Bo Shiyan leaned on the door, his hands were in his pockets, and his tone was full of ridicule: "I came at the wrong time, and disturbed your good news."

Chu Zhao subconsciously retracted his hand.

Su Jinnian's expression immediately became ugly. He stood up from the chair, and angrily retorted: "Bo Shiyan, what nonsense are you spouting! Ah Zhao's heart is filled with you, yet you tormented her to such a state, are you still human!? "

Bo Shiyan restrained his indifference. He walked over and stood firmly in front of Su Jinnian, a cold light flickering in his eyes. "Mr. Su, this is a family matter between her and me, what position are you standing in to teach me a lesson?"

Su Jinnian clenched his fists, "I'm Ah Zhao's friend, you treat her poorly, I just can't watch you!"

"Heh." Bo Shiyan laughed sarcastically: "Friend? A friend in bed? "

"Bo Shiyan, you're done!"

Chu Zhao could not bear to listen any longer. Her hoarse voice interrupted Bo Shiyan's speech, and the gaze she looked at him with was filled with hidden bitterness.

"I won't allow you to insult my friend like this!"

Chu Zhao was the most important person to her since she didn't have many friends. She protected Su Jinnian and didn't want his sarcastic remarks to hurt him.

Bo Shiyan's eyes narrowed dangerously, and he once again thought back to the intimate scene when he came in, where the two people's hands were interlocked, and his heart inexplicably became restless.

He walked to the side of the bed and grabbed Chu Zhao's wrist, and ordered: "Follow me home."

Before Chu Zhao could even react, he was forcefully dragged off the bed by Bo Shiyan.

"Ah Zhao!"

Su Jinnian held onto her other wrist, unwilling to let her go.

Chu Zhao was startled, "Jinnian..."

Su Jinnian pulled her in front of him and the two powers secretly competed.

Chu Zhao's body was weak in the first place, but he was trying his best to hold on. Now, he was being dragged around by two people, and was about to fall apart.

"You all ?"

Su Jinnian and Bo Shiyan confronted each other: "Ah Zhao will not go back with you."

Bo Shiyan was holding onto her injured arm at the moment, and he tightened his grip, causing Chu Zhao to immediately take a deep breath.

He raised his eyebrows and asked, "Is that so?"

"Chu Zhao, are you going to stay here or come back with me?"

There was a warning in his deep voice.

Chu Zhao thought of his grandfather ?

No, the current her did not dare to offend Bo Shiyan at all.

She pursed her lips and looked at Su Jinnian, "Jinnian, thank you for sending me to the hospital."

Su Jinnian's eyes turned red, "Ah Zhao, you still want to follow him after he treats you like this?!"

Chu Zhao carefully struggled out of the palm of his hand, the bottom of his eyes filled with desolation.

"As he said, this is between him and me."

Bo's House.

Dong! Chu Zhao was thrown onto the bed.

Her body suddenly sank, and a familiar male aura invaded her safety domain. Chu Zhao's heart rose.

's every word was as sharp as a knife: "Chu Zhao, are you that despicable? You can't leave a man's side for a single moment?"

Chu Zhao did not struggle and allowed him to torture her.

She closed her eyes, "Bo Shiyan, I'm really tired... You hate me so much, why don't you divorce me? "

"After the divorce, would it help you and Su Jinnian?"

"I already said, Su Jinnian and I are only friends ?"

Bo Shiyan did not listen to her explanation. He ripped off her clothes as the cold air brushed against her skin.

"Bo Shiyan, what are you doing?"

He grabbed her waist firmly, his voice turning slightly hoarse. "Chu Zhao, let me inspect if any other men have touched your body."

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