Chu Zhao woke up, she was still in a daze. The side effects of the anesthetic made her dizzy, and she could faintly hear the conversation between two strangers.

"Director Cheng, you can play with this woman however you want. It doesn't matter if she dies, it's just that the video must be recorded."

"No problem, Bo Shiyan is truly a good friend. If even my wife wants to give it to me, then I will give him the west side of the city!"

Bo Shiyan...

She seized the important information from the short conversation, and the matter not long ago at Bo's House suddenly flashed through her mind. He was so ruthless, and sent people to get rid of their child ?

Chu Zhao slowly became clear-headed.

The sound of footsteps rang out as a male voice filled with ill intentions suddenly rang out from above him. "Yo, little beauty. You're finally awake."

Chu Zhao opened his eyes wide, upon seeing the person in front of him, he immediately jumped up from the bed and retreated a few steps, then anxiously asked: "You, who are you?"

Cheng Xu's gaze fell on her body, exposing her bones, as though he was trying to strip her clothes clean with his gaze.

He shamelessly said, "Of course it's your man from today."

Chu Zhao retreated a few steps, his finger resting on the cabinet beside him.

There was a fruit knife on it.

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