"Cough ?" Bo Shiyan... "

Chu Zhao choked, she extended her hand out to push him, her expression was painful, and she looked to be in a sorry state.

With a "pa" sound, Bo Shiyan heavily placed the bowl of porridge on the table.

He looked at Chu Zhao coldly, "You dare to make my child hungry, then I will make that old thing, Chu Qing, unable to rest peacefully in the ground."

Chu Zhao's absent-minded eyes slowly recovered its focus as her voice trembled, "You ? What are you going to do? "

Bo Shiyan sneered, "His ashes are still buried in the cemetery outside the city, hm?"

Chu Zhao immediately shook his head, "No, no!"

She grabbed onto the sleeves of the man's suit, her pale face was streaked with tears, and also stained with dirt. With a hoarse voice, she pleaded: "Bo Shiyan, I know my wrongs, I beg you, please don't hurt my grandfather ?"

He was still cold.

"I'm going to eat something now, I'm going to eat something now ?"

Chu Zhao immediately took the congee from the bedside table and wolfed it down.

A feeling of suffocation gripped her throat, but she didn't dare stop.

She was too clear about who Bo Shiyan was.

If she were to disobey him a little now, he would really send someone to smash his grandfather's ashes.

Grandfather was the person who treated her the best in this world, she could not allow Bo Shiyan to do that.

The way Chu Zhao was eating made the lines on his cold face crack.

He frowned, let out a cold harrumph, turned around and strode away.

After the door closed, Chu Zhao put down the porridge bowl and jumped out of the bed into the bathroom.

"Ouch ~ ~ ~"

She spat out all the food she had eaten. Her stomach felt like it was being forcefully twisted by a hand. It was so painful that it was difficult for her to even stand firm.

Her vision became blurry. Standing in front of the mirror, she suddenly didn't recognize herself.

In the past, she was the Chu Family's doting young miss. Ever since she fell in love with Bo Shiyan and became his wife, she had completely lost herself.

However, he still wouldn't look at her.

Chu Zhao tried his best to smile, but was unable to do so.

"Woo woo ?" She covered her face and began to cry helplessly.

At this moment, the phone suddenly vibrated.

The call connected and a gentle female voice came out: "Chu Zhao, it's me."

It was Su Jinghao.

She said, "Shall we meet?"

Leisurely living.

Su Jinghao was already waiting at the window.

Chu Zhao sat down, she then placed a contract on the table, and almost said in a commanding tone: "This is a divorce agreement, if you sign it, I can convince Ah Yan to release you."

"Why should I listen to you?"

Su Jinghao raised his chin, and laughed coldly: "Chu Zhao, who do you think you are? In Ah Yan's heart, you're nothing! Don't you feel ashamed that you have taken over the position of Mrs. Bo? "

Chu Zhao's hands, which were placed on the table, quietly clenched. Her gaze moved away from the agreement, looked up at Su Jinghao, and retorted, "No matter what, I'm his legal and legitimate wife. Even if he wants to get a divorce, it should be him personally negotiating with me."

Su Jinghao said with a cold face, "Chu Zhao, you don't have any other choice!"

Pausing for a moment, she suddenly smiled in an unknown manner: "Either sign it or I'll let the driver identify you."

"What did you say?"

Chu Zhao was dazed for a moment, thinking that he had not heard her clearly.

She carefully observed Su Jinghao's expression, his face was filled with ridicule and satisfaction.

As he recalled Su Jinghao's words just now, his pupils suddenly shrank as if Chu Zhao realized something.

"Could it be ?"

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