Bo's House, this was the fifth day Chu Zhao was imprisoned.

In the quiet and dark room, she was curled up in a corner of the bed, her face buried in the crook of her arm.

The bedroom light suddenly came on.

Chu Zhao, who was already used to the darkness, felt an inexplicable sense of fear.

"Turn Off the Light... Turn off the light. "

Servant Zhao Lan brought in the porridge. Chu Zhao had been married for a year, she had a gentle and kind personality, but Zhao Lan had seen it for himself. For some reason, in his heart, young master only had women outside, he could not see Young Madame at all.

Zhao Lan advised with a pained heart: "Young Madame, eat something, your body is yours. Even if you don't think for yourself, your child is innocent."


Chu Zhao was a little dazed. She moved a little, and her overly weak and frail body swayed, as if she would fall down at any time.

Her voice was hoarse and low to the point that it was almost impossible to hear. She asked, "Is Bo Shiyan back yet?"

Zhao Lan pursed his lips, and did not answer.

Chu Zhao raised his head, and revealed a self-deprecating smile at the corner of his mouth, "Is he at Su Jinghao's place again?"

"I want to see him."

Zhao Lan still wanted to advise her, "Young Madame ?"

"If he doesn't want to let me go, then just wait for me and the child to collect their corpses!"

Zhao Lan's words were cut off abruptly, and his pale white face revealed a look of determination, which was extremely shocking.

Zhao Lan's heart trembled, he was frightened by her, and quickly replied: "Okay, okay ? Young Madame, I will go call Young Master again.

Zhao Lan took out his phone and dialed a number, "Young Master, please come back quickly."


The bedroom door was kicked open and someone came in with a thunderous rage.

Chu Zhao was still curled up in that position. Without even raising his head, he said in a bland voice, "You're back."

Bo Shiyan walked to the bedside, lifted her face, and said while gritting his teeth: "Chu Zhao, you want to use your death to threaten me, hm?"

Chu Zhao was already so thin that she looked like she was about to lose her looks.

"Let me go."

Bo Shiyan scoffed, "Dream on!"

Chu Zhao pushed his hands away, the messy hair covered half of her face, making her look like a wandering soul.

She shouted at the top of her lungs, "Either let me go or kill me!"

Compared to her collapse, Bo Shiyan was far too indifferent.

He coldly said, "If you want to die, you have to wait until the child is born."

Chu Zhao's heart sank as he looked at him in despair.

She didn't even know how to cry anymore.

Bo Shiyan suddenly mentioned: "The driver who caused the trouble has already been locked on. Let's see how you explain yourself when we catch him."

A hint of hope flashed past Chu Zhao's eyes, but they quickly dimmed down.

"Bo Shiyan, the accident had nothing to do with me, how many times do you need me to tell you before believing you?"

Even if he found the driver, Bo Shiyan would not believe her.

He would think that she had colluded with the driver.

In his heart, she was the main culprit behind Su Jinghao's car accident, causing him to be unable to bear any more children.

No matter how she explained, he wouldn't listen.

In short, when Bo Shiyan said that she did it, she did it.

Heh ?

Chu Zhao bit his lips, and a sweet stench rose between his teeth.

Bo Shiyan's voice sounded above their heads, "There's no rush, the truth will be revealed very soon."

Pausing for a moment, he then coldly ordered, "Now, give me the food!"

Chu Zhao rejected him hoarsely: "I won't eat, hmm ?"

Before he could finish his words, his ice-cold fingers had already opened her mouth. Then, he picked up the bowl of porridge on the bedside table and gulped it straight into her mouth ?

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