Su Jinghao chuckled, "That's right, everything was planned by me."

Chu Zhao was stunned.

"Why did you do this?!"

"I had planned everything meticulously. I thought Ah Yan would send you to jail." As Su Jinghao spoke, her expression suddenly turned sinister. She gnashed her teeth: "I never thought that he would actually marry you! What qualifications do you have to become the Mrs. Bo?! "

Chu Zhao felt a chill down his spine, and a bad premonition surfaced in his heart.

"Su Jinghao, you lunatic!" She stood up from her chair, "I will tell Ah Yan about this matter!"

Su Jinghao also stood up, walking closer to her, a dark light flashing past his eyes.

"You no longer have a chance."

Chu Zhao was startled, before he could even react, the other party had already shoved a blade into his hand.

Then, Su Jinghao suddenly screamed.


A panicked shout came from the man behind him. Chu Zhao's mind buzzed, and the fruit knife in his hand dropped onto the ground.

She had been tricked by Su Jinghao!

"Ah Yan..."

Su Jinghao leaned into Bo Shiyan's embrace, and begged weakly: "Chu Zhao, I beg you, please don't kill me ?"

She cried and said, "I... I will listen to you, and I will leave Ah Yan ? "

"Jinghao, what nonsense are you spouting!"

Bo Shiyan cut off her words, and looked straight at Chu Zhao with eyes full of killing intent.

Chu Zhao helplessly shook his head, "No, I didn't ?"

"Ah Yan, Chu Zhao said that she wanted to kill me so that she could stay by your side forever, I ? "I don't want to die ?"

"Chu, zhen!"

Chu Zhao was speechless, "Ah Yan, she was the one who held the blade herself ?"

"Are you saying that Jinghao stabbed himself with a knife in order to frame you?"

Chu Zhao's explanation, to him, was all a sophistry.

Bo Shiyan clenched his teeth, and said with hatred: "Chu Zhao, you vicious woman!"

"No, it really wasn't me ?"


He held Su Jinghao and stood up, then fiercely kicked Chu Zhao's body.

With a dong sound, Chu Zhao fell to the ground!

Her arm brushed against the tea set on the table. The broken pieces of the tea set cut her arm, causing her to bleed profusely.

Su Jinghao lightly pulled at Bo Shiyan's clothes, and said weakly: "Ah Yan, I'm in so much pain ?"

Bo Shiyan turned a deaf ear to Chu Zhao's injuries.

His heart was filled with Su Jinghao, and he said one sentence coldly.

"If anything happens to Jinghao, I'll make you pay with your life!"

The man's back rushed out of the house, all the spectators were looking down on Chu Zhao.

Chu Zhao bit her lips, trying hard not to let her tears fall.

She tried to prop herself up on the chair, but her vision went black and she fell back.

Then, he completely lost consciousness.

She could hear a voice calling her name.

"Ah Zhao."

"Ah Yan, it's not me, it's really not me ?"

Chu Zhao woke up from her dream once again, the pain on her arm had caused her consciousness to clear up a little.

Wherever his eyes looked, there was only a solemn white color.

This is the hospital.

"Ah Zhao, you're finally awake."

A familiar voice came from beside him. Chu Zhao looked at that person, and saw that it was actually his good friend Su Jinnian.

Su Jinnian seemed to heave a sigh of relief, "When I was leisurely staying on the second floor to discuss business, I saw that you had fainted on the way downstairs."

"Ah Zhao, how did you get so injured and skinny?"

Su Jinnian's eyes were full of concern, causing everyone's heart to feel warm.

Chu Zhao's tensed nerves relaxed for a moment.

However, he suddenly asked, "It's Bo Shiyan ? Is it not good for you? "

The light in Chu Zhao's eyes dimmed, and her entire person lost color.

Bo Shiyan, have you treated her well before?

Su Jinnian seemed to be able to see through her thoughts, and his warm big hand grasped her uninjured hand.

A tinge of excitement appeared in his eyes, "Bo Shiyan did not treat you well, why haven't you left him?"

As soon as he finished speaking, a 'bang!' was heard. The door was suddenly kicked open from the outside ?

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